Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Getting Out My Dreams

I haven't written a blog about my best friend in a while...

Mainly because I've been expressly warned that all blogs involving him in any way, shape, or form, he be notified so that he can read it before the rest of the public reads me talking shat about him. Kidding...about the shat talking. Most blogs written about him are nice...and usually funny. He's just funny about being written about and having no idea.

So I was looking at this website this morning (that I cannot reveal because we have a rule) and it made me think of him. 

I'll get back to what made me think of him but I'll explain the rule real quick. We both know that other people can find these websites just as easily as us because they are on the WORLD WIDE WEB but that doesn't mean we have to assist people in finding them. What are these websites? Oh....fashion, real estate, footwear, blogs, you name it...pretty much anything...that's considered dopeness in our minds. We don't randomly divulge these websites to people BECAUSE that will increase the chances of someone we know (but aren't that close to) having something we have. 

Assholes? So. And?
IF we REALLY like you, we'll let you in on the location of the website but 9 times out of 10, if you think anything like us, you already know about it and you don't tell people either. Isn't that right Ronnie and Teef? Don't lie and say you don't guard the fly shit locations with your life so that the bootsy people don't get a hold of the goodness and make it whack because they think clothes will make them look fly...clothes only help already fly people, whackadoos.

Anyway, I found out pretty much ALL my friends do this. I now know why they mysteriously NEVER know where they bought something and it's ALWAYS "Oh this old thing? I've had this FOREVER"...lying through their teeth, KNOWING they just bought it last week and the boutique STILL has it...they just don't want me having the EXACT same thing they have. And that's fair because I don't tell them where I buy stuff either...unless we dress TOTALLY different. 

I was looking for skank gear to wear to one of my friends parties and the Bestest happened to see the website...told his ex-girlfriend and I almost had a conniption. Granted, she dresses "up" everyday and his reasoning was "you guys prolly won't even buy the same thing", point is, it was MY website and he gave it to someone else...without my permission. We are serious about these websites...he told me that I can't tell anyone about his R&D sites he comes across.

R&D? Research & Development. I know...ridiculous. And now we make full circle as to what made me think of him. I was glancing at some property my measly paycheck cannot afford...at the moment (on one of our websites LOL) and I thought of him.

dreams Pictures, Images and Photos

My best friend does everything BIG, even when he's supposed to be thinking small...he doesn't. He wasn't raised that way so it's hard for him to think like a normie. Anyway, his R&D is done with the future in mind and I admire that in him. I was raised to think realistically because when dealing with the present, that is how you SHOULD think. My parents didn't invest too much into the future because it was too much of a gamble. But they happened to have three children who were big on dreaming...whether it was pipe dreams, daydreams, or dreams we are doggedly working to fulfill. My best friend encourages me to dream with everything he does. While I realistically sit next to him looking at yachts, mansions, jeans that cost 3 stacks, and kicks that cost just as much, the first thing that pops in my head is "I can't afford that shat but damn its nice to look at"...the first thing that pops in his head is "That's going to be mine, sooner than later".

Even though he grew up far more privileged than most, we both are at the same crossroad in life where our success is fully contingent on how hard we work to attain it and how bad we want it. We're both hungry for similar AND different reasons so I have never sh*tted on his R&D. I bookmark those websites and I look at them when I need my boost of motivation to continue striving to get IT. Where I need a push to KEEP dreaming my dreams into reality, he doesn't. His dreams are all he's got and I admire that about him.

There are so many people who only think in present tense so they can't fathom the day when their dreams will come true because they just aren't real to them. I've had dreams of grandeur since I could read, granted most of the books I read gave me these delusions but one day, they didn't seem like piddly dreams anymore. They became things I REALLY wanted to work hard at accomplishing...because I knew I could. But as life would have it, reality settles in and sometimes steals your dreams from you. Mine were on their way of being put on the back burner and then I met this Dreamer.

It was almost like he gave my dreams some life again because he believes in sometimes what people term, the impossible. I've grown to accept that nothing is impossible, with this guy, which reinforced my need to get out my dreams as well.

Yes, one little website made me think about all this because this morning as I was walking out my door to work, I HATED the fact that I HAD to go work for someone who could give a rats ass about my dreams. The reality about my dreams is...without them, I'd probably stay at this job forever. So thank God for dreams...and my best friend :)

dreams Pictures, Images and Photos

5 points of view:

Ms_Slim said...

Big Dreams, Good Music, & Expensive Taste...that definitely read me.

I felt this entire post. What stuck out was, "There are so many people who only think in present tense so they can't fathom the day when their dreams will come true because they just aren't real to them."

I have several friends & family members that are like that. They have tons of potential, tons of dreams, tons of goals....but then look at their current situation, finances, etc...and say, "ahh maybe it isnt for me". It kinda bugs me a little because I know they could be doing more...but they dont see beyond the lens they are looking through.

Great post!

Ms_Slim said...

Typo: That definitely reads* me

jeanette nicole* said...

I like that last pic's quote. I'm currently swimming in the "maybe I'm dreaming too big" lake sometimes, but that put it all into perspective. Seee, that's why I like reading this blog. You always give me what I need when I need it, lol!

Simply Me said...

really liked this post!

I feel that we have to dream big, if not then what are our goals in life? I know I dream to be different, I have many aspirations, and I have the faith in myself that it will happen. Sometimes reality does set in and give me a change to reflect about my current state, but then that current state is then a boost to tell me to work harder at reaching my dreams.

I think anything is possible, we just have to take the first step and try, even thought that may be the hardest thing to do!

Number Five said...


I'm dreaming big too, Syn! Cherry beer will be had!

Ok, really-I'm feeling this, I'm trying to stay focused on what I think I was put on this Earth to do too; it gets hard man.

thank God for dreams...and my best friend-I love that!

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