Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Best Laugh You'll Have Today

It's SO funny, I'm going to do nothing more than post the link. Click and laugh away after you read.

4 points of view:

Ms_Slim said...

LMAO! The sad part is...they are really for real. "“Why shouldn’t it hand some to an industry the nation could not live without?”"

I was done from there smh

jeanette nicole* said...

LMAO! Joe Francis is such a d-bag, figures he'd be spurring this along!

AssertiveWit said...

Larry AND Joe are douche bags for even thinking they should TRY to ask...but hey, at least they can now say they everyone else who EXPECTS taxpayers to bail EVERYONE bout someone give ALL taxpayers a bailout????

a black girl who did date said...

I refuse to read that shat!!!

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