Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gutterbutt Trollops Get On My Last Nerve...No One Owes You ANYTHING!!! Get A Job And Stop Playing.

I was reading this blog yesterday:

and I literally laughed out loud...not AT the blog but at the person being focused on: 
Sheree Whitfield
(one of them heffas from the Bootsy Real Housewives of Atlanta)

My problem with her and her silly antics is this alleged claim that she need all this money from her ex-husband because all she got is a high school diploma so she is not equipped to take care of herself. Excuse me? I don't know what planet she just dropped her own azz off of but there are PLENTY of single mothers in the world who are making it with ONLY a high school diploma.

I been doing pretty well IN LIFE with just a high school diploma. I JUST finished attaining my Associates and I'm 29. I just started on my Bachelor's. It's NEVER too late for school so I would like to know why NOW that her riches is about to run out, she isn't qualified to do anything but be taken care of? F*ck outta here, you sorry excuse for a woman human being. This is nothing more than an excuse she is using because her pretty is no longer working to trap her ex-husband into throwing money at her.

Oh but wait...according to the blog I was reading at Popwife: Whitfield vs. Whitfield she is ALREADY getting the following: 

"$2,142.87 a month in child support for the couple's two kids. She also was given more than $1.1 million in a marital property division, a lump sum payment of $775,000 and portions of three NFL retirement programs which total about $113,422 annually.But no alimony."

My question is...

If there is nothing more I cannot stand (next to a liar and people who self-apply) it is someone who is just greedy for no damn reason at all! So what that you WERE married to someone who had aren't anymore and he is already parting with his wealth to make sure that your lifestyle and your children are well taken care of. 

They were discussing this on the radio (V103.3) yesterday saying that the child support was not enough money. Typically, someone who plays in the NFL or NBA does pay more than that (for child support) but this man is retired. AND...that's still more money than some working folks make...AND the first year of no longer being "Mrs." Whitfield, she received $2,014,136.44 (add up all that money above)...AND she'll be receiving more than the average household ANNUALLY from her ex-husbands retirement fund. To me, DEMANDING more signifies she was always in it TO WIN IT...did you ever REALLY love this man Sheree or did you just use your pretty and yo cooter to get in that man's heart and then ULTIMATELY his wallet? 

I'm gonna take NO YOU AINT LOVE HIM for $1,000, Mr. Trebek.

The sad part about it is, I am SURROUNDED by women of this caliber here in Atlanta and I want to smack them all in the face with a boot. Mothers are teaching their daughters the Ronnie philosophy. Who is Ronnie? 
(remember The Player's Club? Miss "Use What You Got To Get What You Want")

Those same girls are growing up into young women who go on to whore themselves out to the highest bidder demand you pay before you play. And yes there are men who SPECIFICALLY look for these types of women but it's always a cold day in that hooker's world when her true worth comes and stares her in the face. In the end, you're only worth as much as the woman you make yourself out to be in the beginning.

What happened to acting like a lady, dating a man, loving him, getting married and if it doesn't work out, STILL acting like a lady and not a gutterbutt trollop out for blood money? Granted, I don't know what happened between Sheree and Bob but you can't tell me after all that mouth running on The Whack Azz Beezy's Real Housewives of Atlanta that she was focused on her kids or not having a nasty divorce. Her words (not verbatim but close enough) were more along the lines of KNOWING that she was about to get a nice settlement in the seven digit arena because that is what she was worth; she had spent enough time being married to him to get that.

Ohhhhhhh, you was worth a seven-digit settlement when you was showboating on television but now that reality is taking place and you only have a high school diploma you aren't worthy of a good enough job to take care of yourself. Sheree, as NeNe said on the show, you're full of shat.

And as far as I'm concerned any woman who THINKS somebody owes her something simply because she demands it and/or has a nice live in a fantasy land and you're full of shat too.

My rant is now over.

14 points of view:

ChiChi10 said...

She could probably make a nie piece of change with the Kids. In the words of my bff, that "tranny dinosaur" look might be able to sashay strange! Work bitch...LMAOL

Assertive Wit said...

she do look a little teradactylish...

Craigjc said...

LOL. Hilarious. I LOVE this post. My favorite part? You said "I am SURROUNDED by women of this caliber here in Atlanta and I want to smack them all in the face with a boot."
This is so, so true. The ATL is out of pocket on this subject richere. LOL.
Incidentally I saw Gregg Leakes at the Hawks game last night (he was about 3 rows from courtside) but NeNe wasn't with him.

Craigjc said...

P.S. I had to link to this post. Awesome.

jeanette nicole* said...

She is a HOT mess through and through.

The Incomparable Bozack Jenkins™ said...

Aww hells nah.. this shit got ME mad.

V$ said...

loves it.

my friend and i just got through talking about this right here. it's like as a gender, we figured at some point it made more sense to chase after these dudes to attain a comfortable future. uck getting it on your own...uck furthering your education...uck making yourself a better person all around so that YOU can support YOURSELF. no, what do we do instead? we go do some hoe ish and pray that "groupie love" pays off for us in the end. that whole mentality is beyond me.

the handful of us that's getting it on our own should pat ourselves on the back and keep pushing forward. we are the last of a dying breed by far.

a black girl who did date said...

I could not have said it better! And stop channeling B.Scott!!!

suga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kofi Bofah said...

U Mad?

V$ said...

@ suga you're right...the "as a gender.." thing was a little harsh.

Assertive Wit said...

@ V$ and Suga: V$ you stated that "it's like as a gender..." and then went on to speak your opinion as to how you have seen a lot of women playing themselves today.

Suga, you told V$ to "Cut that "As a gender..." stuff out" but then you turned around and said "...but as a gender, women are..." and you went on to speak on what you feel women are groomed to a gender.

Point is, women all over the United States of America are groomed to be get money girls AS WELL AS to act like they got some damn sense so...with that being said, Suga, if you can state what women are groomed to do as a gender (which was your opinion), be respectful of what someone else feels women, as a gender, are doing as well.

BTW...V$ is a woman so if she feels that is what she sees, she has every right to express that...just like you just expressed what you felt so if she gotta cut it out, you do too LOL

Assertive Wit said...

@Kofi Bofah: you talking to me or Suga? If you were talking to me, of course I aint mad LOL

suga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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