Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If She Can Sell Her Virginity, Can I Just Sell Some Sex? I'm Just Saying...

So you're 22...and a virgin. One day it hits you...I need to sell my cooter on ebay so I can afford to get my Masters degree. So you proceed to TRY and ebay shoots you the deuces and tells you to kick rocks; they don't support the peddling of your twat. So you somehow get the opportunity to auction off your snatch through the Bunny Ranch. Your claim is that it isn't JUST about who the highest bidder is...you want to find a genuinely nice guy.

Oh stop this foolishness and stop it now!!!!

You're a hooker, number one. Anyone who offers their puss up for a price will be deemed as such. And hey, if you can get someone to give you loads of cash for your lovebox, hey do you. My only advice is do so with your head high. The act itself is one of prostitution, no matter how you want to rearrange semantics to make it seem not that bad. If that's what you choose to do, fine, but making excuses for it and TRYING to call it something else? All bad. It is what it is, whether I do it or anyone else does it.

I just think when people make decisions like this, they need to accept the reality of it right along with their conscious decision they are making. You are behaving like a prostitute so when someone calls you one, don't get angry and don't concoct some ridiculous story as to WHY you aren't hookin. It's hooker behavior...you'll be okay. Just admit it. I'll be the first to admit, if someone told me I could make $3 million off staying a virgin and then selling at 22, I would have been the first in line to commit to that hookerish behavior. No shame here!

But the reality of some man actually doing that...slim. Now...she might very well get someone to give her a load of money...someone might need the tax write off and want a little excitement in his life on the side. Who knows...it isn't impossible because people will pay for ANYTHING these days...remember, this is America.

It just irks me when people try to justify their ignant azz behavior. She's 22 and has so much life to live but this is going to be her claim to fame. To be honest with you, if I was 22 and ended up with 3 mill, I'm not focusing on no damn Masters degree. I'm focusing on that 3 mill...22 years old with 3 mill. I'd go on to just be a slore...who wouldn't? at 22...with 3 million. I take that back...I'd be a slore with a business plan so I could turn that 3 mill into 6 mill and eventually into 9 and so on and so forth.

I hope she's that smart...and I really hope this does not inspire other young women to sell their puss. This is already a problem today...

6 points of view:

ChiChi said...

Girl bye to that chick. You hoing...just except it and move on. Let that money dry your tears. LOL

jeanette nicole* said...

Not a prostitute yet you deign sell your virginity at the effing Bunny Ranch? Good night, nurse! I've seen the Cathouse on HBO, okay? Hoing is most definitely what goes down there. . .among other things LOL

AssertiveWit said...

@ChiChi: so simple and to the point LOL

@jeanette nicole*: girl, you be watching The Cathouse? hahahhahahahah me too...aint them some of the proudest hookers you ever seen in your life? They make sleeping with someone for money look so fun I damn near quit my day job and did it moving to the Bunny Ranch...I am so serious too LOL

Anonymous said...

I would've been the first in line too!!! When I read about this woman selling her virginity, I couldn't believe it. I thought that this had to be fake. She has to get in some type of trouble for obvious prostitution. lol

the YOUNG LIONESS said...

this is just damn sad

Reggie said...

....pimping ain't easy.

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