Thursday, April 23, 2009

First 100 Days On the Job

When I first started this job I currently have, the Owner who hired me said that for the first 90 days, it would be similar to a probationary period. They would get to see if I was a good fit for the job and I would get a chance to see if this was really a place I wanted to work for. I knew after 30 days that I didn't want to continue to work here. I had the hideous task of cleaning up over 3 years of someone elses f*ck ups. The f*ck ups that had occurred in the past 3 years would actually (if we're being realistic) take longer to correct than the time it took to make them. 

People are creatures of habit and when an ENTIRE company is comfortable doing things a certain way, if someone comes along ready to fix the problems, you will get resistance. It doesn't matter if they KNOW these are changes that have to be done for the better, people will fight you. I stated my reservations about the job and I thought it was clear that 90 days wasn't NEARLY enough time for me to rectify the damage that had been done YEARS before I came on the scene. To expect me to get in there and fix it lickety split was expecting a miracle. To expect ANYONE to fix it STAT was asking too much.

I'm still here almost 2 years later and even though I have tried to implement certain policies and procedures to ensure the companies progress, people are still doing what they want (read: the Owners). That's fine because they also NEED to understand, as long as they don't allow SOLID structure that they will also abide by within their company, they are only going to make so much money and only get so far. So while I fixed the most URGENT of problems, it is the little issues that will keep them straggling behind more innovative companies who allow necessary change to happen and actually enforce it.

Makes sense, right?

So please...someone...explain to me why in the hell people think that 100 days is enough time for President Obama to make SOLID changes within a government that was running amok for the last 8 years? My job is NOWHERE near as important as his and neither were my companies problems. I was able to reason with these bricks for brains people about the fairness of allowing me time to do my job efficiently so what is the problem with THE PEOPLE thinking President Obama can turn water into wine in 100 days? He isn't Jesus...I repeat...HE ISN'T JESUS.

President Obama works with an Administration of individuals that he actually has to take into consideration when making ANY decision...just like anyone with an important position. I process and print out ALL the checks in my company...but they still need to get approved by one of the two owners. His job is really no different. Just like I have had to explain to some idiot coworkers that just because I print a check doesn't mean the work stops there. I have to get approval to use the funds for whatever they are requesting, have someone sign off on it, sign the check, and then I can give it to them. Again, his job is no different. He has ideas about what he wants to do differently than say, President Bush, but he still has to run it across that Administration before he can ultimately make a decision for "us".

This isn't hard to understand and I wish Americans would just shut the hell up and let this man do his job. Now after 4 years he hasn't made ONE significant his azz out of office. 

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NightFall914 said...

Many Americans talk first and think second.And usually their thinking is screwed up anyway.This nation lived off credit and over spending for nearly a decade and till hasn't realized it's time to return to reality. And lets not even get into the racial undertones and double standards against the president. But its nothing new to us.

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