Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do I Speak A Different Language Then English and I Just Don't Know?

I'm seriously confused with some people. Either I am subconsciously speaking a foreign language or they just don't listen and don't care to.  I'm going to shoot for the latter because last I checked I always speak clear English.

I'm walking back to my truck to put my parking receipt in the window and this lady drives up along side me asking how to get to the Courthouse on Spring Street. Mind you, Spring Street is a ONE WAY street...depending on HOW FAR UP you drive. The courthouse is FURTHER South than we are so I tell her this: (you, reader, yes you, tell me if I just typed out Spanish or Mandarin and I just can't tell; thank you)

"Since Spring is a one-way street, you're going to make a right out of this parking lot, then when you hit Marietta, make a left. I believe the first street you are going to come up on is Forsyth. Make a right onto that street and then go down as far as you need to so that you can make a right onto the first street that isn't a one-way going left. You will run into Spring Street and you'll be able to make a right onto that and get to the courthouse".

Maybe that was too much information all at once...that's what I IMMEDIATELY thought when she responded:

"Why can't I go back that way"?

So being that I have larger things on my mind than her ignant azz not paying attention, I slowly respond back:

"Because it's a one way street ma'am. You can only make a right onto Spring Street this far up the road".

She looks confused and then says:

"I don't understand why I can't go back the way I came".

At this point, my larger issue decides to walk to the back burner and allow my smaller issue with this damn idiot to take front and center. Are you REALLY going to be this stupid and try my patience? And before ANYONE asks if she was a foreigner, the answer is NO. She was just some random average Black American woman whose skin color was not appropriate for the pink lip liner and fuchsia lipstick she had on.

I hear the man sitting next to her start to get frustrated with a huff and a sigh he let out before he said:

"The woman just told you that's a one-way street back there. Just listen to what she said and go the way she told you".

She proceeds to brush him off, roll her eyes and ask again:

"So why can't I go that way"?

At this point I accept that she is going to be an idiot about this so I repeat myself but a little sterner this time:

"Ma'am, make a right out of this parking lot. Go straight and when you can't go anymore, make a left onto Marietta. Then, make a right on the first street you can, which should be Forsyth, and drive all the way down. Behind you, the way you came, you cannot go back that way because it is a one-way street. The next street over is Centennial and you will STILL have to make a left onto Marietta to get to where you are going. Since that street behind you is a one-way, you need to make a full circle to get to where you are going. The courthouse is further South of Downtown so you will need to drive down the street until you are in the 100 blocks. This is not the 100 blocks up here, ok"?

The man looks at her and rolls his eyes. I am sure he is used to her non-listening azz. She says:

"So make a right here? A left on Marietta? A right on Forsyth? Then what"?

I almost want to kick her car and then smack her in the face because nothing has sunk in. I just say:

"Yes ma'am; that's what you do to get to where you got to go"

As she is about to take off, I hear her say to the man, "I don't think that's the right way". He starts yelling but I didn't pay any further attention to them...

Was I speaking something other than English? Please let me know. I didn't have the energy to seriously be mad at her but are people REALLY this f*cking stupid? Sheesh...

8 points of view:

a black girl who did date said...

I don't give directions anymore for that same reason.

jeanette nicole* said...

Thickskulled and didn't want to listen to logic. Clown! She just wanted to do things her way and was salty that she was wrong.

Chanel said...

You are wayyy better than me cuz after the 2nd time she asked I surely would have impolitely told her to pack her shit, cancel her reservations and take her ass back to wherever she flew in from cuz obviously Atlanta (the home of the infamous 1 way streets) is not the place for her to be. And if she still asked again after that I would've promptly repeated the directions in Spanish AND sign language and walked away.

msdailey said...

That's what happens when one decides to be a nice person, I assume this was early this morning,that being said, TOOO DAMN EARLY!!! for her non listening ass. I guess next just say, I'm not from around her, I dont know, how about that for English!!!


Relevantlystaying said...

I promise the second time she asked I would have said "Quit talking to me"

and walked away... LOL!

She would be Left hanging, looking stupid, and to figure it out without me!

That would have me hot!!

Kryssy said...'re better than me. After the second dumb question, I would've walked away. Stupidity is contagious, after all... lol

ChiChi10 said...

Ditto what other people have said. I don't know how to say the same shit more than once or twice. If you ain't getting it by then, Imma just give you the Screw face with a Side Eye special.

Assertive Wit said...

@ Everyone: I was once told that patience is a virtue so I try to work on my patience EVERYDAY because I know it is an attribute of mine that will take constant work until the day I die...I was testing my patience on this one...turns out she was better at testing it than me LOL

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