Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It Is Moments Like These I Wish 5 PM Would Hurry On Up

I want these shoes. I have wanted them since I saw them 3 months ago. 

One of my dear friends is leaving me at the end of the month to go back to her homeland (no she ain't from Africa...). I'll miss her greatly but since she is leaving, I put up no fight when she asked me if I wanted to go to MJQ's tonight.

(the shoes fit in...just gimme a second)

So MJQ's is this pitch black, murky, underground spot. Why would anyone want to go there? Well, they only play THE BEST hip hop I've heard in any club around Atlanta. is DIRECTLY across the street from my house. Which means I can get slizzard out of my mind, stumble back across the street and bide the time slobbing it up on my pillow until the alarm goes off telling me to get the hell up and get to work.

Here is where the kicks come in....wait for it....

This club is not your typical "Atlanta" venue. There is no need for the glitz and glam that seems somewhat mandatory with the rest of the venues offering $20-30 valet parking. You can be a chick and wear Timbs in there and no one would wonder what in the hell your problem is OR assume you are munching on berber in your spare time. If you're a guy, you can wear jeans and sneakers. Smoking spliffs...this is the place for you! Even though it's a cash bar only, the prices aren't ridiculously high so bringing $20 will have you sipping and chilling in no time flat. I don't have to get glamourfied to step up on the scene. This bun I have in the back of my head...yup, rocking it to the club in about 7 hours.

So these shoes...I wanted them AND they were at Urban Outfitters...TWO BLOCKS AWAY FROM THE CRIB! Or so I thought...I called because they were actually on sale when I looked online for the lowsky of $29.99!!!!! I'm in there! Only for my dreams to be shattered because they are sold out at that store...they have them at Lenox though. Lenox is a good 15 minutes away but...they are $89.95 at Lenox...what the bumbaclot?!?!?

I refuse...I want them but I wouldn't feel justified spending $90 on some kicks when I still need to move...and get a oil change. So the plan is to dip out of here in about an hour because the Urban Outfitter 2 blocks up the street from the crib is known for having these crazy sales. I've bought shoes there a couple times that are normally $90 or more for about $20-40. I'm going in there and taking my chances...hoping I can find something just as fly as what you see above.

Cross your fingers for me...I need my foot gear to be fly this evening because I REFUSE to wear these feet hurting boots I have in the closet with a 5 inch heel on them, in the club tonight. Straight refusal...

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jeanette nicole* said...

Dope shoes! Good luck on your quest. :)

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Hey, Assertive Wit. First time stopping by, but I'll be back :)

BetBeze. said...

Damn, you can't buy the ones in the wrong size at the one near your house then return them at Lenox tombout 'ooh these were a gift in the WRONG size dude help a chick out'..cuz that would be awesome.

V$ said...

check out or call
Wish ( in L5P or Standard at Lennox

Kofi Bofah said...

Your profile says that you are in the Northwest.

Now, you say you are in ATL.

I am confused, Ms. Wit.

Maybe, you are just international.

Assertive Wit said...

@V$: my best friend used to work at WISH LOL I still have a couple homies who still work there that store. I bought a pair of ALIFES from there...their shoe selection is pretty dope; you don't see any "randoms" walking around sporting them...only the cool kids ;)

Assertive Wit said...

@ Kofi Bofah: my profile says this:

Location: Big City/Small Town : North Western Region/Large State : United States

here's an explanation....

Big City = Atlanta (where I currently live)
Small Town = Oakland (where I used to live/grew up)

make sense now? it made sense to me when I wrote it 5 years ago...might change it LOL

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