Friday, May 08, 2009

Rude People Irk Me

Lately, I have been witnessing some brutes in action and I feel like I should thank the heavens above that they chose to test someone elses nuts and not mine, figuratively speaking.

I was in the post office and this man walks in and proceeds to stand next to the guy at the front of the line. Now, unless a second line materialized out of thin air and he was the only one who knew about it, I am not sure as to why he thought he could jump 4 other people in line but that is what he did. I do not like being in line in the post office. It reeks of old glue and false teeth more often than not and this day was no different so I'll be damned if someone being rude was going to make me stay in there a minute longer. Right when I felt the need to clear my throat and tell him, "Sir, the line is back there", he turns and walks away like he has some other business to attend to. Good for him.

I turn around for 1 millisecond and this crazy man is back in his imaginary line but this time standing next to this docile, friendly looking lady (who happens to be White; he is Black).

I am pointing out the color of these people's skin because I have noticed that some White people won't do anything about being cut in line by a Black person. Rude is rude. I don't care what skin color you are; don't cut me. I don't know you like that.

So he goes next and the lady does nothing. I just shake my head. She notices my head shaking and decides to have dialogue with me about the man who cut her:

"Did he just cut me???"

"Ummm, yes. I would have said something but he didn't cut me...he cut you"

"I can't believe that! How rude! Seriously, I can't believe he just did that!"

"You should say something next time. I can tell you this, he wouldn't have been cutting me and not hearing nothing about it"

"The nerve of some people!"

Now, this man was standing within earshot of us talking so I know he heard EVERYTHING but my thing is, lady, TALK TO HIM...not me. I know that lady in KFC sure did get a "You're standing so close, damn!" before I walked to the other side of Baby Daddy so she would stop breathing all on me. But I guess everyone can't speak up for themselves.

Kind of like the lady at the airport...

We're patiently waiting in line for our boarding passes to be scanned and up runs Big Bertha and her 2 behemoth looking daughters. When I saw them galloping over to the side, I knew what was about to happen. In the blink of an eye, Big Bertha boguarded her way in front of the lady (White) and her daughters were about to try the same jack move on me...until I turned and gave them the Glare of Death stare down. I think I froze their blood because they stopped in their tracks and I turned I secured my place in line and boarded the plane. Big Bertha didn't like the fact that I stood in the way of her two slow offspring so she decided to lower her shades and glower at me. I rolled my eyes, smirked and kept it moving. You can cut that White lady all you like but I was standing in line...not lollygagging off on the side finishing up a 3 piece and a biscuit. Stop eating that damn chicken when you know you heard them call your Zone already and get in line like everyone else.

The 2 daughters decided to pull their mom's Debo move on the frail, older White lady behind me...and sadly it worked. Seriously? You're gonna make this old lady fall and break her hip cause you wanna cut line that bad? Where are your manners?

We end up having to stand still for a second and the mom is pissed and decides if she talks really loud towards me, this will bother me. Think again boo boo. I could careless about you making yourself look like a clown while boarding. Her daughters tried to go around me but I positioned my luggage so they'd have to touch it to get up to their mother. First off, these girls had to be between the ages of 16 and my book, that's old enough for me to go off on you if you touch my luggage. The mom saw I was putting my luggage off to the side so they couldn't cut around me and this infuriated her. I just smiled again.

The whole point of this blog is...some White people are scared of Black people and some Black people use that to their advantage. It sickens me when people do this. For anyone who wants to say something stupid like using their Blackness to their advantage is minuscule compared to the years of slavery....kill yourself. This isn't eye for an eye. Folks need to stop being rude...period.

7 points of view:

NightFall914 said...

Yeah I've seen that before. I wont use that angry black person vibe to strong arm anyone but you will respect MY position be it the post office, airport, etc....and I'll call someone out on their b.s.

"Get yo wannabe thug ass to the end of the line.Making me wait longer.You must be crazy"

the YOUNG LIONESS said...

i too have witnessed this countless times but we live in a world where people will take advantage in any way they can using what they have

using it intentionally is wack, but i know I have observed it happen to me when i had no intention of trying to intimidate anyone.. I notice on my campus when i am irritated and talking to white people i can sense them shrinking and looking concerned..and then I have to ask myself" what is up with them?

Unknown said...

Nobody likes having to queue. We spend literally months of our life waiting in line for shopping, petrol, doctors etc. So, when somebody cuts in, the red mist descends! Some crackhead killed a man in a UK supermarket recently for cutting in line, and it wasn't even the right man! And, yes, I have seen physically intimidating people cut in line, knowing full well that no one will say anything. It makes a civil man like me contemplate murder!

JaeSpenc said...

LMAO! @ Phallatio's comment... Someone KILLED someone over a line cut?? Wow...

I know I can't STAND people cutting line...What urks me MORE is people who know someone who's ALREADY in line... and then act like they're talking to them just so they can easssssse in...

As far as being intimidating... I understand this. I come off as intimidating in person (but I'm not)... It gets me advantages...but I always forgo them... Why use this... it's dumb.

good blog.

Milly said...

lol whats funny is I always get cut when I'm in line by middle aged white women, especially at walmart lol

And then they look at me like I'm crazy when I say something about it...

Did you guys hear about the white girl that got punched in the face by a black man at the fast food joint because she decided to cut him??

^^^^Moral of the story is yea dont cut folks in line

Anonymous said...

the last example especially kilt me. yes kilt.

....finishing off s three piece.

too much.

im not going to lie, i usually don't say anything cuz i ate making a scene and i figure for stuff like the place, we all will have to board at some point.

but underneath, my blood is boiling.

DLG said...

LOL! I remember when I was about 13 and my parents allowed me and my cousins to go around the Disney World and Universal Studios theme parks by ourselves. We were cutting white folks in line left and right. Did not care, because they were racist anyways lol (in our minds).

These days, I KNOW better. I was at Six Flags for GSU day a few weeks ago and these girls tried to cut me and my friends. I blocked them from passing. Gave them the dirty look like "try me". They didn't lol.

I just think it's funny how when I was younger, I used to do the same things that I get mad at ppl for doing now. Part of growing up like an upstanding citzen? lol

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