Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prop 8 Inspiring Hate

(I used this picture because when Black people were fighting for their rights, it was termed civil liberties, JUST LIKE THIS PROPOSITION. Regardless of how irritated you might be about Black's rights being compared to the rights of homosexuals, according to definition, it is the same thing. Don't be mad at me...write your government a letter about it if you're REALLY that pissed)

For the past few days, people have been discussing the decision on Prop 8 in blogs, statuses, and tweets. Some people have expressed their concern for what would appear to be a civil liberty being denied and others have been rude with their comments, even downright assholish about their PERSONAL OPINION towards the issue.

Me personally...marrying someone of the same sex does not affect me BUT some of the things I've seen and heard people saying is their reasoning behind not wanting it...well, A LOT of you need more people on your train of thought.

A friends status on Facebook prompted this blog because she asked a simple question:

"if gay marriage isn't legal because the bible says its wrong, what would everyone do if we made divorce illegal too (the bible says that's wrong too)? would more people become more selective with their choice?"

Very few people, if any, answered her questions. The focus became on WHY homosexuality is wrong and WHY the same sex marriage is wrong. I get irritated by people who bring religion into this discussion because there is NO ONE who can stand before God (if you believe in "him") and say they are 100% clean in living their life devoted to him. Many people CLAIM to read their Bible and that they are SUCH devout Christians but they fail to acknowledge that God doesn't hate YOU if you choose to have homosexual behavior. It's your actions that he isn't too crazy about. BUT...if you're going to act as judge and jury of someone else and their lifestyle, did you forget that he also says he doesn't approve of lying, stealing, committing adultery, or...THE NUMBER ONE SIN THAT TONS OF PEOPLE ARE GUILTY OF...fornicating?

Mention that to someone who is using the Bible as their defense and they either get quiet or say that isn't the point of the conversation. Well what is the point? If it's so wrong in God's eyes, have you assessed what YOU are doing that aint so right in his eyes either? People kill me trying to make their sins lesser than the person they are standing next to. This is why Christianity gets a bad wrap because A LOT of Christians will judge someone else for what they are doing, never taking into account, they sin too.

Why can't people just be honest and say they don't like homosexuality and THAT'S why they don't want same sex marriage? At the end of the day, be honest and admit, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD. If it did, you'd live your life a little cleaner than you are today. To bring God into it is supposed to scare people, I guess, but if you don't have a relationship with God to begin with, you aren't scaring anyone.

With this Prop 8 issue alone, you can see all the hypocrisy come out of people. I really am curious as to how these same people would act if a law was passed that forbid fornication BECAUSE IT'S IN THE BIBLE. Someone tried to use the argument that "our founding fathers" built this government on a Christian foundation. Okay, well what's good for the goose is good for the gander so when some other "personal" things that people do in their spare time that REALLY aint all that godly gets attacked, will you still NOT care then? 

Far be it from me to tell ANYONE what to do because I do my fair share of sinning EVERY DAY, whether I know it or not...because I'm human. But my thing is...people just aren't fair and have no desire to be until THEY are up against a wall with their personal life decisions. And THAT is what irritates me about this WHOLE debacle...

Feel free to discuss but please keep in mind, if you're being rude or assholish, I will address it...regardless of you knowing me outside of this blog or not. Remember, if you don't want anyone (including me, the writer of this blog) to comment publicly on what you have to say, don't comment/say anything at all.

8 points of view:

Number Five said...

It's just a slippery slope and these people who believe themselves to be 'God representatives' because they can quote a scripture or two don't even realize it. Ok, we don't let law abiding gay citizens marry b/c 'it's wrong according to the bible and God'.


Where does it stop? Do we stop letting convicted murderers marry? What about thieves? I stole a lot when I was a kid, are my rights to marry in danger of being taken away?

Most of us are screwing every chance we get...God doesn't like that. Are fornicators next?

What about 'haters' (lol) everyone knows envy is a sin...a deadly one at that and everyone knows how many haters there are in the world! LOL

I'm being silly but really. When did it become ok to revoke the civil RIGHTS of others??? And yes, gay rights are civil rights, I hate that black people get so offended by that. They're PEOPLE attempting to gain equality. Civil Rights. Get over it and yourself.

AssertiveWit said...

It doesn't stop, that's the sad part of it all. Some people genuinely have no concern about things they are not directly affected by. To a degree, that's cool but when something starts to affect their lives, they can't be first in line trying to rally people to support them and their "cause". Unfortunately, they are usually the first people in line screaming about how they are being done an injustice and at that point I just want to tell them to STFU and go sit down somewhere LOL

The girl with clean hands said...

I'm so over Prop 8, it just turns out that California is a lot more "conservative" than everyone thought or else it would have passed originally. I'm not surprised when most civil rights are only active in theory. Racism and sexism is still alive so why wouldn't homophobia be?

AssertiveWit said...

Someone was joking with me (because I'm from Oakland) calling California the "liberal state"...ehhh, not so much apparently LOL

the YOUNG LIONESS said...

I enjoyed this post and i think the woman posed a great question. i think its sad when people use the bible to discredit people, neglecting how it preaches love.

We are always taught to hate Satan because Satan is a powerful source of sin. But Satan, just like everyone who sins regularly, deserves prayer too.

I have always saw the Bible ultimately as a resource to teach love of God, love of self, and love of others. This logic used to discredit gay people feels backwards to me...

Ms_Slim said...

Personally, I've no opinion on the whole Prop 8 thing because has NOTHING to do with me. Now of course, Prop 8 deals in more technical aspects of homosexuality such as transgendered persons and whatnot and truth be told....I cringe whenever I see a transgendered person. It makes me uncomfy in their presence. However, their actions (if they chose to get married) really aint for me to judge at all and has NOTHING to do with me. Can't stand when folk make something about them for which they really have no part in ya know.

You made a REALLY GOOD point bringing up the folk that want to talk about the Bible's teachings and how homosexuality is a sin and then forgetting that there is no greater sin all in the same breath. I agree with that as well.

And when you said, "Someone tried to use the argument that "our founding fathers" built this government on a Christian foundation", I laughed. Such person clearly doesn't know their history very well outside of what is being taught in school LOL

Jay_fever said...

Me and "religion" have been battling it out for the past 10 or so years. And a very large part of that has to do with how it's representatives use it to discriminate against people whom aren't straight white males. I agree with your civil rights analogy whole heartedly. Back in the day it white folks used to lose their minds when they saw us get a little bit of the rights they took for granted and so they went way out of their way to to stop them...the same thing is going on now with the gays. Bottom line if you don't want to marry somebody...fine...I'm sure somebody else will gladly collect that money...but to go out of your way to stop someone from having legal rights that extend beyond just the title is effed up.

Miss Slim said...

I agree 100% with your post! It couldn't have come at a better time. Point blank period, people are ignorant and it's a shame that something as petty as who someone chooses to spend the rest of their life with has to be 'subject to approval' when there is SO many other issues that are effecting our society. I wonder if people have stopped to look at the state of the economy and how although President Obama is doing all things possible to protect the middle class - folks are STILL suffering.
Furthermore, people who need to use the BIBLE ALL THE TIME to reference how people should live their life, really need to think about how applicable these scriptures become to their lives in particular.

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