Friday, December 19, 2008

The Way It Is... that the show is NOT focused on Keyshia but more so on Neffie (Nefeteria, her sister).

There are times when I'm watching the show and I forget that this is a reality show ABOUT KEYSHIA because for the 21-24 minutes it is on, a good 12-20 minutes of the damn show is about Neffie...and 'nem. Who is "'nem"? Oh you know, Keyshia and Neffie, EX-crackhead (which I STILL believe she is on SOMETHING because of that j-cat behavior) momma, Frankie.

I want to wholeheartedly believe that Keyshia REALLY feels and thinks this show is about her but something tells me that she gave this reality show idea a thumbs up to KEEP her momma off the streets and that well as, keep her sister from heading down the same road because even though Neffie wasn't VISIBLY on no drugs, you can't tell me that ONLY likka contributes to her deterioration as a human being.

Far be it from me to appear high and mighty...because I am not but I don't care where I am or what I am doing you will NEVA hear me on TV talking about how my sister made it possible for the entire family to go out of town to see one her concerts (read: Keyshia footed the bill) and I'm dancing with no panties on...doing the splits. Yes, this heffa Neffie, who has 4 children (is it 3 or 4? don't really care...), was on TELEVISION doing the splits...with no panties. I was even more confused and wanting to donkey kick her in the head when I noticed that she had a bra took out the time to put on a bra with a halter dress but you didn't figure you needed panties too? Oh're trash and you have 3 daughters that will think it's fine and dandy to be trash like you.

But your mom...Frankie...well, I can't be all that mad when THAT'S your mother...


Frankie is on the left...lemme find a better picture of that Godforsaken little troll of a second...


okay, that's a little better...naw not really but you get the point...I'd cry in my bed at night if these were the people I was stuck with calling them my family...just horrible more often then not.

Just look at Keylolo...she outshines her family by a million and five watts...she looks out of place. Even when she was a Town Ripper...she looked out of place standing next to them. Ok, maybe she wasn't a hood bunny but that was certainly how she portrayed herself when she first came out...who wears beaters to damn near EVERY photoshoot? I'm MORE than elated she grew out of that phase because I most certainly was gearing up to strangle her with one of them damn beaters if she did another shoot with them on like she ain't got no better clothes to wear than beaters and jeans...

keyshia cole Pictures, Images and Photos

and those aren't even her worst photos of her beginning celebrity...I still loved her little ghetto ass back then BUT...look at her letting her beauty shine through NOW...boy do I love when people go from ashy to classy!

keyshia Pictures, Images and Photos

Keyshia Cole Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes, she's come a mighty LONG way since this:
Keyshia Cole Pictures, Images and Photos

I feel some kind of obligation, being from Oakland to give HER a chance but her family? I pass on those crazy I can only hope that next season, The Way It Is, is about Keyshia. I mean, give us a reality show but you don't tell us nothing about Jeezy...oh you thought we forgot about yall?


Girl stop! You tried to throw us off the track by that little 2 minute segment of Polow flirting with you and while I would PREFER you get it IN to the utmost with that fine specimen of meat (looka here!)
polow da don Pictures, Images and Photos does not negate the fact that you proposed to Jeezy and he aint nowhere up and through your reality show. I want answers...and now. Can we take a couple shows away from Neffie and her deranged, lunatic boyfriend to get in THAT part of your life? The public wants to know The Way It Is on Jeezy. Okay, maybe I just want to know but you have a obligation to tell do have a reality show. is my bargaining...if you give us the juice on you and Jeezy, I won't make a ruckus about you smashing off with a glass of mimosa in your hand...yeah, I seen you witcho crazy ass DRINKING AND DRIVING. Don't nobody drink orange juice out a flute, negro. Well nobody Black...and of your caliber unless you just trying to act brand new.

But back to the serious side of things...The Way It Is...if we are blessed (said loosely, said loosely while shaking my head) with another season, I want MORE Keylolo, less Neffie and nem.

The End.

18 points of view:

Adwoa said...

LOL...I so agree!

I just don't like all those damn tats on her body...and why would she propose to Jeezy?!?

dat desperate to be a wife?!?

Assertive Wit said...

@ Adwoa: hey...chill out on the tatt speak, k? I happen to have a million and five tattoos myself (slight exaggeration LOL) so you cannot talk bad on chicks who have lots, k? Or I'll ban you LOL kidding

As for her proposing, I mean TRADITIONALLY speaking yes, that is a're "supposed" to let the man ask you. I guess she assumed that since we live in such progressive times, she got money, he got money, it don't matter...WRONG. It mattered to him AND it matters to a lot of guys. She's a good catch to be honest. Yeah her family is MAD ghetto but if you only look at her, she's hard working, ambitious as hell, and I could see her being down for any cause her man has, supporting him 100. Jeezy just wasn't feelin dat LOL

The thing I've learned with guys is, when they are ready to make moves YOU'LL know...look at Beyonce and Shawn. Although, I don't think she was EVA going anywhere, whether he married her or not. But then again, he is 2 blinks shy of 40 and there is/was really nothing left in life for him to achieve other than having a family of his own. Had it been different timing and a different dude, young Keylolo might be married now LOL

NaturallyAlise said...

Neffie drives me batty, she is the worst kinda hood chick, loud & wrong all of the time. I really do feel sorry for her kids to have to deal with a mom that is so angry and distressed at all times, just wow.

Assertive Wit said...

@ NaturallyAlise: did you see the episode where she was letting the babydaddy see his son for the first time? for real Neffie? you gone be cursing like that all in front of the baby? and why you got them little azz shorts on yo big azz? she is nowhere near being "big" but she just looked WRONG in them shorts...babydaddy was even like "you need to go put some clothes on and take them little azz shorts off tho" hahahahhaha

life of a gutter butt trollop...what else can you say? LOL

NaturallyAlise said...

Yeah, she was pissing me off on that episode, the lil gangsta ninja was at least trying, no wonder the other baby daddy don't fool wit her azz. grrrrrrr...

Assertive Wit said...

@ NatuarallyAlise: she actually has just cause to act a fool on him because he did lite weight dip on her when she found out she was prego...shady negro...but now that he got a little act right (prolly cause he knew he was gone be on the show...SHAME!)she SHOULD let bygones be bygones and act like she got some sense on the show...but then the show wouldn't be entertaining, huh?

I promise you this aint Keyshia show hahahahahah she be boring AS hell when the camera do be on her and I KNOW she aint that boring in real life...even the whack people from Oakland aint boring LOL

NaturallyAlise said...

that probably is the reason for his quasi-ack-right, but hey flawed reason is better than nothing i suppose. if she aint want him to be in the baby's life why she even agree to meet that bamma... yeah, like u said that aint keyshia's show at'all, it is the Neffie/Frankie Variety Hour feat. Keyshia... lol

8thlight said...

LMAO @ "Godforsaken Little Troll"

Apparently Brooklyn isn't the only thing going hard.

ChiChi10 said...

That is my favorite Reality TV show. I have always thought the show was about Neffie and Frankie. LOL Now, Neffie might need a little work, but I like her. I mean, the niggatry does get a side eye, but I still like her nonetheless and she has also grown since the show started. Now, how much and how much she needs to keep going is the question. LOL

Ms. Independent said...

hold up...what's that you had said? Did I see that right???....Key Key actually proposed to homeboy? Say it ain't so and where I been I hear nothing bout that...OMG she know she can do better but imma leave it alone.

Frankie needs to get on her grown woman and stop actin' younger than all 5432 of her kids aroud here.

Mr. Jolla said...

Fuck what everybody else talking about...I don't knock Keyshia for proposing...proposing to JEEZY, sure...but proposing in itself? Not at all...that's some forward thinking shit. SMH @ him on hanging her out to dry like southern laundry...but enh...

Her family is terrible as shit...Neffe looks like she just woke up-ALL FUCKING DAY. I applaud Keyshia for getting her family some TV money, but Frankie's just gonna smoke her kneecaps off, Whitney style... case anyone had it twisted, Keyshia is fine as fuck. She could start off asking me some shit that has NOTHING TO DO WITH MARRIAGE and I'm finishing the sentence for her...

KC: "Do you want..."
Me:" marry you??? HELL YES! Thought you'd never ask, shiiiit!"
KC: " go hit up a Wendy's..."
Me: "Oh...........your fucking CDs suck...and that's just the way it is...hook."

Assertive Wit said...

@ ChiChi: I like Neffie too she just ridiculous as hell...ALL THE DAMN TIME hahaahahha when I was back home, I had a few rambunctious homies like her...and I got even more family members like her crazy ass LOL

@ Ms. Independent: it was in a magazine article! I believe the VIBE that had him on the cover a few months ago. He mentioned it, stated how he felt about it, and moved on. She...well she don't talk about it...AT ALL. And with good reason hahahahhah poor thang got played all out in the open by King Goon Squad himself...I'm gonna befriend her one day just so I can give her a hug and I'm gonna befriend him too just to tell him he aint had to do her like that hahahahah

I refuse to waste my breath and talk about Frankie ahahhahahaha

@ Mr. Jolla: bwhahahahhahahahah at yo bootleggery simulation of what YOU would do if YOU were ANYWHERE near Jeezy's former situation

I've always thought Keyshia was a she has "classified" herself, she has gotten fine as hell. Even on her "off" days she's still "on". She dresses HELLA cute and even though she can afford HELLA gaudy jewelry she keeps it real simple...and classy. Coming from Oakland, I know how reckless and sick with it she coulda kept it to put on for her city but I'm glad she kept Oakland as a state of mind and upgraded herself past her damn family's idea of "classy" hahahahhaa

her proposing? VERY BOLD! I don't give her a thumbs down cause that took guts for real...I just don't think the MAJORITY of men are ready for that...I mean, these days women are making just as much, if not more than their men (refer to Jay and Bey for running neck and neck in annual earnings). I think that is STILL taking some time to sink in for some guys and to take a proposal from them is almost still like an insult...not progressive thinking. I personally think it was progressive but you know, he might have been ready for our President to be Black but he wasn't ready for this LOL

Mr. Jolla said...

LOL...shut yo ass up...

"My President is Lambo is Blue...whaddup Keish?"
"I wanna propose to you..."

Assertive Wit said...

Mr. Jolla you're fired LOL

A Genius said...

I just want to suck one of her breast for a while. I've never seen the show so I can't comment too much on it. From the pics and others accounts...all bad.

My nigga Polo is the "King of the White Girls" and doesn't too much like you Negroes though. He's been pretty vocal about it lol...that's my nigga.

Assertive Wit said...

@ A Genius: Polow might prefer the white meat but I can still look...dream killer SMCH FYI, I have a friend who ALWAYS tells me everytime I talk about how scrumptious he looks "he doesn't like your kind so keep dreaming"...and that's all I expect, is to be allowed my dream, thank you very much LOL

oh, and please don't ever tell me how you wanna suckle on someones teet...barf

jeanette nicole* said...

Did you see the post on where Keyshia talks about the Jeezy situation? She says that he was the one who proposed. Say wha? Color me confused. . .

suga said...

Cut back on Neffie and Frankie?!?!?!? Are you serious? What would there be left to watch? Keyshia painting her dog's room?

I'll pass. lol

I love Neffie now though (granted, I havent seent the last 5 episodes). She's grown ALOT.

I want Frankie to have her own show, like Flavor of Love...something to help her get a man so Neffie wont have to go over there to curse her out with a baby on her hip.


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