Tuesday, February 24, 2009

People Kill Me...

The light in my kitchen was on it's last leg for the past week. Since they are those fluorescent lights, I figured it was something minor and they'd just keep coming on like they had been for the last couple weeks. That is until they stayed dim like they were about to die altogether. I called my leasing office Saturday morning to let them know what the deal was and they called me back saying they would send maintenance up to replace the light.

I'm pretty cool with the maintenance guy (he also hates the Leasing Office Banshee's...well, one of them) so when he comes over to fix anything he gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek. He'll fix anything and everything. I really don't ever need to call the Leasing Office but I do it because I should. So he comes in and says that he wasn't going to call them back to see what they wanted until he heard the message that said I needed a bulb fixed. The Assistant Leasing Manager asked him, "So you wouldn't come in for anyone else but you'll come in for her", to which he replied, "Yup". She was confused and before she could say anything else he said, "I'll do anything for her because contrary to what you guys think, she's actually a very sweet person. As a matter of fact, she lets Jose use her parking spot while she's at work so his tools won't get stolen since you guys won't let him park in the garage anymore".

He said she looked a little shocked. I laughed as he continued to relay what she said..."I don't know why she doesn't like us. I mean what have we ever done to her". This is where friends like these come in handy....he tells her, "she doesn't like you guys because you're bitches to her; hell, you're bitches to everyone and you REALLY expect the tenants to like you guys? be serious". Her reply? "I mean, I try to be nice. That's all I can do".

And THAT'S why I don't f*ck with my Leasing Office. You try to be nice? How about you just do your job and BE NICE to ALL tenants, not just the ones who kiss your azz? I know someone in my building who NEVER pays her rent on time and didn't convert the electricity into her name the first 4 months she lived there (after several reminders). I pay my rent ON TIME every month. I asked them one time if I could pay my parking and water three days after rent was due and these heffas told me since water and parking is supposed to be paid with rent, they were going to consider it late, take my concession, and charge me late fees. Really??? My water and parking is going to cause you to charge me an extra $150? Screw you.

When I first moved in, the Property Manager stuck a notice on my door saying I owed them $8.36...for what??? I moved in on March 1, 2008 but put the electricity in my name on February 29, 2008. They wanted me to pay for February 28, 2008 because they got a bill with the ending date of February 29, 2008. Not my problem. Call Georgia Power for a $8.36 refund. Don't call me because my bill says I was charged from February 29, 2008 until whenever the damn billing cycle is over. She was BEYOND rude about this $8.36....then when she found out she was wrong, didn't apologize AT ALL.

My apartment has no insulation AT ALL. You can stand in front of the window and catch pneumonia...that's how cold it is and how much air is blowing in. My last electricity bill was $300. I asked them to insulate the windows...their excuse was it's an old building and I knew that when I moved in, why am I complaining now. I work in architecture. Designers rebuild, restore, and rehabilitate old buildings ALL OVER Atlanta to make them livable/workable. This building is no exception to the rule. It was further confirmed when I called the City of Atlanta and they came out to inspect my unit. After I showed them the windows they shook their head and wondered how I had made it this long.

I won't get into the hundreds of phone calls and messages I've left about my neighbor who acts like he's throwing a rave in his apartment every night. Do you think either of these women returned my phone calls regarding this issue? Nope. I asked them to tell him to stop playing his music so loud during midnight and 5 in the morning...he still does it to this day. And the mail...I had a package from UPS in their office for a whole week before they even decided to leave a note on my door that I had a package. Only to find it, it wasn't them who left the note. It was the concierge guy at night...who likes me. Damn shame when they do nothing in that office all day but sit there and look like their lives are miserable and they want to die. Point is, how come they are the only ones who don't know why I don't like them when it is BEYOND obvious? Idiots...

Really doesn't matter now though...I'm moving Saturday!!!!

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Ms_Slim said...

I remember you telling me about that crazy electric bill. I was floored and I commend you for staying there so long. Seriously. They are horrible and Im glad you're getting out on Saturday.

Good luck with everything and I hope the new folk are much better :)

Naturally Alise said...

Woo hoo for the move!!! I have been reading about your drama and now you have escaped, :)

JOFre$h said...

SMH People can be such Dicks at time.

Lakia said...

$8.36 cents???...Wow!
I know you are sooo happy t obe moving out of that place!

I got mad reading your blog, so I can imagine how you felt having to deal with them!

Amber Steez said...

...like u said atleast your moving.
set that bitch out and party. lol

CraigJC said...

YOu should leave a bag, one small bag, of dirt under the sink. Just a momento. LOL

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

u were tagged folk

Number Five said...

Let me know when you get settled in, I'll come visit. We'll do it big and pop some bottles. Sparkling green apple-what, what! haha

MJW said...

Dang! I feel your pain for idiots in the slumlord world. View my blog about my stupid environment I've been in! Love your blog!

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