Monday, April 13, 2009

Flashing Lights

Generally speaking, I don't like the police. I just wanted to state that before I got into my writing. But please never get that mixed up with me having respect for what it is they are SUPPOSED to be doing. I respect those who are actually doing their job and doing it well. My aversion to them as a whole comes from personal experiences with officers who allow their egos to get in the way of what they are supposed to be doing...serving and protecting the citizens. So in an effort to respect what it is they are supposed to be doing, when I see flashing lights and I can get out of the way, I do. For all I know, they are on their way to stop a murderer so who am I to be the azzhole and continue driving like I don't see their flashing lights and their increasing speed?

You'd be surprised how many people have no regard for those flashing lights and sirens.

I sat at a red light this morning and saw this officer flash his lights as clear as day. So I know if i saw him, DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM ME, everyone making a left turn into the lane next to me saw him. Do you think they stopped so he could get to where he was OBVIOUSLY trying to go? Nope. They kept making their left turns and going straight. Now many people will say, "Well, he's a cop he could have just kept driving" and I'll tell you WRONG. No police officer will PURPOSELY endanger the life of a civilian and to just smash through traffic...well that would have been reckless endangerment on his behalf. He doesn't have time to pull over all the people who basically ignored his lights because their destination was far more important to them than what he was trying to get to. So all the azzholes who jumped in front of him, yeah, they're still in his way because NOW...they're all sitting at a red light.

So what does the officer have to do? Go into the oncoming traffic lane to go around everyone who was in a hurry to get nowhere.

I will never understand this about drivers who don't get out the way (if they can) of emergency vehicles and cop cars that have sirens and are flashing lights. I just want them to stop and think for a second...what if someone had just broken into your house, where your wife and newborn child was, thinking they could make a quick come up? In the process, they realize the house isn't empty, shoot your wife and proceed to grab what they can. Your impatience could very well cost your wife her life...simply because you want to make a left turn before the arrow disappears or turns red, instead of letting the emergency vehicle go. Or even for the police who are in pursuit of someone that just got radioed in. They are speeding with their sirens and lights on for a reason. Why would you just sit your azz there instead of moving out of the way?

Some people I will never understand but the next time you see some flashing lights and/or hear a siren, move the hell out of the way (if you can). You don't have to like the police to do this but at least let them do their job when they're trying to.

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