Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Almost Lost My Religion at 1:15 PM....

Yes, I almost lost my religion on Lanier Parking at 1:15 pm because I went outside to get something out of my car and there is a boot on my frickin frackin truck. Something told me this morning when the metered box read $20 but the sign read $5 and then the sign changed throughout the day from $5 to $15 to $10, that I might have to calm my temper later for their idiocy.

Could I have parked somewhere else? Sure but it was freezing cold this morning and all the other lots were charging stupid rates so I parked DIRECTLY across the street. I put my $5 in the slot and did it moving into the office. Only to come out to the unsightly yellow eyesore lodged on my tire. After woosahing and counting to 10, I called the 866 # blaring off the orange sticker they stuck on my window. I get a lady who could care less about me, my truck, or that boot. All she wanted was the make and model of my vehicle and the slot I was parked in. She gives me no time as to how long it's gonna take before someone comes...just hangs up on me. I felt my blood pressure spike...but only a tad.

I knew I was going to have to sit outside in the FREEZING cold waiting on these numbnuts to show up so I decide to read the orange sticker...$50 FINE...just to remove the boot. Hell and no, I shant be paying that today, no ma'am! So I call the parking company and list my dilemma to 3 different people before I am FINALLY transferred to someone who can ACTUALLY help me. Blood pressure spiking a tad more.

I get put on hold only for her to come back and get the same information from me that I just gave to the 866# and her fellow employees. In my head....I was counting to 10. All of this for a damn boot. I get a pleasant enough young lady on the phone and even though I have to recant my issue YET AGAIN, no spike in the blood pressure because she is quite accommodating and kind. She tells me I don't have to sit outside and wait; someone will be there within the next 30- minutes to remove it and I was good to go. I asked again...just to confirm because you know, mistakes happen. She assures me EVERYTHING is fine and to have a great day.

Cool by me! I walk back to my office (where it's warm) and as soon as I go to park it in my chair, my cell phone rings. Unfamiliar number but I have a feeling it is the parking company...sure is. She has called me to say there was no money left and THAT is why they booted me. Now....payday is on Friday. I think I know whether or not I got rid of the last little bit of cash in my wallet or not. Since payday is Friday and the last check (on the 25th) went to rent, utilities, and car insurance, I know I paid that $5. It pained me to do so, knowing, I have to wait until Friday to go get any more cash out of the bank.

So when surfer boy extraordinaire walks over talking all this rubbish about there being no money in there, I instantly want to shake him to death. Then he wants to tell me it's been $10 ALL DAY. No it hasn't. I wouldn't have put $5 in the box IF it was $10 ALL DAY. It was $5 this morning and I know it was because that's what I paid AND I had the Office Manager look out and confirm it (as my witness), in case these clowns tried to pull some funny business. Like this. So he's trying to debate me on the price stating THAT'S why I got the boot and a young lady, dearest angel that she is, appears out of nowhere walking to her car and yells out, "It was $5 this morning". The parking attendant stops talking and then looks away from her direction to continue debating me on this price. I stopped and after huffing said, "You heard her didn't you"? This is where he decides to act like he's hard of hearing and say, "Huh"? So I asked her to repeat herself and she said EVEN LOUDER (for his deaf benefit), "It was $5 this morning. I been parked here since 8. You guys changed that sign TWICE since I been parked here".

I was INSTANTLY filled with glee. Some of my irritation came flooding back when the piddly boot attendant asks me what time I parked here this morning. I told him that I got to work around 7 and it was $5, I left to go to the bank and when I came back, IT WAS STILL $5. Mind you, I came back from the bank around 9:30 am.

Victory was mine at this point. So he took his surfer dude looking azz over to Bruce and removed that faux pas he'd attached earlier. 

I live to see another day with my religion in tact and his eardrum not screamed upon.

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Brittni said...


I went out to dinner last night and we parked in a lot directly across the street from the restaraunt. Mind you the sign read "valet" but all we got was an young, bored looking man in a red jacket that took our keys and gave us a ticket. When we come back out. We see a shouting match between him and a frazzled looking woman. Turns out, he's nonchalantly apologizing because he GAVE her keys to someone else. *blank stare* Yep, he accidentally latched her full set of keys onto someone else's and apparently the other person is gone (whether or not they know they have extra keys is beyond me). Poor girl was livid, me & the hubby would've stayed to assist (thought I don't know what we could've done) but she had a pleasant enough looking boyfriend with her that was assisting already.

Anyhoo...apparently parking EVERYWHERE in Atlanta is ridiculous.

a black girl who did date said...

Parking in ATL SUCKS!!!!!

Mr. Smart Guy said...

Allow me to be astonished for a sec.
They can change the cost throughout the day?
Imagine how many suckers, i mean customers they can get over on... methinks I'm in the wrong line o business.

But back to the situation, I'm glad you didn't have to kill nobody because as pretty as you are, I don't think prison jumpsuits are becoming on you. That is all.

Adwoa said...

Darn!! I need patience like that!

OoooH, I can't begin to explain the number of people who would have a bad day because of me. I think I'll try that counting to 10 thing...

I'll let you know if it works!

The Incomparable Bozack Jenkins™ said...

Aside from when you're fawning over my naked body, when are you ever not mad?

Assertive Wit said...

@ Brittni: Atlanta parking is the pits! All week long they kept changing the price for parking. The next day I parked in the same lot...$10. As soon as I went into my job, they changed the parking to $15. It's all about greed because it is so unnecessary to hike up prices like that. There should be some regulation on parking...folks aint got money to be paying all that for parking...this aint Frisco.

@ Smart Guy: Apparently they can change the price at will. I had no idea until this week. I am going back to paying for parking monthly though because I am about to move so no more walking to work...and I definitely aint trying to pay these crazy prices everyday...fudge that. As for prison jumpsuits...I look good in orange. LOL

Bozack Jenkins: hush on up

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