Monday, February 23, 2009

Ted's Montana Grill Is No Longer "The Spot"

I've given up on Ted's and I will be writing them a soon as I finish this blog.

My cousin was in town so we (her, myself, and the family she was staying with) decided to go to dinner. The Mexican food restaurant I had been having a craving for had a wait of 45 minutes to an hour. I wasn't waiting that long to eat so we walked next door to...Ted's Montana Grill. They have some of THE best salads I have ever tasted but I should have known something was going to be a little off when we looked at the menus and they were different...and so were the prices. After we get over the slight increase in prices, we order our food and wait for our waitress to deliver. Three of us got house salads...let me tell you about these house salads.

They USUALLY come with tomato, red onion, shredded cheddar cheese, buttery croutons, bacon, and DARK GREEN leafage. I actually look forward to digging into that salad EVERY TIME I order it. Much to our dismay, we got plates full of non-nutritional iceberg lettuce with pieces of carrot here and there, tomato, red onion, and buttery croutons. I promise you, it looked like the raggediest salad ever. I INSTANTLY noticed the did the other person who swears by Ted's being some of the best food ever. Our waitress was VERY accommodating and helped us make the best of our watery consumption being passed off as a salad.

Since that Ted's is a good 5 miles or more from the one across from my job, I figure it was just that one that was tripping. WRONG.

I ordered a large house salad for lunch today, only to get the most tired and wilted looking iceberg lettuce I've ever seen in my life. They threw in a piece of romaine RIND and EXACTLY 5 pieces of mesclun mix to throw me off. But when you have a tomato that looks like you mashed it with your fingers and some old onion on top AND that coleslaw cabbage mix (carrots, red cabbage, iceberg mix) in there, I'm going to notice this is not the salad I am accustomed to. AND....there was no cheese OR bacon on it AGAIN. This for $7???? I felt BEYOND jipped! How in the hell are you gonna give me some lettuce my mom used to buy for me and my siblings to use on our ham sandwiches and pass it off as fine cuisine? People get salads to eat healthier....why do you even have iceberg lettuce in your restaurant??? That's the cheapest greenery to EVER eat....did I mention there is no nutritional value in it? It's basically like drinking tap water that has lost all it's valuable minerals that would make the tap water worth drinking in the first place.

So as the cashier is getting me some bacon to make me a little happier, I look at the menu. The grilled salad I usually get is $3 extra. Someone sitting across from where I was standing happened to order it for lunch and I saw it as the waiter placed it on the table....iceberg...AGAIN. You mean to tell me you LESSEN the QUALITY of your food and THEN RAISE the prices? Ted....this is how we do business these days? That's tantamount to Nike making their shoes identical to Payless Shoe Source sneakers and then changing the price on ALL Jordans and Air Maxs to $300. It's wrong and shouldn't be allowed.

I was thoroughly disappointed in my lunch today and I have Ted and his Montana Grill to thank for it.

3 points of view:

CraigJC said...

Ted's is usually good. I'm surprised they sucked this time. But how is that Mexican joint? I've been dying to check that out.

AssertiveWit said...

your key word: USUALLY
I hope they go back to their old menu and old food...*shaking my head*

Casa Grande is actually pretty good...reminds me of Chevy's and they have a SWIRL margarita that is THE BEST. You should check it out.

Anonymous said...

I am thoroughly disappointed in Ted's! How dare the one by your job be on the same BS too! They were my back up plan... ugh!

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