Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Status Shmatus

Statuses on sites like myspace, facebook, twitter, and my instant messengers....*sighing*

I'm sighing because of all the people who read entirely too much into what people post...AND...the people who are uber emo and want to let everyone know how emo they are every second of the day.

NEWSFLASH: No one cares that one tear dropped from your eye at 11:40 am and then another tear dropped from your eye at 11:41 am and then six more dropped from your eyes at 11:42 am...what in the hell is your problem? At this point you have me convinced that you want someone to ask you what is wrong. What you've also convinced me to do is NOT ask you if you're okay. You're dying for someone to ask so you can unload a bunch of shat onto them that they REALLY don't care to hear or know. Stop it.

Changing statuses can be fun...inspirational (for some)...or just what they are, what you are currently doing.

I use my statuses to post interesting quotes I come across in the morning, as well as, lyrics from songs I listen to throughout the day that are catchy ("match made in heaven, set the fires in hell" or something like that...dopeness...all Lupe).'s quite irritating when people think my status is DIRECTLY talking about someone in particular.

What I mean by that is, if I was just talking to you today about someone irritating me and you see my status has nothing to do with this conversation today, why would you assume my status tomorrow has something to do with a conversation we had yesterday? doesn't. But I've accepted because other people do that, they assume EVERYONE does it.

Granted, there are times when you are talking to someone and you might feel compelled to change your status to reflect your conversation. Fine. It happens. But don't go self-applying.

It's almost as if everyone forgets the saying "if the shoe fits wear it". That person might not even be talking about you but IF what they are saying applies to you, put your damn shoe on and wear it...and shut the hell up about it. Confused about that? Example...if I change my status on facebook to "electric blue nails are ghetto as hell and you need to be shot in the left eye for wearing that polish" and you look down and your nails are...electric blue...and you just posted pictures of yourself WHILE wearing the polish...well, that's your bad. Stop wearing electric blue polish.

BUT....don't assume I'm talking about or to you...especially if you don't live in the same state as me...and that would also be you assuming I looked at your pictures. How People post so much shat throughout the day that if I can't easily access it from the Goldbeezy, well, I just might not notice it until I'm bored and accidentally click on your page one day.

FYI: I don't hate electric blue nail polish; I have some on my toes right now.

Point is...statuses are just that...statuses. Little updates not to be taken seriously ALL the time.

6 points of view:

jeanette nicole* said...

PREACH! I need to send a link to this post to quite a few people I know!

Mr. Jolla said...

LOL...I'm a tweener on this shit...I post a lot of lyrics and funny quotes, usually reflecting how I'm feeling at the time...but sometimes not. And then sometimes I put some shit just cuz I feel like it...and it's not a lyric or anything. But yeah...people who update like you described grind my damn gears...

"FB USER is just left the house..."
"FB USER is just pulled up to the Burger King drive-thru...I'm hungry as Hell!"

My update: FB USER needs to die and learn that the "is" is erasable...SMH.

A Genius said...

LOL @ is...

but yea...I go with lyrics 90% of the time...

Assertive Wit said...

@ jeanette nicole*: feel free to link away LOL

@ Mr. Jolla: that "is" used to irritate the hell outta me...then I realized I could erase it and it was on and for the rest of the others to realize it can be deleted LOL

@ A Genius: lyrics are safe and usually recognizable by other avid music listeners...there is no need for explaining and self-application is NEVER necessary...they are JUST lyrics...although, a few times someone thought I was being serious. For instance, when I put some Little Brother lyrics up about bringing me a 12 piece hot wing on my lunch break and THAT being the guy for me...SMH...seriously, you do not win all the coochie coupons because you brought me some hot chicken...f*ck outta here for anyone who BELIEVED my standards are that low...SMCH

Brilliance Is A Habit (c) Unknown said...

I was going to say "but I love Electric Blue on my toes." Then I continued reading and you took the words right out of my mouth. lol

I definitely am behind on my status game. :)

Really funny post.

suga said...

People kill me being hella emotional on fb, trying to get sympathy. You're allotted 2 emo status/wk, in my opinion.

my fb status is linked to my twitter...twitter statuses are much worse in regards to what ronnie said up top. I had to delete a few people who were updating ever 2 minutes. Nobody wants to know ur every move...believe me.

I just like to say silly, sarcastic ish, talk ish, or share special events on my status updates.

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