Friday, January 09, 2009

God, Please Grant Me The Strength To Be Slow To Anger Today

It's 12:55...payday...and you'd think I'd be happy as a clam in the sea. Nope. And why? Because my boss is nowhere in sight and payroll STILL needs to be approved, checks need to be printed and signed, and then I need to hand them out.

I've been counting to 10 since I looked at my clock this morning at 9:15 am when he called saying he had a meeting at 10 and he couldn't come in early because...he had to clean his stove.

I don't understand what that has to do with having people's checks signed but okay nor how it becomes a priority when you know you have a meeting at 10 that will prevent you from getting to the office until lunch time. I was told he would be here by 12...12:30 at the latest. My clock just changed to 12:59. I've trained myself to not be livid anymore when he does this because I can usually expect this behavior 20 times out of the 24 payrolls we have in a year.

Employees have learned to hide their frustration by staying away from my office but I can understand their huffing and puffing as they walk past my office. They want me to look up and acknowledge them but the truth is, I can't because they act like I been had my check and I'm good to go. No, I have to wait just like everyone else. 

It doesn't help that the bank converts to the next business day as of 2:00 pm so for all non-Wachovia account holders, this is an issue. They either need to do it moving to a Wachovia bank, stand in line, get charged some ridiculous fee to cash the check because they aren't a Wachovia account holder OR...deposit it today and wait for their funds to be available next business day. Not Saturday...yes, you guessed it...Monday. Monday isn't payday. TODAY...Friday, is.

It helps that the main people who used to come in my office every hour on the hour to see if the checks had been signed are no longer here but messes up my day. I have things I have to do and now they have to be put off until next week. I had an appointment to go see a property on my lunch break...but if you tell me that you'll be in at 12, 12:30 at the latest, I'm not going to just leave. So when you STILL aren't here and it's almost 1:15,'re pissing me off.

It's Friday...I'm supposed to be spilling over with joy that my bank account is getting some additional dividends but no...I'm sitting her praying to the good lord to let me be slow to anger.

Anyway...he's called as I typed this stating that he's around the corner. I hate when people say that because they usually aren't. They are more like 20 to 30 minutes away so I wouldn't be surprised if he came strolling through here whistling like a tea kettle at 1:30 pm. us all to have the patience necessary to deal with this tomfoolery. Amen.

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Christina said...

geesh! You can't mess with people and their money (well-deserved at that)...I will be praying for you to keep your cool too!!!

Good luck!

asia kismet said...

i know the feeling. i used to have to do payroll at this one spot where the owner would act somewhat the same...and it sucks to be the bearer of bad news when it deals with folks money.

Kofi Bofah said...

I am around the corner, right now?

NW Big State, U.S.A.?


Kofi Bofah said...

Be there in 5 minutes!

Anonymous said...

I hate when people say they're around the corner too.

You're probably like wth is this? lol I found your blog through Mr. Smart Guy's. :) I'm sure I'll enjoy reading.

AssertiveWit said...

@ Kofi Bofah: what I wrote on my profile is in reference to where I am from and where I am at. The north part refers to the Northern California city, Oakland; The west Big State refers to...California LOL...but Seattle aint all that far..just 11/12 hrs, right? LOL

@ Kenya Goodman: thanks for coming over into my world...hope you enjoy what you read!

@ Adwoa and Asia Kismet: I was just talking to someone the other day and I was saying I don't really hate MY JOB, per se, but the people I work with can be a bit much at times. If I was MORE risktaking than I already am, I would have been threw caution to the wind and left with no job to catch me...but I can cope for a little exit strategy is being planned as I type LOL

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