Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Something Else That Really Grinds My Gears...

...when people say ignoramus things like "she doesn't even look mixed"...I know some people might think/feel there is nothing wrong with that but when it's followed up with the conversation I was subjected to this morning, you'd want to stab them in the face with a trident too (big ups to Brick...where did he get that from anyway? LOL). I guess it's only fair I share the entire conversation...

So I'm in my office looking at pictures of this grand little pub called Bookhouse Pub working and in waltzes the Office Manager demanding I open the email she JUST sent me. 

First off, I HATE when people do that. Don't send me an email and then come in my office so you can watch me read/look at it. You're beginning to waste my time AND make me hate you...simultaneously. 

So I open it and it's all these little Black kids. I turn around and look at her...she's White. Why are you sending me pictures of little Black kids...that's what I wanted to blurt out but my diarrhea of the mouth was cut off by her sputtering out, as she excitedly got all in my 18 in. bubble to point out this one little girl in the front row, that this was her goddaughter.

Ok....and I care because? Because I'm Black? Please get out my office. I don't give two shats about you or this little nappy headed heathen, ok? And before I could give her the glare of death to beat it, she says, "You can't even tell she's mixed!" I ACTUALLY bit my tongue and then I calmly turned around and said, "Oh, you can tell when people are "mixed" (doing the quotation marks with my fingers)?" I heard a little nervous stutter come out of her throat as she said "Well her brother and sister have blonde hair and blue eyes, with white skin".

I have cousins with blonde hair...and blue eyes. As a matter of fact, my sister had this dirty blonde colored hair when she was born and although it darkened as she got older, it wasn't/isn't ever brown hair. I had blue-ish gray eyes when I was born (up until I was about 3) so I fought everything within to not shake my head at her and ignore everything else out of her mouth. She goes on. See, this is why I usually nip it in the bud. So they will go away but silence is their cue to continue with their foolish banter. 

She goes on to tell me what the picture is of blah, blah, blah. Then comes more asinine jibberish from her. "She has all this curly hair that no one can do nothing with and she always wants to wear it like a White girl but she looks crazy and she is nothing like normal Black kids. She listens to country music, likes hunting, owns fatigues. She's a little redneck at heart; I blame that on her grandaddy cause that's where she gets it from, you know? He's White. But she has REALLY long hair and..."

I zoned out....I HATE when people do this like only ONE particular race can be something or the other. I forgave her country ass soon as she left my office. She grew up in a small town where everyone looked the same (not LITERALLY the same, but the same as in, the majority of residents were all one particular race) and you just might get shot if you're Black and look in the direction of a non-Black. Bless her heart...damn bumpkin.

I didn't even get to finish my coffee because her babblage about stupidity.

12 points of view:

if you have to ask... said...

ummm i don't forgive her stupid ass
she's stupid AND is the god mother of this kid?? what kinda trout mouthed bullshit is she subjecting this girl to???
wear her hair like a white girl??
newsflash dummie
and know what else??
fuggoutta here with your coonery.
she's a redneck
cuz ummm i listen to country music i wore fatigues top work for two damn years as a muthafuckin soldier, and AND i can pick off stupid office managers with a deer rifle at 75 yards out....

must be the caffeine

if you have to ask... said...

can i just say... she's stupid

thats all

AssertiveWit said...

you already said that heffa hahahhahaa

the first time she told me she was the Godmother she followed it up with "yeah, and THAT's how you know I ain't racist" to which I replied, "no, not necessarily but it's a free country so you are entitled to that belief". she just gave me this weird glance like I wasn't speaking English.

That urks me as well...people who think there is no way for them to be racist because they have friends/in-laws/etc that are a nationality not of their, you can still be suspect in your foolishness in regards to race...idiot.

Diamond~Star said...


The chick is clueless.
Send her on a roadtrip to South Carolina. Ha! Black people (regardless of mixed genes or parents of the same race) come in all different shades of brown. My sister's middle child used to get slammed all the time because his brother and sister are light skinned and he is darkskinned. Oh and don't let him be around me and her and people are asking me: is that your son? Wow you really think because we look that much alike that that has to be MY son??? Of course my sister used to get agitated by that too (because she is light skinned). It doesn't even help that she is originally from ALABAMA (sigh)...

Sorry...didn't mean to keep rambling. I know one day you are going clock one of those co-workers in the head with a bottle for all that crazy talk they do.

DLG said...

UGH... that whole assumptions about what black people do aggravates me to no end at my job. I remember when the first summer I started working there and this chick would always come up to me and say, "I heard this song on the radio it goes ____, what's the rest?" It would ALWAYS be a rap song. One day I told her, "I don't know every single rap song that comes on the radio, why do you always as ME for the words." She goes: "Um cuz you're... cool.".
Whatever chick.

a black girl who did date said...

Who did the interviewing at your job? Cuz these are the stupidest hoes on earth!!!!

Mr Keys said...

LMMFAO @ this story!

You're beginning to waste my time AND make me hate you...simultaneously.


LMMFBO @ "if you had to ask..."

*whew* I'm half past done.


Anonymous said...

Oh, boy. That was a doozy. What does it mean to be black? What does it mean to be normal? Why does anyone care?

Good for you for not smacking her upside her head, I wouldn't have been so forgiving and I wouldn't have kept my mouth shut.

suga said...


Why does the little girl have to be a nappy headed heathen though? Why, Syn...why?!?!?!?! lmao

Unknown said...

"nappy headed heathen"? lol Getting our Don Imus on?

she's just so happy to have any relation (although distant) to a black person.

She has definitely uttered the phrase, " . . . some of my best friends are black." ha!

AssertiveWit said...

@8thlight: I'm black so I can say that and get away with it...I'm looking a little Pamela Jamesish by the head today so I'm right there with the little heathen.

Pamela Jamesish: if you watch Martin, Pam is Gina's best friend and Martin always tells her that her hair is nappy and/or that she has beady bees...which means naps LOL

Unknown said...

@Assetive Wit *dying* at the breakdown of Pamela Jamesish

I remember her. I didn't even like the show, but I had a small crush on her.

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