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I Love Blog Love

You never really know who is reading you or when. Yeah sure, everyone has that box of followers who you can see are "following" but I've always been curious as to how many of those people simply follow me because I follow them (aside from people I KNOW read). There are a few who began following me out of the clear blue and I want to say that it is because they genuinely like what I'm writing about but then again, they could have started following me so that I would follow them. I'll never really know and at the end of the day, that is not a determining factor as to whether I will continue to write or not. Just something that crossed my mind....

But I will tell you who I KNOW reads my blog...

(this link is her profile page because she has two blogs; take a look at both)

And how do I know this? Because she rained her Blog Love on me...tee hee! She was supposed to list 10 interesting things about herself and then honor 7 other bloggers. She broke the rules and only did 3 things but they were decent so she gets a pass. She did however list me as one of the Honored nice of her!

So, I decided I would follow the rules with the 10 things and honor 7 bloggers that I just started reading who don't have a HUGE following. I read TONS of blogs that are followed by HUNDREDS of people but they aren't the ones that need to be's the hidden gems I almost don't want to share LOL

Here goes nothing!

1. My family used to think that I didn't want to be married or have children because I never bring my significant others around. It's nothing personal. It is out of respect for how I was raised. My father believes that dating is for those who want to get married and since marriage is not the underlying motive to my dating, I honor them by not introducing them to men who have never expressed they want to be married to me. That sounded a lot worse than it really is LMAO

2. I pine for a mini me. I have kept this to myself up until last year. It is one of the few important things I would like to accomplish before my uterus and ovaries decide they want to die on me. Problem is, I shouldn't have kids with the person I am currently fornicating with...mainly because we aren't married. That sounded REALLY bad...

3. I prefer to cook versus eating out. So sue me, I think my food tastes better most of the time. I usually go out when I feel like being served (read: being lazy).

4. I only really like to sleep in MY bed...and no one elses. I might be a good 45 minutes from my house and it's 4 in the morning but I will drive home to sleep in my bed. It's comfortable and if I have to poot in my sleep, I won't have to hold it in and make my stomach feel like Hiroshima bubbling over...I'm just saying. I have normal body functions too dammit!

5. I desperately want to make my way to a nude beach. It's up there with my baby pining. I just feel like the perfect tan should be done naked. Shut up!!!

6. Even though I operate on a rational and logical basis of thinking, I have silently stalked someone on MySpace. Don't judge me. Okay, I was being more nosey than anything but it was still a form of stalking and I own up to it. There.

7. I have more friends than I care to admit that are very self-centered. I REALLY like them and that is why they are still around although there are times when I want to act like I don't know them because they are REALLY that full of themselves.

8. I secretly admire Spike Lee (guess that cats out the bag now).

9. I love salad. Not just lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and dressing. I'm talking something that looks like an entire garden on your plate. With ranch dressing, please.

10. I am a lot more intuitive than I let on. Only reason I don't rely on it solely in life is because intuition has a lot to do with how someone feels and assuming something is a certain way. Feelings can be misleading...

The Spreader of Love Award Pictures, Images and Photos

And the 7 Honorable Bloggers are:
(I know I said they would be bloggers who don't have a HUGE following; that might not be the case for a couple of these people what, I just found them)

Miss Stefanie - she talks about a little bit of everything...pertaining to her
Judy - this is a food blog; nothing more, nothing less...want some good recipes? look here!
8thlight - for music lovers (mainly hip-hop), stop here
Tashajc/Craigjc - their blog is actually called popwife but they are the Authors of the blog and discuss all kinds of things that are relevant to the pop culture...very good shat
Loni - her blog is called Cupcakes and Mixed Tapes; her focus is cool music, photography, art, and fashion...and she's in Canada. I like Canadians!
Jeri Holloway - her blog is called Then and Again; she plays cool music, features cool fashion, and talks about things that are currently relevant and some not so relevant but still entertaining, nevertheless
Wondaland Society - looks like their site is being revamped at the moment but this blog is a collaboration of different contributors, their views on music and current events in the news. I'm a fan of all their views, whether I agree or not simply because of their About Gender message: "We believe women are much smarter than men. And strive to act accordingly." As a woman, you gotta love that, whether they were being sarcastic or not!

7 points of view:

Miss.Stefanie said...

Youre so sweet! I did this a while back. :)
I think if I can help someone, make someone feel not goal is reached.

I'll get around to do another :)

JaeSpenc said...

Those are good facts-- and I completely feel you on the sleeping in your own bed!! Nothing like it!

I began following you out of the blue. :) I just started w/ Blogger back in December and sometimes just follow a trail through my followers.. because I know that I like what THEY'RE typing about...

You're intelligent.... and state your opinion in a way that is NOT demeaning to anyone... classy. That's why I follow. lol

Christina said...

awwe... I bet they feel special..

ure too sweet!

I started following out of the blue because I liked how you just let it all out without sugar coating shat (LOL...defintely your word)...

Some of your posts seriously make me fall out of my chair laughing; and some I just sit there, shake my head and say, "Well ain't that the truth!"


Brilliance Is A Habit (c) Unknown said...

Yeah, I don't bring men home either for the same reasons. It's just not necessary. lol

Cosign on sleeping in my own bed. I will stay out all night and demand to go home because I am not staying over anywhere or on any couch.

I'd sleep in a hotel bed. I love those. :)

Jay_fever said...

I used to see your funny comments on blogs that I was subscribed to on Myspace. So I decided to check out your blog and have been reading ever since.

msdailey said...

5. I desperately want to make my way to a nude beach. It's up there with my baby pining. I just feel like the perfect tan should be done naked. Shut up!!!

ME TOO!!! :)

♥ CG ♥ said...

No mistaking why I started following :-). I'm with ya on sister said my mom asked her if I liked men when I was in my 20s because I never brought any guys home. Multiple reasons, but one was keeping my dad from going into stealth Marine mode and killing them with the pressure of....silence...weird, I know, some crazy mind game.

#10 is totally me too. Between dreams and intuition I'm a regular Vivica Fix...I mean Miss Cleo...hee hee.

I'm looking forward to more laughs and insight, girlie :-).

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