Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

I'll be 30 years old in November.

So when I go to my parents (who are 52 and 53) for advice, I expect them to impart knowledge on me that I didn't know before I came to them. The way I see it, they have 23-24 years of life on me so they MUST know something I don't know OR have a different perspective (from my own) that will enlighten me. This is the main reason I used to keep older people as "friends" versus people my age. It wasn't that I thought I was smarter than my peers; I just looked around at what they were doing & saying and really didn't see myself fitting into their idiocy. I wanted something else out of life and since I wanted more than those who were around me, I figured I could get it by talking to those who were wiser beyond my years...older people.

So nothing pisses me off more than someone who is SIGNIFICANTLY older than me telling me some basic bullshat ANYONE my age should ALREADY know. Older are not serving your purpose well.

I observe people and the things they go through and there are people my age who have been through a shat load of things I will probably never experience. Should I happen to experience those things, I would more than likely go to them to see how they dealt with matter their age. Will I go to them about ANYTHING? No. Just want pertains to them. See, with an older person, if you know them and a little about their life, you can pretty much go to them about ANYTHING. Or so I thought....

I approached this woman who was in a similar situation as myself at one point in her life. I made the mistake of thinking that she would talk TO ME....well, all she did was talk AT ME. Some people don't understand what that is but when someone does it to you, YOU KNOW EXACTLY HOW IT FEELS. I felt as though I had wasted valuable time and words on her. She pretty much recanted back to me what I wrote to her, using different words to appear to care when at the end of her words, I knew she could give two shakes of a rat's azz about what I told her. It wasn't her life. She didn't have to care. So she didn't.

Sometimes I make the mistake of thinking that because someone experienced something similar to me, they can relate to me. Life is teaching me that isn't always the case. No matter how much two things look alike, someone will always see it from their perspective making it appear to be totally different. I've had to learn that the sky is blue, black, red, purple, orange, and pink....just depends on when you're looking at it and how.

But back to my initial always feels good to learn something I didn't know before. Gives me a reason to keep wanting to learn because how I see it, I can never know enough.

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Mista Jaycee said...

Some people manage to fake knowing stuff including life. Just cause you lived a long time doesn't mean you Lived and experienced or more importantly Learned anything.

Some folks just took up space.

Assertive Wit said...

you make a good point...I'm glad to say my parents didn't just take up breathing space on Earth LOL

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u would be suprised what you will learn each day but reading 2 news papers daily - i try and read 5 or 7 a day

Assertive Wit said...

actually, the news doesn't surprise me anymore...which is why I stopped reading it when I was about 18/19. used to read the newspaper EVERY holds no appeal to me anymore :)

the media publishes/prints what they want the public to read anyway so I pick and choose my media outlets carefully...

DLG said...

It's funny that you mention this. I was just talking to my mom today about a pressing issue. One thing that I have just started to learn is that a lot of times all I have to do is ask my mom and I will get better and clearer advice than when I ask anyone else. I wish I would've learned this years ago.

Some of the older folks I used to confide in have so much mess surrounding them, that I realized that wisdom doesn't always come with age. I'm glad my mom has it though!

JaeSpenc said...

Knowledge from elders can be PRICELESS... or ... WORTHLESS depending on the source. So many old fools are still running around the earth giving out faulty advice that it's insane.

I remember an old(er) aquaintance of my fathers attempted to give me financial advice. This was crazy because she was speaking to me from a home that was rundown and didn'thave a pot to pour piss in or a window to throw it out of... lol

go figure.

CaramelKisses said...

great post...i love your ability to be so sincere, relatable, and add humor.

you are so right, i also hate when you think you are about to engage in a conversation with some depth and hopes of being enlightened, only too find out the personyou are speaking to isignorant as heck, thinkthat they are helping, and don't know sh*t

Solomon said...

LMAO, this sh*t happens to me all the time, I think I'm going to be enlightened, only to find out the person don't know what the hell they are saying. And the best part is when they actually think they are helping out, when they are actually getting in the way of progress!

Craigjc said...

LOL, "keeping our head above waater, makin' a wave when we CAANN ..." Good times. None of us know what we're talking about all of the time.

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