Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Age REALLY Is Nothing But A Number

This topic NEVER gets old...mainly because people LOVE to associate age with what people SHOULD be doing in life. Sometimes, that is appropriate...other times, it is not necessarily an indicating factor of whether someone will be mature or not...simply because they are a certain age.

For example...if you have a man who doesn't give two shats about fidelity when he's 18, he probably won't give two shats about it when he's 21...unless he's had some calling to Christ that has changed his life for the better and he understands that treating women like the beautiful creatures they are is in order. So if his calling has not taken place and he is 40, guess who still has a problem with fidelity? That 40 year old man. As a woman, to assume that because you are dealing with an older man he will act accordingly is basically shooting yourself in the foot. NEVER assume anything and then directly tie it in to the age factor...age is nothing but a number.

I used to date this guy who was 3 years younger than me and EVERY time he did something asinine, I had these girlfriends that would always be waiting to say, "it's because he's young". No, his behavior was not to be dictated simply because he was 3 years younger than me. I know men who are 10 years older than him who behaved the EXACT same way. Why can't it just be that some people are idiots and THAT'S why they act the way they do? Because that was his problem. He was just stupid as hell. Now, I prayed that as he matured, he would wisen up and stop doing 'tard shat but hey, that was my prayer, not necessarily what happened. Now that he is older, he STILL does stupid shat but it has nothing to do with his age....he's just an idiot at times.

I had a friend who told me she didn't want to date guys her age because they were immature and needed to grow up. Fair assessment, considering we were 21 and most of the 21 year old men I knew, well, they did act like young buffoons just freed from the wild kingdom. But what used to irritate me is when she'd date a guy that was like 30-35 and think that it was going to be the bees knees. I'd laugh at her because the problems she was having with the 21 year olds were the EXACT same problems she was having with her "older men". Why? Because they were not age related problems...they were morally related problems. For some stupid reason, a lot of women take morally related problems and stick an age on them as to when men should be past those issues. Bad idea. Some people, you will NEVER be morally compatible with because they just might not want what you want out of life.

I know a 40 year old man who is married with 3 kids and a baby momma. He cheats on his wife like he's never been married a day in his life and he probably will unless his dick falls off. Does that have anything to do with his age? Nope. But because he is 40, he has had enough time to perfect his craft of cheating so that when he finds some unsuspecting 25 year old who thinks it's WONDERFUL to date a 40 year old man, he can woo her with is maturity. All the while, she is still experiencing the same thing she could very well experience with someone her age....a clown cheating on her and not placing her in a well deserved position in his life.

Point of this rant is, don't think that because you are dating someone older they couldn't possibly act a fool on you because they are older. Fools are fools regardless of their age.

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Meh said...

Word to big bird!
Another thing I would add to that is if you are attracted to bad people (male or female) then it's not their age it's what you are attracted too. I think people need to realize if you have been cheated on, beaten, disrespected by more then 75% of the people you date its you and not them. Step back see why you are attracted to these people and make a change. Don't rely on race, or age because they can be older or whiter or whatever but they will most likely be like your last.

PS As a life long christian, born again's scare the crap out of me LOL! You mentioned finding church etc... From my experience don't even bet on that because so many people hide their flaws with church and still do bad shit on the sly.

Assertive Wit said...

I was being sarcastic when I was talking about the calling to Christ hahahhahahaha I just know a lot of people will say things like, "I let the Lord in my life and this is why I am acting right"....ummm, ok, I guess but where was the Lord any other time? I just wish people would admit when they are just being azzholes...don't bring Jesus into your foolishness LOL

I was talking to my friend last night on the phone and we were going through the guys I've dated long term and they are all mama's dad told me I am doing something to attract THE SAME KIND of guy and it is more than likely my nurturing/giving behavior. He's right and I'd be a fool to tell him he's wrong...I'm a natural giver but that doesn't mean I can't have boundaries...and that's usually when my relationships go South...when I enforce the boundaries LOL But knowing is half the battle so there you have it!

ChiChi10 said...

As the saying goes "Old fools were once young fools."

jeanette nicole* said...

Your last sentence summed this up succinctly. *forwards this blog link to a couple people* HAHA!

msdailey said...

Fools are fools regardless of their age. EXACTLY!!!

Ms_Slim said...

Ooh how I agree with Meh!

He hit the nail right on the head!

Craigjc said...

Word. Age aint nathan but a numero, what's more important is morals, background and self-esteem.

phallatio said...

This year, I turn 50. It feels like a huge number. I've been led to believe it is the back end of middle age, thus old age is just around the corner. I was under the impression that my sex life was about to stop, despite the fact that I am as horny as ever! But I was talking to a 64-year-old woman the other day and she was saying, "What the hell are you talking about? 50 isn't old! You've still got plenty of fucking left in you!"
And, for me, age has given me confidence, thus there is never any embarrassment or mistakes, and there is never any bad sex! I can style out anything! I am finally understanding women and understanding their needs, so I have lot more to do before I pass into the realms of pensioner!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

How true! Wish I had of known this a while and learn, I guess.

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