Friday, May 22, 2009

How Are You A Stripper/Drug Dealer and Broke?

I started writing this last night because my neighbors were on the patio with a guitar, bellowing out Beatles songs...from 3 am to 5:30 am. I had enough by 5:15 am and stomped next door to tell them to cut it out.

Since I couldn't get back to sleep I got on Facebook and a conversation was prompted by my cousin IMing me on Facebook before she boarded her flight to California this morning. I had asked her if she saw her sister's status on FB; her sister just so happens to be a stripper. Now, before anyone gets the idea that I have some reserved judgement towards strippers, stop right there. If that's what you feel you have to do to get your money, by all means, do what you feel you must. I will tell you right now, if I HAD to do it to provide for my child, I would. Would I feel humiliated and disgraced every night? Probably but nothing a few shots of patron and a blunt couldn't make go away. My point is, REGARDLESS of all the naysaying and "I would NEVA EVA" that most people will say, if that was my last resort, I'm taking it.

Everyone doesn't have family that can financially support them when the chips are down...everyone doesn't have a "baby daddy" they can harangue for ALL of their bill money. Plain and simple EVERYONE doesn't have the same options in life so therefore, do what's necessary.

But what I won't EVER understand is in a profession like stripping and selling drugs, how you can EVER be "broke". First off, they aren't the most respectable jobs...who am I kidding? They aren't respectable professions AT ALL. So if you MUST do them, do them STRICTLY for the money...otherwise, you look like a clown, lazy, and/or both. Both jobs are tax free and potential cash cows from the day you start them. Granted, not EVERYONE is doing them for the same reason but this is how "stripping" gets a bad wrap; drug dealing, well it's illegal and will ALWAYS be looked at negatively no matter how much you try to justify it. It just is what it is.

So when I see a drug dealer/stripper that still lives at home (but complaining about how they don't have money), I cringe...when I see a drug dealer/stripper that has no car, I cringe...when I hear about a drug dealer/stripper that can't pay their rent, I cringe...when I see the kids of a drug dealer/stripper and they look like easy targets for the stereotypical welfare recipient, I cringe. These are things that are unacceptable when your job dictates that you are doing it to pretty much survive. Like I said before, EVERYONE does it for different reasons but MOST people start out doing it because they need the money.

So my question is...what do you really need the money for if you aren't paying rent/mortgage, car note, and/or taking care of your kids? If you are spending your money on weaves, acrylic/gel nails, food, cheap clothes, expensive clothes, shoes, bags, plane tickets to go get tricked on or trick off on someone, and/or drugs and liquor, and then remember on the 1st, dammit, I still got my bills to pay, you deserve a swift judo kick to your forehead. This isn't judgement...this is plain old common sense. If you make $5,000 in a month and your living expenses/overhead is $1,800, take care of that first. You still have $3,200 to do with as you please but be responsible with your life so you don't succeed in looking like a damn idiot to the general public, family and friends. I mean, if you really don't care how foolish you look then hey, keep looking stupid...even to your fellow dancers and dope boys.

I won't argue with anyone and say that drug dealing and stripping isn't a "real" job. The effort you have to put into it is similar to being a waitress. You have long hours and your pay is based on how well you perform. If you are a sucky waiter/waitress, you won't get many tips. Same goes for stripping...if you aren't shaking something during the 4-6 hours you are working, you aren't going home with much money. Selling drugs is no can't NOT take phone calls all day because you are sleep. When that phone rings, you MUST be available because it is the difference between making $50 in one day and $500. If you do the math on how much you can potentially earn in ONE DAY, ONE WEEK, and ONE MONTH, you'd probably want to abandon your code of ethics for a new set to have this profession (if money is your "thing").

I can recall some magazine like Newsweek calculating how much drug dealers make in a day and equated the pay to a worker at McDonald's. They were obviously doing their statistics based on the lazy dope boys. If you are making the same as a fast food worker, get out now, while you aren't incarcerated. It's obvious, this isn't the lifestyle or "job" for you if you can't make more than minimum wage with what you are doing...again, this is tax free money so what the hell are you doing that you can't make more than $7 an/hr? You're fired from life.

Same with a stripper...I've seen "successful" women who make their job look so glamorous that strip clubs will ALWAYS stay in business. For every reckless stripper abusing her profession, there are some "smart" ones who are staying focused on the real reason they are there...the money. Like I said, regardless of how you personally feel about what these people are doing to get their money, as it stands, if they are GETTING money successfully, worry about whether or not you'll have a job tomorrow because they always will...if they are actually working.

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NightFall914 said...

I remember that fast food pay comparison.Doesn't add up to me. At the same time all the wanna Scarface tales are false too. As you said if you're successfully moving product you shouldn't be broke. As for strippers I know many a broke stripper. In many cases the club may have a few big money earners but many don't make that much and that was before the recession.....but once again.No a stripper really shouldn't be broke.

AssertiveWit said...

At the end of the day, stripping and selling drugs is STILL a business and just like in corporate, those who make the "company" the most money will also make themselves the most money.

White Chocolate didn't become "White Chocolate" simply because she was light skin, had a big booty, and nice hair. She worked hard to make THAT name for herself. I've seen PLENTY strippers that are prettier than her but aint making the money she made because they weren't working as hard as she initially did.

I think some people think they don't have to have a work ethic because of what they are doing but that's the difference between being broke and...not being broke LOL.

I know my fair share of broke strippers and I feel no pity for them...take yo tail to work and ACTUALLY work...then you'll have some money. Or step your game up to where people ACTUALLY come to see you SPECIFICALLY. The "game" is very simple...too bad I wasn't a stripper LOL

Jay_fever said...

First off, props for keeping it 100. Real talk people don't really know WHAT THEY'LL DO till their backs are against the wall.

Second yeah that broke stripper shit is wack as hell. I actually had a male cousin that used to strip. Once the glow of having random chicks trying to "get on" dimmed he realized that wasn't making any money. SO eventually he ad to bounce.

AssertiveWit said...

There are a lot of things I can wholeheartedly say I wouldn't do and stand by my word but some things...I know I'm not doing them now because my options to do other things are there. If I was stripped of those options, I'd have to reevaluate some things in life LOL

LOL@ your cousin quitting cause the chick magnet thing got old

favorisntfair said...

Excellent post per usual! This post reminds me of a news story they were doing on my local news called "Desperate for Dollars". It was how everyday working women had turning to stripping to take care of their families. However, I was confused when some of them were saying that they make 400-2000 a week...ummm, isn't that what you supposed to be making in a night? And why did this chick have the nerve to show her face on tv talking about she's been stripping since the beginning of the year (or something like that) and she's $1100 behind on her rent? She play too much. I for one don't knock a person's hustle but if you gone shake your arse for cash please get money.
Stay healthy, happy and keep the good posts coming!

Black Yoda said...

Maybe the fast food comparison comes after everything is taken into consideration. If you sell drugs at the street level, it's only a matter of time before you get hemmed up by the police or competing organizations/individuals. By the time you pay bail, your lawyer, your bill for bullet removal, ect., it might have been easier just to take the job at the fast food restaurant. I used to show students how you could do better than most rappers...even the ones who generate millions of dollars. The difference is they don't benefit from the money they generate where you can benefit tremendously from the relatively small amount of money you make if you're smart. It might make sense to them in 10 years when Lil' Wayne has his VH1 special.

I guess the same can be true anywhere there's fast money to be had in a dubious occupation.

CraigJC said...

Yer right, a strippa should be seeing at least $200 - $400 a night, at least. According to how light my, um, wallet is when I leave the joint. LOL

AssertiveWit said...

favorisntfair: I talked to a strip club owner a few months back and he said even they are being hit by the recession because their business is a form of entertainment that most men will let go of to take care of more important things. But even still, if you are making $400-$2,000 a week, you're doing WAY better than half the economy in Atlanta LOL so I really wouldn't make a fuss over that at all.

But being behind $1000 on your rent? Bad for business and ALL bad for her LOL I would have just took my L silently and kept that to myself LOL

Black Yoda: They did the fast food comparison based on the hours someone spends on the block and how much money they go home with at the end of the night/day. They were looking at the wrong guys LOL Guys who actually NEVER have to hit the block are the ones who make the most money in a day. If you have people coming to you, your chances of getting caught are slim...unless someone intentionally hates on you and tells the police you operate out of your home. Then all bets are off and're going to jail more sooner than later. LOL

What I've noticed about kids is that if they see negative things on television that seem a little glamourous, while living in environments they know aren't all that good, it makes them feel better about their lives and gives them hope that they too can get a better life if they do what these people are doing. Again, if parents let the television raise their kids, this is one of the problems you'll undoubtedly have. For the homes where there are no parents, again, that television can be I don't think a special on Lil Wayne would help at all. A lot of kids today are desensitized so easily, they'd prolly just laugh at him.

Craig: Based on what you tip, you already know LOL

JOFre$h said...

Bedstuy Brooklyn = Home of the broke drug dealer.

John Adam said...

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