Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Your Reality Is Not Always THE Reality

I was watching CSI: Miami the other night and it was about Natalia


being accused of murdering her ex-husband Nick.

As I watched it, I thought to myself, this is EXACTLY how people act in real life. They take facts from a situation and apply them as they see fit to suit their assumptions and beliefs. Happens all the time!

In the episode, the night shift took over the case from day shift because Natalia worked day shift and most of her friends did too. Since that is a direct conflict of interest, the biggest prick known to mankind was handling her case. He didn't handle the case like he would have a normal one because he knew the people involved. How many times have we done that? Treated a situation different simply because we know the people involved and ended up looking at things a little skewed?

Had it not been for Horatio

Horatio Caine Pictures, Images and Photos

being so good at his job, Natalia might have gone to jail for what another investigator THOUGHT and ASSUMED she did because it just seemed like it made sense.

Her and her ex didn't have the best relationship...he assaulted her before...she had assaulted him, blah, blah, blah. So given the situation, yes, she had motive but all things were not considered and some of her words were used against her (she had told one of her friends while having some "girl talk" that she wanted to kill Nick...how many times has a woman said this about a boyfriend, husband, etc? Pick a woman and I guarantee you she's said it at least once in reference to a male). Her friends did try to intervene at times because they could see this prick was not looking at anyone else as a suspect BUT the obvious.

But the thing about assuming the obvious is ALWAYS the answer...sometimes that's how you make yourself look like an idiotic asshole. Which is exactly what ended up happening in the end. Turns out, someone not even remotely close to who the Head Investigator assumed committed the crime, committed the crime. This asshole of an Investigator was willing to sacrifice "one of his own", instead of doing his job like he was supposed to....investigate the scene of the crime, consider ALL individuals who could possibly be suspects, take all things into consideration, consider the levity in relation to the facts, due process of elimination, find the right killer.

I always watch stuff like this and see so much relevance in regards to every day life. Sometimes we as people see things only how we want to see them, not really how they are and it presents a distorted image of reality. If we didn't take all things into consideration, how can we assume that we have a correct picture? I guess this is where that saying "your reality is not the reality" comes in....

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Bre said...

I loved that episode (especially when Delko came to blows with Nick. ::swoon::), but you know I stan for that show anyway.

Miss.Stefanie said...

Sometimes everyone's reality differs from one to the next. So reality is YOUR reality. For instance, my reality is I work in broadcasting and I, as a woman I have to work 10 times harder. Though in your job, you may work with a breeze and not have to prove yourself.

Reality varies.

AssertiveWit said...

@ Miss Stefanie: In this blog, when I was speaking of "reality", it was more so in reference to situations where there is a plethora of information that has to be considered before jumping to a conclusion.

If someone has a biased view, sometimes they immediately assume their view is the ONLY truth when they didn't take out time to view all information concerning the situation. Sometimes when we don't look at everything involved we fail to see where THE (our) reality becomes distorted.

With your example, yes you are right, the reality varies because they are two different situations; I wasn't really speaking on that kind of thing though :)

DLG said...

Wow this hits home for real because of a recent situation with me. Because my boyfriend was not with me on a recent trip and two people that don't even KNOW me that well saw me hanging with another guy, it was ASSumed that I was cheating on my boyfriend. They were so sure, that rather than talking to me or the other guy, they contact my boyfriend and tell him I was cheating.

The TRUTH is that me and this guy have been friends for awhile and I hadn't seen him since early last year, so we were catching up. Completely innocent.


♥ CG ♥ said...

Yeah, that's true. The thing that amazes me is the number of ppl who actually life in a realm all to their own. Hope my girl Nikki doesn't read this...or maybe she should...lol.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

i have always belived , lived and practice that we create our own reality

AssertiveWit said...

You can create whatever you want but it doesn't mean it's true, when all facts are not considered...it's simply what you said, YOUR reality...fairy tales are SOMEONE'S reality; doesn't mean there is any substantial truth to them LOL

Bush's reality was that he wasn't at fault for the last 8 years. He never once admitted to or accepted responsibility for some of the biggest crisis that took place and were not handled properly. He lived that every day AND believed it. Was he right? Try explaining that his reality is okay to project to the survivors and mourners of Katrina...I'm just saying...

The reality I was speaking of in this blog was situations where ALL things need to be considered, not just personally how you feel about something that in turn, becomes your reality.

Maybe I should have given more examples...

Kofi Bofah said...

All you have to do is watch American Idol and see how those people swear up and down that they can sing and sound terrible.

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