Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PurpleStuff TV

I was asked to write about Purple Stuff a while ago but I was waiting for the right time and although it might seem like I put it off for a while, I think this is the perfect time to present it to you the reader.

If you want to see what Saturday Night Live and many shows like it start out as, watch Purple Stuff TV.

When the show first started being filmed you could tell the chemistry between the two hosts had to gel better. As time went on, they began to work together like they were attached at the hip.

This would be Michael Moss and Michelle Joan Papillion.

Purple Stuff TV is special and important to me not because I was asked to brainstorm on some writing material for the show...nope. I would pay attention to this show whether I was asked to write for it in its beginning stages or once they get heralded in the same light as Saturday Night Live or MadTV.

Due to one person...Michelle Joan Papillon, best friend 1 of 2 as well as the Godmother of Babybottoms.

I've known her since she was 14/15 and I was about 16. When I first met Michelle I knew there was something "different" about her...from her quarky style to her ability to fit into any environment no matter what she personally had going on. You were either gonna love Michelle or hate her...and if you hate her, you sincerely might be a little jealous. I'll admit, when I first met her, I thought she was weird as hell but when you become rich/wealthy, I believe they call that eccentric. She eventually grew on me the closer we got as friends and the rest is history. I've watched her grow from someone who was being molded into the perfect lady into the person she wanted to entertainer.

All of that is extra information so as you watch the first season of PurpleStuff TV you can see the natural progression of the show just as I did and so that my favorite "character" can grow to be one of yours. Hopefully you'll stay tuned for Season 2!!!

The episode I've enclosed in the blog features Lance Gross at the end and just so happens to be my favorite. Enjoy!

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