Saturday, June 13, 2009

Delusional Much? Yes, Yes You Are!

While there were TONS of "delusional" pictures to pick from, this one jumped out and yelled "USE ME!!!!" because in the case of most delusional heffas, this is EXACTLY how they they are on Cloud 9 of their Delusion.

After watching that RIDICULOUS videotape of the chick in her shop getting mollywhopped by 2 other chicks, I was prompted to write about delusional batches who have convinced themselves that acting crazy towards the other woman (or who they THINK is the other woman) is the way to go.

Now, everyone doesn't choose to start PHYSICAL fights with other women over a man but how many women do you know that have done things like start verbal altercations? write blogs? post silly delusional statements in their statuses on myspace, facebook, twitter, etc.? pretend to be your "friend" online simply to stay in your business with the guy they are being delusional about? I'm sure anyone reading this can raise their hand...whether they are the delusional batch or witnessed such events take place.

I've ALWAYS thought this kind of behavior was sad. For one, I'm not an attention whore so I don't want EVERYONE and their momma (including random people who are privy to anything on the internet) to know what MIGHT be going on in my life OR form unwarranted opinions based on nothing more than some retard status I put up. Apparently this isn't the case for wenches who want to tape a totally unnecessary assault and then post it on youtube....or broadcast to instigating people online about their delusional relationship. Yes, if it is your profile, you can post WHATEVER you want (whether it's true or not) but to go so hard in the paint for something that IN FACT, will NEVER belong to you? You're a Grade A Clown and you need to start teaching lessons about how to look like a fool without really trying...cause you look like a fool.

1st off....any man who doesn't claim you as his woman, well, you have no business being a ride or die chick for him. IF he gave 2 shats about you, he wouldn't allow compromising situations to happen that would endanger you or put you at risk of looking like a complete and utter fool. Granted, there are some situations where that really is your dude but he's being a smut pony, gallivanting around with whoever will let him manipulate their mind into thinking he might be "the one". Sometimes these smut pony's will make the jump off or filler chick THINK she is far more important than she really is. If he has not had any kind of conversation that FLAT OUT says "yes, you are my girlfriend", you need to learn your place and stay in your lane. You have no confirmation that this is REALLY your man so don't start planning a life with Smut Pony because he said "I love you". If I had $5 for every man who said "I love you" and for every time he said it, I wouldn't have to work for this insufferable man I am currently employed by.

2ndly...even if he is being Slick Rick with your delusional tail and has LIED to you telling you that you are the only one for him when you were aware he was dating someone before your delusional azz came along, don't go picking fights with the other chick. What are you 8 years old? Is this the playground? If you find something of concern, bring it to his attention...CONSTANTLY...until you get the truth out of him. He'll either play dumb and stick to that facade the entire time he's trying to get and stay in your drawls OR he'll give up trying to mind f*ck you and move on to someone who is a little more susceptible to a deeper level of delusion. I really need to go on? Just please...STOP BEING DELUSIONAL. It isn't cute and not only are you lying vehemently to yourself, you look like you need to be checked into an insane asylum to the general public who has ALWAYS laughed at you, your statuses, videos, and ridiculous blogs that you somehow think will rally followers to your foolishness.

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5 points of view:

NightFall914 said...

This blog had waaaaaaaaay too much quotables for me to list them all. Long story short, to me, this is way in spite of all our flaws men still rule the world.We can be wrong but our lack of emotions keeps us balanced.The various things you referenced do happen with men but its on a much lower amount of times.We're just not that catty, generally speaking.

Is ignorance really bliss/It would seem so.

My favorite line from this blog is...."I'm not an attention whore so I don't want EVERYONE and their momma (including random people who are privy to anything on the internet) to know what MIGHT be going on in my life OR form unwarranted opinions based on nothing more than some retard status I put up."

Glad to know some folk still think about what they throw out into the public. ;)

Solomon said...

I loved this post, I know so many of these types that sometimes I just want to stay hold up in my residence for weeks at a time. *lol*

Seriously though, what the hell do these fools think they can accomplish by putting the boots to ole girl in a 'public forum' the way they do? I'll never understand why these hater bitches act out the way they do, you know, and I know, that acting like a fricken ding dong only hurts your chances of getting on the level later on with your girls.

All I can say is, "thank God, that I was blessed with a little bit of sense, and a working brain." *lol*

Jay_fever said...

I hate blatant delusional chick acts. The kind of stuff that makes me try to keep communication open with my little sister at all cost. I gotta make sure she stays away from the dumb shit dumb/ignorant people bring to the table.

MilesPerHour said...

I just found your site through another blog and have been reading through a few of your past posts. I enjoy the way you just put your thoughts out there. You seem to have a blog much like my own - things strike you and you write about them. I like that. Another follower for you here:)

Anonymous said...

just give the man boot and definitely don't make yourself look like a fool.:)

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