Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Day In the Life of Reality

The other day I was reading an email from some of my friends back home and my cousin happened to say that they should do a reality show on our lives. I laughed and replied that they should have captured us while we were in high school because THAT'S where the complete donkeyness and f*ckery resided. We did things between the ages of 15 and 19 that we will NEVER tell our parents about.

I look at the reality shows today and cringe at the mindless garbage that they call "reality". I look at it and wonder for 1.5 seconds, "WHOSE REALITY IS THIS????" and then I remember...I know people EXACTLY like this...whose lives are filled with meaningless drivel that could ACTUALLY be filmed. And that's when I thought about The Evil Cousin (I'll write a blog about her someday; trust me, it'll be interesting). The Evil Cousin and her "supposed" three best friends SHOULD have had a reality show and as UNBELIEVABLE as some of the things that go on in their lives MIGHT be, I can personally attest to it being...true.

At one time she referred to them and their relationships being like the women in Lace. I know yall remember that movie from the 80's with Phoebe Cates in it? Well if you never seen it and have no earthly idea what I'm talking about, the synopsis is this, "A young actress, thought to be easy and have no morals, gathers three former school chums to find out which is her mother. Much of the movie takes place in flashback and the identity of her mother is not found out till the last few minutes". Makes you want to run out and rent it now, huh? As RIDICULOUS as that movie might seem when you start watching it, oddly so, it is the Evil Cousin and her "friends".

Now, in all fairness, my life has been no page from Better Homes and Gardens with chirping birds and gay squirrels. In fact, I've been told several times to write a book because there is no way people would believe it to be life is definitely stranger than fiction at times but I often wonder how much of my life people would dissect as harshly as they do the reality shows? How much people SWEAR is a figment of my own imagination. Then I remember I am a VERY honest person, to a fault, according to A LOT of my friends. My best friend can be quoted as saying that I'm so honest it scares him at times because he has never known someone who would not lie to protect even their own ass. Yeah, that's me...unfortunately honest. So you have no choice but to believe the unbelievable when it happens to and/or around me.

Difference is, I know better than to let anyone film it because I desire for NO ONE to scrutinize my life experiences that closely in an effort to determine how "real" I am as a person.

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Unknown said...

Nice post!

DLG said...

LMAO @ "gay squirrels"!

When I was younger (high school), I used to want to be on the Real World. I'm like you at this point though: "I desire for NO ONE to scrutinize my life experiences that closely in an effort to determine how "real" I am as a person." There are enough people that try to do that now and I'm not even on tv!

JaeSpenc said...

Yeah, I'm pretty much elling my aye off at the "gay squirrels" as well!

Reality shows are so UN-real, it's crazy... I learned that by auditioning for American Idol. They straight tell you, we're looking for the best of the best, but some of the BEST won't make it through because we're looking for good television as well (how's THAT for a run-on sentence?! (lol))

From your blogs, I'm pretty sure I'd be an avid viewer of your show... lmao and probably dying of laughter (especially after the Grocery store phantom pooter)...

Dee Em said...

That's the thing about these reality shows, they aren't reality.

90 percent of these shows are scripted. They are told this is the "central theme" of the show now act accordingly.

Reality couldn't make it on television without lots of censorship!

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