Monday, February 02, 2009

Oooooo I Think They Like Me!

Had some football shenanigans yesterday and it felt great to hang out with the guys. I hadn't seen them in ages because I've been so busy with life. I decided to make time for them this past Sunday though and it was great.

As I sat there, minding my business, chowing on wings, pizza, and drinking some honey infused whiskey (good shat!), a young lady comes over to me and says to please excuse her as she reaches for her bag. I pick it up to hand it to her and it feels like she has a dead body in that biotch. She laughs and says it's just her laptop and then says "I didn't get your name". My favorite reply to that is, " I didn't give it" but I decided not to say that this time around...sometimes people who don't know me don't get my humor and I come across as a complete azzwipe. *shrug*

Anyway, I tell her my name and she doesn't tell me hers but goes into a ramble:

"IjustwantedtosaythatIloveyourblog!I'masubscriberonmyspaceandIreaditallthetime!Youaresocrazygirl!" (brief pause)

(translation: I just wanted to say that I love your blog! I'm a subscriber on myspace and I read it all the time! You are so crazy girl! I love your writing, I really do!)

She shook my hand and before I let go I asked her name, said it was nice to meet her and thank you for reading. It took me by surprise because she blurted it all out so fast. I've never seen this person a day in my life...don't know how she found my blog AT ALL. I don't think I'll ever get used to people who don't comment, acknowledging that I write. I get emails all the time; just random as hell that they love my blogs. They don't go into details but it at least let's me know someone is reading the shat I pump out LOL

It made me all warm and fuzzy inside and slightly embarrassed all at the same time.

She was definitely good motivation to keep at it though....

16 points of view:

Relevantlystaying said...

Your blog is cool! Its like talking to a sister or a friend. Just everyday stuff, humor and opinions. I can dig it.!Plus I think its nice you are a blogger that actually reads other peoples blogs as opposed to being your own biggest fan! LOL!

Keep writing sista!

Miss.Stefanie said...

That is inspiring

Allweez said...

I think it's cool that you were recognized for your blog and your writing. Congrats! I got harassed while watching the Super Bowl and it wasn’t about my blog….lol

JOFre$h said...

I SOOOOOOOOO hate that, like if your going to read atleast comment. I have people who hit me up like your blog is so dope, I'm like well leve some damn feedback

allison veronica said...

some ppl don't know what to say. lol.

Jay_fever said...

Man...I like the fact that people are reading period. But say something...even if it's nothing more than "dope blog".

Kryssy said...

oh my gosh. LOL. So if she knew your blog, why did she ask your name? That's a tad creepy. LOL
But, it is flattering to know folks appreciate your thoughts.

AssertiveWit said...

thanks everyone...

Kryssy, I figured she asked because I write under an alias. Even though it is part of my name, you can never be too on this blog. Unless you're a regular reader, you'd never know what my real name is. My mother most certainly did not name me Assertive Wit hahahahhaah

Ms. Independent said...

That's cool... you got stans and stuff now. You about to BLOW UPPPP! lol

Let me just co-sign with her and everyone else and say...yep, your blog is whats hot!

Ms_Slim said...

That's dope!
I laughed at how you typed her ramble though. haha. That would probably freak me out at first and leave me a lil embarrassed at onset too.

I want some Stans!!!! lol

♥ CG ♥ said...

Ditto what everyone said above. As my friends joke from time to keeps it real, you

Number Five said...

I am so mad that 'stan' is one of your tags muhahahaha Out of control!

Solomon said...

Really, that's not your given name?

Nice that everyone is keeping it real, and showing the love out here.

I love the blog too, I'll think of something good to say on my blog someday, I just like feeling the love!

AssertiveWit said...

@ everyone: I think open recognition is cool. I don't want anyone who reads this to think I thought that woman was a weirdo for approaching me. I actually think she's great for speaking her mind. I'm still waiting on that one person who ABSOLUTELY hates me to come tell me to my face...just so I can laugh LOL.

It just makes me feel weird because I sincerely write to make room for everything else to fit in my head at one time. I move certain stuff out to keep other stuff in. So when someone REALLY pays me some attention (for writing), I get a little shy (I, shy??? LOL). I feel like I'm on a stage and I have a booger in my nose everyone can see...some people like the attention, it still takes me a while to get used it. I'm more of a behind the scenes person :)

So, with that said, thanks for reading everyone!!! I look forward to reading your great blogs too!!!!

@ No. 5: don't act like you wasn't sitting there and saw how off guard I was caught...or were you too far gone in that honey whiskey by then, Nia? bwhahahahahaha

NightFall914 said...

LOL @ you putting one of the blog entry labels as "Stans". LMAO!!!!!!

Unknown said...

You have people that read your stuff and comment;
consider yourself very fortunate!

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