Friday, January 30, 2009

If You're Looking For a Job, Know What You Want To Do

For some odd reason when people are looking for a job, they always ask me if I've heard of any open positions or companies hiring. Maybe it's because I retain jobs for a long time...maybe it's because I know a lot of people who have their own companies...maybe it's simply because they don't want to do the work of actually looking for a job themselves. I will never know but people ALWAYS ask me "You know anyone who's hiring"?

My questions to them have been and always will be:

"What do you do? What do you want to do"?

I completely shutdown and cease to want to help anyone who gives me the following answer:

"I do anything and everything! I'll do anything"!

No you won't and let me tell you why you won't. Fast food and retail are ALWAYS hiring (recession or not). You didn't need me to tell you that but I bet you didn't go apply there before asking me where the jobs at. I really want people to help themselves before they look to others to help them. Seriously...

So I get a phone call yesterday...."Hey, you know anyone hiring because I have a friend who is looking for a job". So I ask what the friend does. She just so happens to be sitting next to him and hears me and yells out, "ANYTHING!"...I wanted to hang up but I stayed on and finally chose to say, "No, what does her resume say she does". He asks her and she says to tell me she'll do anything. Ok, this is where I have a problem. I am not getting paid to find you a job in Atlanta, when you live in California, one. Two, you can't do anything so why would you say "ANYTHING!"? I've seen a job for Director of Operations at a Fortune 500 can't do that because IF you could, you'd either have a job or you wouldn't be asking me to help you find ANYTHING. Director of Operations at Fortune 500 companies make a certain amount of money and if they are out of a job, they aren't looking to do ANYTHING; they're looking to do what they did before, typically.

So before the brain damage can start settling in I tell him that they need to call me back when she figures out what  it is she wants to do in Atlanta; maybe then I can point them in the right direction. He goes on to say, "Well, you make XYZ a year, right?"....I respond that I didn't see how that was relevant to what she wants to do. He says, "Well she wants to make what you make". *sigh* "Does she do what I do?" is my question to him only for him to respond, "No, she do Admin work"...*sigh* "Well she isn't going to make the money I make unless she has experience being an Executive Assistant and that's usually with 5 years under her belt", was my reply. His next question? "Well, are there any of those jobs out there?" At this point I told him she needs to register with a temp agency, tell them what she wants to do, tell them the pay she wants, and go from there. I can't help someone who has no idea what they want out of life except a paycheck. If I refer them to a job making $9 an hour, they want a job making $15. If I refer them to a job making $15, they want a job making $25. There is no winning here and I'm at work and they're getting on my nerves...already.

Looking for a job is very much like looking for a car. You know what your overhead is, therefore you know what you can make on the low end of things and what you'd like to make to live a little better than just check to check. Just like someone looking for a car; you know what you can afford and you know what you'd like to drive. You don't go looking for a brand new car when you can only afford a used car.  Just like a job seeker cannot rightfully think they're gonna make 6-figures when all they've ever done was been a Front Desk worker. Get back in your lane and stay there until you can afford to change lanes people...cheese and rice!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Washing My Hands of This

Have you ever had someone list you as a reference for a job and NOT call and tell you?

This recently happened to me and all I could think was "I know this clown NEEDS a job so, I'm going to give a good reference for her but I hope our information coincides because if it doesn't, that is her fault not mine".

So who listed me as a reference? This person right here.

I'm totally confused as to WHY she would list me as a reference when she doesn't have anything good to say about me to our friends (see that link above). So it's safe to say that when you need something, I become your friend again, but when you don't need anything you can talk all the sh*t you want to behind my back. Right.

It never amazes me that no matter how kind you are to someone, they will STILL show their azz on you if they are just unhappy with things in their life. So I gave a DAMN GOOD reference, even though my first thought was to decline on the reference altogether. I understand it is a recession and she needs a job...well a better one than she currently has so I hope that reference gets her what she needs to be happier with her lot in life.

I resigned to give up trying to sit down and talk to her about the situation (see that link above) because she ALWAYS came up with an excuse for why we couldn't get together and/or she'd try to bring other people to the "Discussion Party". Who behaves like this? Her.

She told me today that she doesn't like to make plans for her off day because she works 2 jobs now and she be needing her sleep. Oh, so you made assumptions about my finances (see that link above) but you need 2 jobs to cover yours? Sounds like a LOT of projection there. I haven't had or NEEDED 2 jobs in YEARS. But right after she told me she doesn't like to make plans on her day off, she asks me what I am doing for Super Bowl Sunday....Sunday? Is today Sunday? Nope. Today is Thursday.

So you can make plans to go watch football with me but you can't make plans to have a serious conversation with me that will take less than the time it takes to watch the Super Bowl? Right. You don't want to talk...I get it. Therefore I am not going to keep asking. Really grinds my since I am not asking again to talk about this (it's obvious she's just going to keep playing me with different excuses; the ones listed above are just a few of the many she's given) I'm sending a nice email and washing my hands of it altogether.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Tha????

Did you watch the video? If not, go back and watch it so you can visualize everything I'm about to clown on.

First off, JD, why do you have time to make love songs with Bow Wow? Shouldn't you be trying to knock up JJ? Go back in time and killyoself the minute you thought this was a good idea. No one wanted to hear OR see you two little midgets dipping in a low rider talking about some stupid beef no one even really cared existed and now yall all back in love. Shut on up...both of you.

On to this video....

Bow Wow...why is yo coat so young? I HATE that your sleeves are flooding...can coats even flood? I don't know, don't really care; all I know is that YOUR COAT is riding up your elbows so tough you need to retire it. And to think, there are clothes too small for even you...and I'm even more upset at the fact that because your jacket is running from your wrist I can see you have on a charm bracelet....ummm, for real? I thought charm bracelets were for women and little girls. I could be wrong so forgive me if you are a man and you own a charm bracelet that you be rocking tough...I just always thought they were a feminine article...kinda like pantyhose. got some of them on too? Just checking.

Seriously though, where they do that at? No really, in the song he says "Ewwww who do that?"...Bow...who does this? What you're doing...who does this? Homeless people that's who...homeless people wear coats that are hella 10 years their junior. Take that little hand and smack yo self in the a matter of fact, if there is a gun on your little charm bracelet, shoot yourself.

These midgets are outta control...

Did you listen to the chorus? "Oooo, he can get it?" You can get it? Did your little appearance on Entourage convince you to put that in the chorus? I've convinced myself that that's why it was written into the song. I mean, you have a girl in the video but she isn't even mouthing the lyrics. I can't help but feel like she wouldn't do you Bow and the reason you only showing her head is because she has on a shirt that says "Must Be This Tall To Ride This Ride". I'll stand corrected if she doesn't but in my mind she does...and I like my version better. do not get away unscathed. Did you really waste a decent beat on this shat? Since you think your time is better spent making love serenades to your lil homie, do us all a favor and sit in the tub with a plugged in toaster because your ass needs to be toasted for this hip hop sacrilege. I ALMOST want you to die right away...but I know you might need to make some money so you don't have to live off Janet. Seriously...this the best you can do for So So Def? I wish I was so so deaf right about now...and so so blind.

I'm going to find the person who sent me the lyrics to this and told me to watch it and stab her in the ears and eyes

Drink Glasses...Do They Really Matter?

If a guy wants to drink an apple martini, does he automatically become gay in your eyes? What about a margarita? Daiquiri? Any mixed drink that is considered "fruity"?

A margarita has tequila in it...nothing girly about tequila last I checked. As a matter of fact, it has been known to make some women act QUITE mannish.

A martini is ACTUALLY straight vodka and an olive. Flavored martini's are just straight vodka with a liqueur in it to give you the flavor you want...still girly?

Mixed drinks...he can't like pina coloda's, sex on the beaches, and strawberry daiquiri's? Some people like mixed drinks and I see it no different than being at home, throwing some fruit and liquor in the blender and gettin it crackin. I can personally attest to my guy friends drinking Pink Panties at my house...those infamous Pink Panty Parties were THE BEST! All that damn drink has in it is pink lemonade and vodka (or Barton's gin if you were a bunch of college students and friends who were trying to stretch their dollar LOL)

Or is it because of the kind of glass these drinks come in? The thing about drink glasses are, they are in specific kinds of glasses because of the type of drink and the ingredients that are in them. I'm sure if bartenders could use mugs or beer glasses for everything they would.

But really? This makes a man gay all of a sudden? Liquor is liquor, glass or not.  So do I become a lesbo because the drinks I like come in sifters and small tumblers? No, but apparently some women have inserted this double standard on men. Not my words, just the daily discussion on crazy azz V103 this morning LOL

Do I Speak A Different Language Then English and I Just Don't Know?

I'm seriously confused with some people. Either I am subconsciously speaking a foreign language or they just don't listen and don't care to.  I'm going to shoot for the latter because last I checked I always speak clear English.

I'm walking back to my truck to put my parking receipt in the window and this lady drives up along side me asking how to get to the Courthouse on Spring Street. Mind you, Spring Street is a ONE WAY street...depending on HOW FAR UP you drive. The courthouse is FURTHER South than we are so I tell her this: (you, reader, yes you, tell me if I just typed out Spanish or Mandarin and I just can't tell; thank you)

"Since Spring is a one-way street, you're going to make a right out of this parking lot, then when you hit Marietta, make a left. I believe the first street you are going to come up on is Forsyth. Make a right onto that street and then go down as far as you need to so that you can make a right onto the first street that isn't a one-way going left. You will run into Spring Street and you'll be able to make a right onto that and get to the courthouse".

Maybe that was too much information all at once...that's what I IMMEDIATELY thought when she responded:

"Why can't I go back that way"?

So being that I have larger things on my mind than her ignant azz not paying attention, I slowly respond back:

"Because it's a one way street ma'am. You can only make a right onto Spring Street this far up the road".

She looks confused and then says:

"I don't understand why I can't go back the way I came".

At this point, my larger issue decides to walk to the back burner and allow my smaller issue with this damn idiot to take front and center. Are you REALLY going to be this stupid and try my patience? And before ANYONE asks if she was a foreigner, the answer is NO. She was just some random average Black American woman whose skin color was not appropriate for the pink lip liner and fuchsia lipstick she had on.

I hear the man sitting next to her start to get frustrated with a huff and a sigh he let out before he said:

"The woman just told you that's a one-way street back there. Just listen to what she said and go the way she told you".

She proceeds to brush him off, roll her eyes and ask again:

"So why can't I go that way"?

At this point I accept that she is going to be an idiot about this so I repeat myself but a little sterner this time:

"Ma'am, make a right out of this parking lot. Go straight and when you can't go anymore, make a left onto Marietta. Then, make a right on the first street you can, which should be Forsyth, and drive all the way down. Behind you, the way you came, you cannot go back that way because it is a one-way street. The next street over is Centennial and you will STILL have to make a left onto Marietta to get to where you are going. Since that street behind you is a one-way, you need to make a full circle to get to where you are going. The courthouse is further South of Downtown so you will need to drive down the street until you are in the 100 blocks. This is not the 100 blocks up here, ok"?

The man looks at her and rolls his eyes. I am sure he is used to her non-listening azz. She says:

"So make a right here? A left on Marietta? A right on Forsyth? Then what"?

I almost want to kick her car and then smack her in the face because nothing has sunk in. I just say:

"Yes ma'am; that's what you do to get to where you got to go"

As she is about to take off, I hear her say to the man, "I don't think that's the right way". He starts yelling but I didn't pay any further attention to them...

Was I speaking something other than English? Please let me know. I didn't have the energy to seriously be mad at her but are people REALLY this f*cking stupid? Sheesh...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

YOU Are YOUR PROBLEM...So Stop Blaming Everyone Else

Precursor: this is NOT about anyone in particular but if you feel it applies, then maybe you need to do something different...P.S. - the world does not revolve around one person so to be haughty enough to assume I would write about you, in particular, is pathetic on your behalf. This blog stems from a culmination of things I have been privy to AND a part of in the last year or so. It just is what it is...and it isn't about you...whoever you are.

There is nothing more difficult to do than to help someone who CLAIMS they want help and/or answers when the problem is....THEM. Before they have come to you for help, a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, sincere advice, they have already made up in their mind that THEIR PROBLEMS are a result of someone or something else. They might be your friend, family, coworker, even associate but if you know that they REALLY don't want to hear you ask if they think they are even a part of THEIR PROBLEM, 9 times out of 10, you are wasting your valuable time.

They want an answer that doesn't require them to look in the mirror and face the fact that THEIR PROBLEMS are THEIR PROBLEMS and no one else's. It's more than obvious that blaming people and circumstances hasn't worked out but trying that new something...looking at what they are actually doing to get the SAME damn results, is not an option. Therefore, they are somewhat insane. Yes, that is my final verdict.

How long do you do this with loved ones? How long do you let their insanity creep over into your life because you just want to help? I honestly don't know the cut off point of when to grab them by the shoulders and shout in their face: YOUR PROBLEM IS YOU AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE YOU UNTIL YOU CHANGE SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO CHANGE, RESIGN YOURSELF TO LIVING THIS VERY LIFE. IF CHANGE IS A VIABLE OPTION TRY IT AND SEE IF YOU LIKE THE RESULTS, THEN KEEP AT IT BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY THIS WORKS; WHAT YOU WERE DOING, DOESN'T.

This isn't anything you'll likely be able to show, tell, or convince them of. You will become the enemy eventually because you never take their warped side of "who is to blame but me". So a decision has to be you want someone around who will 9 times out of 10 end up blaming you for something THEY decided to partake in? I personally don't like being blamed 100% for anything someone else played even 20% in but I will look at what I did first before I point the finger at them. I accept that. I would rather look at IF and/or HOW I contributed OR caused a problem altogether. Makes me see where I can do things differently next time. I'll NEVER cast blame first...just isn't in me because I recognize and KNOW...I am an adult; I make my OWN decisions; no one forces me to do anything. I DO WHAT I DO BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY, THAT IS WHAT I WANTED TO DO.

Granted, sometimes you might feel this slight imaginary pressure to do things you might not want to do but once the decision is made to do it, who did it? YES, YOU! So how does anyone feel comfortable blaming someone else for a decision they didn't want to make in the first damn place? I will never understand it and it will forever run loops around me.

My mother got laid off and she asked me for some money a few months ago. I didn't want to give it to her (for my own reasons) because...I just didn't want to (at the end of the day those reasons really don't matter). I ended up giving it to her but I didn't resign in my head that "she made me give it to her". How? Because she called and asked me for it? I could have said no. Because she sounded so pitiful that if I didn't I would feel bad? No. I gave it to her because I wanted to. Yeah, I could think of 50 things I could have done with that money but at the end of the day, I did what I wanted to do...I gave it to her. What kind of idiot would I be to make up reasons for why I was "forced" to give that money to her? "She's my mom. What was I supposed to do? I didn't have a choice". Ummm, yes I did. I could have said no and that would have been that. Who would have forced me to say no? No one. It would have been my decision wholeheartedly.

Someone might say, "It isn't that simple". What isn't that simple? It isn't simple to accept responsibility for your own actions? It's easier for you to pass the buck? That makes you a coward. I don't see how you look in the mirror everyday knowing you blame other people for the retarded things you do in life. Unless you have a gun to your head, NO ONE MAKES YOU DO ANYTHING YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO DO. If they do, then you are a pushover. If people can get you to do things at will, you have no will power. It doesn't sound so nice to blame others now...does it?

I'm just tired....I'm tired of listening to the same whining, complaining, and stories where people just don't know what to do when all they have to do is look at themselves and they will see...they are their own problem. Am I a result of my most problems? Yeah...a good 99% of them. I know I contribute to a lot of things that aren't 100% copacetic in my I complain about them? Yeah, I'm human. Do I place the blame solely on another human being? Never. That 1% I usually don't take the blame for is if it's some random occurrence of "I just got in my car and a drunk driver flies out of nowhere and hits my car". Did I have ANYTHING to do with that other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Nope. Shat happens and that's where that 1% comes in.

I accept that I might have contributed to something going all bad when it does in my life; even if it is a small part. I believe in cause and effect, whether I am the beginning or end of that equation. Am I being too hard on myself? No, because that isn't me saying that sometimes people don't play a PART in things that go all's just me acknowledging that simply, SOMETIMES, if I did something slightly different, they wouldn't have a chance to do something all bad that inevitably effects me.

Just accept responsibility people....and half of your problem is gone right there.

I'm now off to assist someone in something that could have been do I play a part in it? By constantly being there when I'm not obligated to....such is life.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cleaning Up Someone Elses Mess

I can remember when I was hired to do the job I am currently now doing. They were eager to fill the position because the lady who was currently doing it would be leaving in 2 weeks, not a day sooner nor later. She had 2 weeks to teach me something she had only been working on a few months. When all things were considered, especially how much time she didn't spend at work, she'd really only been working there consistently for a month. I was learning the ins and outs of my company from someone who had only REALLY been there, a month.

When I found this out, I should have Forrest. Did I? No, I thought it was REALLY no big deal; everything seemed pretty self-explanatory. That is until I figured out and it was QUICKLY revealed to me that I would be cleaning up a mess that was created by 3 different people because they were all doing their job incorrectly. How many years were put into them effing up the system? I'd say, collectively somewhere between 3 and 6 years.

So, if it took 3-6 years to mess something up, why would anyone in their right mind think that it would be fixed overnight? And when it doesn't get fixed IMMEDIATELY, do you, as an Owner, have a right to be mad at the new person who was brought in under these circumstances? I'm going to say no, the Owner has no right to get upset at something that might very well take the same amount of time to fix as it did to f*ck it up. Patience is the key here because if I don't fix it, who will? It will be a tedious process started all over with someone new when you can just let me fix it and make sure it doesn't get messed up again.

Sounds reasonable, right? I always believed it did. many people actually expect ALL problems that Bush perpetuated to be fixed in one term? Even two terms? I'm not the idiot to think EVERYTHING is going to be hunkydory after two terms. I'll explain why.

The problem with cleaning up other people's mess is that while you are cleaning it up, you have to find a better way to get everything done so the same mistakes don't happen again. Your plan must be put into action and then others must be in agreement with your new plan of keeping things running smoothly. All it takes is one person who is not so willing to follow what you've implemented and you are essentially back at square one. Any resistance in your plan and it causes a little crumble here and there...which inevitably makes your job harder.

Back to my job...everything would and could run smoothly IF the people who own the company followed certain checks and balances and stopped viewing them as something that is easily done. This is the problem most people who have to clean up other people's mess run into...other people who don't have to clean up the mess thinking that it is an easy process and can be done in little to no time. The stress alone makes it a difficult job but I have realized that until someone is doing your job, they will always think it is something that can be done in the blink of an eye...especially if they've NEVER had to do your SPECIFIC load of work.

Back to the new sincerest hope is that people take this into consideration as the years fly by and they see that it is still a process that is going to take time. There are checks and balances that have to be agreed upon and then a process that has to continue to be implemented. If we (the people) are fair in our expectations, we will realize that if BIG CHANGES are made all across the board IMMEDIATELY, count that as a blessing. It shouldn't be something we demand in a short period of time. If it takes him two terms (assuming he gets re-elected in 2012) to accomplish it, then he's STILL done it in record time. If it takes two terms and then electing someone who continues to implement his process and if everything that was "broken", gets fixed in the 13th hour, then that was a job well done.

I can only hope the American people are as reasonable in their views on the process taking time to get things to a tolerable level for everyone...otherwise, I am sure everyone will hear the naysayers & complainers more sooner than later.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hey DJ...You're Nasty

If you see this man, do not shake his hand and I'm going to tell you why.

I listen to V103 in the morning while I am working because the Frank and Wanda Show is funny...I will give them that. Then Ryan Cameron comes on later (with some chick who tries too hard all the time and usually results in getting on my last damn nerves with her whiny voice) and makes me actually like radio again. In my opinion, Ryan IS the better radio personality...but back to the subject at hand. You see this guy to the left? That's Frank Ski and he doesn't use a towel when he "bathes". He uses his hand....for real Frank? You ONLY use your hand? You're nasty.

Don't try to justify your nastiness with the rebuttal that people don't use a towel when washing their hair. Hair and skin are not the same, idiot. Skin needs to be exfoliated (read: SCRUBBED); hair, if you are using the right shampoo, is cleaned properly because of the cleaning agents in the shampoo that are SPECIFICALLY for removing dirt and oils. Again, hair is NOT skin and the soaps aren't necessarily the same. But not using a towel or loofah or net thingy is nasty. You really stick yo hand in yo butt and think that is sufficient? You shat on a daily basis (I'm sure) and you don't see the importance of your behind getting a towel and wiping out all them damn Charmin balls you got dingelberrying it up in yo crack? Nasty azz...seriously Frank...booboo comes out of your butt. If not for anything else, think about your wife when she has to do your laundry and your drawls look like 18-wheelers been running through like your azz is the rest stop. Have a heart for her!

If I was wifey, I'd throw ALL his drawals away EVERY DAY. He'd wonder where his favs the trash with the rest of the Hanes...since you don't care to use a towel. He earlier was talking about how his wife is a germaphobe and be inspecting sheets at the hotels they stay in before they lay on them....she don't inspect yo drawls? C'mon Mrs. Ski...yall got 3 kids. That means yo ridiculous germaphobe ass let yo nasty non-towel using husband get all up in yah...even though his butt wasn't nowhere near clean. I bet some poo prolly got on you while he was bangin it...go be repulsed about that...not some damn sheets in a hotel. Yall got money...they clean and press the sheets where yall stay. Stop being ridiculous and address your husband hand bathing himself like he a newborn and his big azz is damn near 50. Both you and your wife need to be shot in the face with some bebe's.

I bet you don't use wet wipes don't use a towel so I don't see nothing wrong with thinking Wet Ones aren't in your reach either. I don't get it; I take a crap and damn near tear a hole in my azz wiping until the paper is clean. You can't tell me that yo booty be clean like that when you use your hand to clean yoself. Frank...stop it.

I think I am going to go pick up that $4 bundle of towels from Walmart and keep in the car to GIVE YO AZZ when I see you because you need some towels in your life...specifically for that nasty azz you aint' hit up with a towel in God knows how long. I hope you aint' teaching your sons and daughter this behavior...fonkinazz they fonkinazz daddy.

Your new name is officially DooDoo Brown aka Frank Skidmark.

P.S. - I bet Ryan Cameron uses towels when he bathes...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Television is the Devil

This show is QUICKLY becoming one of my favorites. I haven't been watching any television really because of school, work, and life getting in the way so I put everything that isn't ON DEMAND, on the DVR. This will be changing soon because of my need to focus more on my writing...I used to get a lot of writing ideas from watching movies.

But during break time, I will be watching my favorite shows which are (but not limited to):

Flight of the Conchords
the flight of the conchords Pictures, Images and Photos
(foreigners are really funny...they probably think the same thing about Americans)

The First 48
The First 48 Pictures, Images and Photos
manhunters Pictures, Images and Photos
(best show I've seen where the bounty hunters are actually attractive...shallow? yes and I don't care; it's what got me watching the show; so sue me I like to watch attractive people)

Snoop Dogg's Fatherhood
snoop doggs fatherhood Pictures, Images and Photos
(I love how he interacts with his wife and kids; like he says, they aint the Huxtables but I love 'em anyway; to be honest, I really watch the show for Choc and Shante...they are so Cali and I love it LOL)

True Blood
True Blood Pictures, Images and Photos
(I love vampires; don't care if you don't)

Fringe Pictures, Images and Photos
Always Sunny in Philly
it's always sunny in philadephia Pictures, Images and Photos
(these people are Grade A Jackoffs...and this is why I love the show...ignant acting 30-somethings that I get to laugh at)

Entourage Pictures, Images and Photos
(I'm very tempted to spend ALL DAY tomorrow watching this with the Bestest...we get the best inside jokes from this show)

Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Kardashians Girls Pictures, Images and Photos
(again, more of my shallow television watching...have you seen their butts? I'm now a believer that Kim doesn't have butt injections...her sisters got rumparoni too; Kim just takes the cake. Come to think of it, I don't know too many Armenian women who don't have least the ones in The Town had rumpshakers...)

pretty much anything on The Food Network
food network Pictures, Images and Photos
(I LOVE to cook so I watch this, steal recipes, and then put my own stank on it and watch the mouths salivate at my tasty concoctions; my fav shows on here are Paula Dean's and The Neely's; they've never cooked anything I wouldn't eat so I steal most of their recipes...and a few of Emeril's. Rachel Ray I watch when I can tolerate her voice...)

and now this...Man vs. Food....this food show is actually on the travel channel but still fun to watch. I'm taking notes for when I start traveling again because I am going to eat some of this scrumpdidliumptious cuisine he scarfs down every episode.

With all these shows to watch though, I MUST keep a DVR and/or ON DEMAND, otherwise I could never watch what I really want to on television...what are you watching?

If I Had The Patience I Would Be In Medical School

I don't know about you but when I was a kid I researched several career professions because I was determined to do something that would make a difference in the world. I've always liked and wanted to help people so my first thought was to be a teacher....that was quickly dispelled because I saw what the teachers had to deal with in my classroom and I vowed NEVER to have to put up with other people's bad children.

I then made up in my mind that I would be a lawyer. It intrigued me how you had to meticulously work at proving someone was right in order to help them and keep them from living in a cold cell. You got to learn all about a person and their motives, IF they had some to commit a crime, as well as, why they were a suspect in the first place. Human nature always intrigued me. After more research and finding out that I would more than likely get a case where I figured out they were really guilty but I would still have to defend them or let the case go altogether, I changed my mind. Something about manipulating the truth just didn't sit well with me.

So in between my dreams of being a lawyer and a psychologist (what I eventually decided I would go to school for), I briefly thought about being a scientist. That research took the longest. Scientists pretty much had to do the same schooling as any other doctor so that meant years of rigorous learning, tests, sleepless nights, and then once you passed all of that, years of sharpening your skills because science stands still for no one. It is a profession that constantly evolves. Once I realized just how much of your life you have to give over to this profession I paused. This was a lot...but I think me wanting to be a Scientist as a kid is the reason I love Science Fiction films so much. 

Which brings us to the point of this blog...I LOVE the show FRINGE.

Tuesday was the first episode of the new season and it was just as good as the last season. I get so upset when the show goes off because I could literally watch this all day and night. While some people might think the show is farfetched and the likelihood of the phenomenons that the Scientist and FBI agents experience really existing are null, I TOTALLY believe in most of the things that are presented on the show. Last night the show was about some moron who was infecting folks with the common cold. Except the common cold had been mutated into this disgusting slug like thing that didn't stay in the human host but for the few minutes it took to mutate inside their gut and bust loose out of their mouths....killing them as it shimmied its way out of the esophagus. Truly gross. Highly entertaining.

I believe some of these things are representations of what really is going on over at the CDC and FBI because there are so many things that are TOP SECRET, as well as, so many things the government is "working" on to make us a healthier they say. A lot of the diseases that exist today are in fact man made and just so happened to "get loose". Who in their right mind would unleash this shat? Here's a thought...scientists attempting to see if their cures work or better yet, someone who is an idiot and trying to test it on themselves and then ends up spreading it to others. Just a thought...

But yeah...all that to say I love FRINGE and every time it comes on, it takes me back to my childhood dream of wanting to be a Scientist.

Fringe Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Real Bad News....

I'm writing this so that I don't snap on someone at my job...

Yesterday I got some real bad of my friends died. I was JUST partying with this girl...taking pictures with her...eating dinner at her house...and now she's gone.

I don't deal with death like most people...I don't cry but I'm instantly affected. I just get real quiet and don't really want to anyone. It's nothing personal it's just that I've always looked at death as it being worse off for those who are still alive than the person who is actually gone. That's my perception of it; I don't expect you or anyone else to agree so please don't debate me on that. It's just how I see it...

Anyway, yesterday I had to go pick up my friend who is like her sister from her job because she was crying hysterically. I let the Front Desk/Office Manager know what was going on only because I had gotten in around 10:15 yesterday and then I got the call at 1:00. I just told her my friend had died and I had to go pick her sister up from work. I only let her know because since we had layoffs, I cover for her (answering the phone) when she isn't at the front. I also let my boss know and his words to me were not words of concern but this:

"Well, she's leaving at 3:30 so someone needs to answer the phone"

I added this to the growing list of why I don't like working here anymore. Your concern is about a fucking telephone and I just got news that my friend is dead. Right. Someone answering the phone is more important than a human life. Duly noted.

He also inquired if I was coming back...again, no concern for the fact that I am friendless and it isn't just some "oh, we got into it and we ain't talking right now", this is on some permanent shit. And he is more concerned about me coming back to work. I walked out of job KNOWING I wasn't coming back for the day...simply off the strength that after driving a good 45 minutes to an hour to get my friend from her job and then driving another 45 minutes to an hour to take her home and THEN driving a good 30-45 minutes to get back downtown, I would be in no position to come back into the office and work. I left the office at 1:30 and didn't arrive on my doorstep until about 4:15.

Arriving home, I was going to wait for another friend to come over so that we could drive back to my friend who was crying so much her face was staying red. Only to get a text message that she had to rush her dad to ER because of something with his heart. We're both in school so we have TONS of homework to do but contending with life all at the same one plans for these things to happen...they just do. So she's tired from that and not getting enough sleep and now sitting in ER hoping her dad is going to be okay. I'm tired as hell from driving, being drained about my friend dying out the clear blue, my concern for my friend who's dad is in ER (this is the second time in the last month or so), AND...all this homework that is piling up around me.

It's a bit much at times...

So today I'm sitting here and a coworker comes in my office to tell me that she is sorry for my loss.

I understand that she is just expressing her condolences but how...why...why does she know and I didn't tell her? This is the problem I have with my is so small that when you tell someone something personal, they feel the need to tell someone else and before you know it, the ENTIRE office knows your business. Granted, some people will say "Oh, you should be glad someone cares". No. That's not how I deal with things. If I wanted everyone to know, I would have told anyone who would listen. I deal with my pain privately and I hate being put in positions where I have to deal with it openly. So I told her that I didn't want to discuss it but thank you and she kind of looked at me like I had hurt her feelings. Well....I don't want to talk about it. It's draining...I have client billing, payroll, W2's, 1099's, a 940, 941, and quarterly wages and tax reports to do. I have to focus and if I have to discuss this with everyone who walks in my office I WILL NEVER GET ANY WORK DONE.

I just had to write that all out before I went off on someone unnecessarily because it is a chain reaction with this office...if they know your business all it takes is for one to start asking and then they all start asking. It happened when my mother had breast cancer and I had to ask them to not share it with everyone. It's my business and I have the right to share it with whoever I want...or keep it to myself.

P.S. - and I'm getting sick...again...I have my Property Managers to thank for that since I have no insulation in my apartment.

Just A Day In My Life

With everything that has been going on this week, people have been feeling real free about expressing their random thoughts about the president and how others are reacting to his inauguration.

During a "ReplyAll" conversation with some friends from back home, I realized that it is true...SOME Caucasian people will NEVER understand WHY SOME Black people have what they consider to be an over eager racial pride. I knew it existed, don't get me wrong, but I don't associate with people who lack the heart to even try to understand that being Black, well there is some unwarranted bullshat that comes with it. It's not like we ask for it, it just is what it is.

It was this comment that made me see that some people just won't get it until they HAVE TO walk a mile in your shoes (I edited it so it would be legible):

"...I ain't ever understood people with massive racial pride. I get having strong personal pride, but a swollen racial pride I don't get"

My first thoughts WERE NOT that he was racist; it irritates me to no end that some people's first thought to shout is that someone is racist when they make comments like this. Everyone who isn't Black is not racist simply because they are ignorant. My first thought was, he doesn't understand because he's never been picked on, insulted, looked over, or mistreated because he was Caucasian so it's understandable that he wouldn't understand someone being PROUD they are Black. Granted, you have some Jewish and Irish people (read: Caucasian) who were treated JUST as bad but he probably wouldn't understand that either...or he'd look at it differently.

The pride actually (well at least for me) stems from KNOWING there are people out there who would LOVE for me to be beneath them but I am NOW (thank God for civil rights!!!) afforded the same opportunities as them. I am proud of who I am and part of who I am IS that I am Black. There are some people who because of their religious affliations, do not vote and I understand that. THAT is their RIGHT, as well as, THEIR BUSINESS. But I think about the Civil Rights and how it did take voting to get Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to where he could be a voice heard among the masses to put things in motion to get people Civil Rights...and it makes me think about some of the things Barack Obama might be able to do since he is now in a position to make certain things happen that would still be sitting in the corner collecting dust if the 44th president was another Caucasian...and THAT made me look at the process totally different. There were times when life was made a little difficult BECAUSE I am Black but those times when color is not an issue and I am treated like any other person (read: Caucasian), I have a justified reason to be proud. During those times, I just feel like singing to the rooftops, "Anything you can do, I can do better!!!"

So my response to him was:

"Yea...sensitive subject :) Sometimes it takes going through something simply because you're the wrong skin color to understand it..."

And it was followed up with this response from another friend who was participating in the conversation (FYI, she's bi-racial):
(edited for legibility)

"being told you can't do things and being looked at on a lower level because of what you look like can take a toll on you and to be able to identify with someone else that gets treated the same way, you tend to just band together for support since they understand where the frustration is coming from"

Even though she is bi-racial, the first thing people see when they look at her is a Black person...simply because she favors that side more than her other side...even though she is maybe two shades darker than mayonnaise (that ain't that dark folks LOL). Therefore, she understands and probably relates more to the Black side because that is what she is categorized as.

It is my hope that one day people will WANT to understand this "race thing" so that we can get along better. This conversation alone could have gotten so ugly and unnecessary...due to ignorance. Just so happens we knew he meant well so we weren't gonna just attack him for his ignorance but in the back of my mind, it makes me wonder if he really cares that there is that divide that still exists between people. I wondered if he would take out the time to TRULY understand why it is different for "us" than it is for him. Who knows and by the end of the day, I really won't care because this is just what I'm accustomed to being Black in America.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Simple and to the Point - Inauguration

Reading random blogs and came across this about today, 01/20/09...I couldn't have said it better so I just posted the link:

You Mean the Hotdog Has to BREAK the Bun???

So a friend recants this story to me about her friend who was a newlywed. She was small and petite but her husband was a big African man (standing at 6'3 but according to her description of her friend, he easily towered over the friend). They took a short honeymoon vacation after the wedding for the weekend and returned home. Upon returning home she calls one of her friends who decides to three-way my friend into the conversation. My friend asks her how the honeymoon was and if she enjoyed herself and she goes on to tell them this story....

The weekend had come to an end so her husband asks her if she is okay. She says yes and goes on about her business. He keeps asking her and she keeps replying yes. Finally she asks him why he keeps asking the same question. So he responds that he keeps asking because they've been on the honeymoon all weekend and they've never had sex. She is shocked because all this time, she felt they were having sex. He says no because every time he'd try to go all the way in, she'd say it hurt so he'd stop. And then she says.....


I instantly fell out laughing....I mean, I won't have this experience because I participated in slore activities ages ago so I'm no novice to sexual seduction but this was classic. Ahhh, the joys of being a virgin on your wedding night...and in her case, your honeymoon too. 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Education and People the bane of my times.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE learning and applying where necessary but some of the bullshat you must put up with in order to attain a higher degree of knowledge than necessary to function in this world sometimes gets my goat.

As far as education goes though, what bothers me the most are the people who assign certain levels of importance to people based on WHAT kind of education they have attained. I don't look at someone who has an Associates degree and someone who has a Masters degree and immediately assign more importance to the person with the Masters. I don't look at someone who graduated from a technical school and someone who graduated from an ivy league school and assume the person from the ivy league is the more desirable company to keep. I really don't understand people who judge others by how much their education cost or what they chose to be educated in. If the person is doing what they prefer in a world where it is so easy to do something you hate simply to pay your bills, I give you kudos for THAT....

So it baffles my mind when someone asks you where you attended school and you say Savannah College of Art and Design and you get a turned up nose like Art and Design aren't real things to be educated on. Click on this...this is someone who is not a "suit" but he works JUST as hard as a stockbroker who achieved an Economic degree from my opinion, he just might work harder. And what does he do for a living? What is he? An artist.

I've been privy to certain conversations by women...giggling and keekeeing about some guy they met and how he has a degree in Economics, Political Science, and/or he is attending Law School. Kudos to those men; they've accomplished something a lot of people can't, simply due to circumstances. But one woman will mention this nice guy she met and how he is perfect...except he's only a teacher...writer...artist...photographer. My question is...when did these professions or avenues of study become lessened to insignificance? Why are they not as openly appreciated as someone who has a highly acknowledged degree that SCREAMS pay attention to me? 

If we didn't have photographers, who would capture the true essence of pride tomorrow (01/20/09) as the United States inducts the first Black president? No one...

If we didn't have artists, who would create life in paintings, graphics, and sculptures? No one...

If we didn't have writers, who would continue to expand others minds with the words that are carefully put together to offer you a masterpiece that excites your senses? No one...

So the next time you hear someone or you even fall into the category of brushing off someone because they didn't attend some school known for what you deem degrees to be proud of, think about where you get all your entertainment from...your relaxation...your fond memories. It is the people with the "little insignificant" degrees and professions that make that all possible... 

Working On MLK Day

I'm the only Black person in my office and it feels very odd...considering today is MLK Day.

Even Google has acknowledged this man as being important in America's history by having him as the featured graphic on the home page when you go to type in a search. 

But here...the day is going along as normal and it probably will all day. Pay no mind to the fact that I am walking distance from the house that MLK was raised in as a child. Pay no mind to the fact that half of Downtown Atlanta is shutting down to honor him (well, certain streets but they are major streets in the downtown area). Pay no mind that the MLK Center is also walking distance from my job and that is why most of the streets have been shut down.

And if ANYONE in the world can forget it....tomorrow is the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama.

But I am stuck here working as usual.

I have prepared myself for the asinine jokes that my boss will more than likely crack, thinking that I want to hear this silliness because I am so liberal minded. I might believe in freedom of speech but I don't want ANYONE who doesn't really know me as a person to crack jokes about having to work on a day that EVERYONE recognizes as important but because there is only one Black person in the office (read: me), it all of a sudden can become a joke.

At my previous place of employment, we were allowed to take MLK off if we chose to. Something like an elective holiday. If we chose to work on that day, we could use the day at another time. Here? It wasn't even discussed and I feel like bringing it up will stir up a conversation I really don't care to have. Did I mention I'm the only Black person here? Therefore, it's me and my wishes against them. I get the feeling that no matter how revered MLK is here in Atlanta, Georgia, me taking a day off would be looked at as ridiculous. I just get that feeling based on things that have come out of certain people's mouths at my job...

I mean, I feel I'm validated in my thoughts because I have to deal with one person in particular who swears up and down OJ is my "homeboy"....why? It was explained to me that it wasn't because he was Black; it was because he was from Oakland. Well, here is the problem with that...Orenthal James Simpson is NOT from Oakland.  He was born in San Francisco, and yes, they are two VERY different places in California; anyone who lives there can tell you that. So every time OJ was in the news, I get to hear the dumbest conversation about "my homie". Bad association and I can only sit here and WISH they still act like MLK Day isn't important...just long enough for me to get through my day without having to stare at them like I want them to go jump in a river and drown...

Friday, January 16, 2009

This Ones For You...Or Rather, About You

I met up with a friend of mine a couple of days ago because her best friend was in town and she wanted me to finally meet her. I've known my friend for almost 8 years so I've heard plenty of stories about this best friend. I meet her and she is LITERALLY the life of the party. I told my friend her best friend was her....on crack. I don't think I've ever seen anyone have that much energy and use that many facial expressions in my life...and it seem so natural. She was one of those people who seemed like they didn't need alcohol or drugs to have a good time because she gets high off life. It was really a pleasure to meet her.

I mentioned her because somehow one of the conversations got on Facebook. She brought up something interesting...that people seem to grow balls on these social networking sites (Facebook, specifically) and confess that they were interested in you way back when but didn't have the testicles to approach you back then so...what's up now? I laughed because there are different variations of that case by case. I've had a few people from high school send me emails talking about they always thought some kind of way of me and it was just awkward because...I never felt any kind of way about you hahahhahahahahahaha

So no sooner than I'm thinking I have escaped this epidemic, I get a reply from an email I sent this guy that I used to talk to quite frequently a couple of years ago. I thought he was going to ignore the hell out of me because after our "altercation", that is what he did...act like I never existed. Instead he replies and says that in the Note I read on his Profile he was actually writing about me " a way". I didn't know whether to be flattered or scared. I used to always joke him that his writing was soft porn (even though it's REALLY good)...and now, I'm not quite sure how to feel since he has now told me my characteristics and personality was used for one of his characters. However, there is that small piece of me that wants to read the entire story...maybe that's my ego speaking to me but whatever.

And then there is this one small tidbit of info....I've never been physically involved with him so my confusion on whether to be flattered or scared comes in here because now I feel like I walked into the room and someone was jacking off to my picture. Ok, that's a bit farfetched it?

I know this, if he's developed this character into someone who ends up being bootsy, I'm going to choose to be offended. But if she ends up being superb, I'll allow it. Kidding...but not really. LOL would you feel if you found out someone used you as a character in one of their books they were writing? And it was on the soft porn tip? But it was actually GOOD writing? I'm curious as to how others think on this situation...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Letter from EJ

I have a friend who is more like a sister than anything. She had a baby almost 7 months ago and I have yet to make my way down to her house to see the critter. I work right around the corner from the hospital where she gave birth to him but I couldn't get to the hospital to see him because of my work schedule conflicting with visiting hours. I feel horrible that I haven't seen him yet. She makes me feel 10 times worse because of all the pictures she emails me and gives me when she sees me. Then I feel worse when my friends see him and be like "Awwww, he's soooooo cute! You're a horrible azz aunt".

The crazy thing is, I've seen her about 4/5 times since she's given birth to him...but where is little EJ? Not with her azz. But in her defense (because he is usually attached to her hip), the times I've seen her since she gave birth, it's been either girls night out or we were going to lunch (she works around the corner from me). We don't live that close to each other and I wasn't driving my truck for a while because I had to wait on a specific part to get it fixed before I would feel comfortable driving it long distances.

So after receiving this email from little EJ (around midnight last night; shouldn't his azz have been sleep???), I decided first thing Saturday morning/afternoon, he's going to get a visit from his non-existent Auntie.

Dear Aunt Synitta,
My name is EJ and I am 6.5 months old now, and I will be walking very soon (my parents predictions). I will be able to walk to your house like a big boy- so you don't have to worry about seeing me before then. Until that time, I have enclosed a recent picture- so you can recognize me when I show up.
Thank you and good night.

(I would attach a picture of the little cream puff but his mother might b*tch slap me for posting her child all over the Internet...and I would just have to suck it up and take the L)

(momma said it's cool to show him to the here goes EJ the Stunna)

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