Thursday, May 14, 2009

15 Minutes of Internet Life

The Internet has been a gift and a curse to the people.

I say this because while it is instrumental for things like helping someone with no sense of direction (MAPQUEST) find their way out of the hood through the GPS on their Blackberry, it also has the ability to ruin lives (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc). That was a bit dramatic but then again most people who live vicariously through themselves online are...dramatic.

I had a status on Facebook not too long ago that read something to the effect that if me and another person met online and then stopped talking to each other for whatever reason, it really is as simple as hitting the delete button. I learned to accept this fact through close interaction with people online. I used to keep to myself and go online simply for the services CERTAIN sites provided, not venturing off into "meeting", "responding", or "interacting" with people I didn't know from a can of paint. I started posting some of my thoughts and "writing" on Myspace through the Blog feature and "met" my fair share of people through there.  Some I have continued to interact with through Blogger, Facebook, and Twitter but the truth is, if any of them decided I was not my weight in gold, I wouldn't shed a tear. Especially if I've never met them in PERSON. 

I am who I am online and offline...unfortunately, that doesn't mean everyone we come into contact with online is the same person. Some people entertain themselves with the lies and "other lives" they create to appear to be more interesting to people who have never met them before. It is easy to create a new persona online because who can really verify it? I mean, sure you can go digging or coincidentally bump into someone who REALLY knows who they are but who wants to spend all that time trying to figure out a person they'll probably never meet in life? Most of the time they'll end up contradicting themselves and you'll see they are or were lying about something at one point or another. It happens.

So when one of these people you've met online stop following, unsubscribe from your feed, remove you from all forms of contact through the Internet, do you get offended? Sure you might have the natural tendency to be curious but don't do anything more than that because then YOU look crazy. If you did something to warrant the disconnect, well there is your answer. If you know you did nothing, it could be that they just got bored with your online persona and had enough of you. Sometimes people just cease to be entertaining so they get deleted.

Point is, if it wasn't a person that you could physically reach out and touch or even call on the phone to inquire "what's up", get over it. Your Internet life has expired and you were disposed of.

The good part is, it's the Internet...I'm sure if online relationships mean that much to you, you'll have some new people to entertain in no time flat. Such is an Internet life folks!

5 points of view:

NightFall914 said...

LOL @ find ya way out the hood.

But yes this is tru. Too much get's put into the social high school dynamic of online socializing. People have actually gotten mad at me for the reverse of what u explained. They'll stop communicating with me and then get mad that I wasn't upset about it.Ooooh well.

The only thing funnier to me is watching folk that I really have met in person push this pseudo celeb persona when their life is NOTHING like that.

CraigJC said...

nightfall: Right on point. I predict we'll all jump platforms several times in our Internet "lives" anyway. Your "friends"? They won't follow. So, what's the point? The journey, not the destination.

Mr. Smart Guy said...

Church. Co-sign. That is all.

Jay_fever said...

Where would I be without mapquest?? Survey says!!!! Lost is the number one answer...but yeah...I feel this entire joint.

Relevantlystaying said...

Agreed. I never take internet/friendships too seriously. Solely because in some instances the truth gets lost between Microsoft word, the blogger dashboard,and clicking on publish. To be honest I have unsubscribed to feeds, twitter accounts and blogs before but it wasnt personal at all, it was because the person no longer interest me. ( or because I could see through the little "PERSONA" they were creating online!)

I agee with you thats its really not that serious.....

Hope all is well honey

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