Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Reason #57 Why I Hate Them Batches In the Leasing Office

For starters, I absolutely ABHOR them batches in my leasing office because their attitudes are larger than life. But that isn't what this is about...what this is about is me opening my Georgia Power email that gives me my monthly total and it saying:


Now, I would be perfectly fine with it...IF...IF I actually warranted that kind of bill but I don't and let me tell you why. I used to live in a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath house that was 1200 sq ft and had 15 ft ceilings and when I was laid off work for 2 months, I STILL didn't amass a bill of this proportion. It isn't like I'm sitting on my duff at home flipping channels, I don't turn the heat on really until around 9:45/10 pm and then it's on AUTO.


Something is SERIOUSLY wrong when 2-4 people, on average, move out of a complex EVERY week. And those are the people I SEE...we aren't talking about all the empty units that myseriously appear between me walking to the elevator at 8 in the morning and walking to my front door around 6:30 in the evening. Granted, about 1 person moves in a week but I DESPERATELY want to tell them to turn around and NEVER come back.

They have caller ID and decide who they want to answer the phone for. This is not just a hairbrained theory of mine I've pulled out my ass. I called them heffas THREE TIMES yesterday. Twice from my cell, once from the house answer. I have the best friend call from his job and they answer all cheerfully....I even had my friend who works in Riverdale call from her office...they answer. I'm thinking they got suspicious so when I called FOR THE FOURTH TIME, they wanna pick up. Stupid batches.

The first time I informed them that they needed to fix the insulation there excuse was:

"Oh, this building is over a hundred years old so you know"

No. I don't know nothing about that. There is a such thing called renovations AND restoration. Historical buildings get them ALL the time. I work in the architectural industry; I know ALL about those things. Buildings have to be inhabitable, whether its for work or living space. I complained to my friends before about calling the housing bureau or whatever the hell they are called out here on them when the ENTIRE building didn't have electricity for over 13 hours and NO ONE on staff could find the breaker box. FOR REAL??? YOU BEEN WORKING HERE 5 YEARS AND DON'T KNOW WHERE THE BREAKER BOX IS? You think these heffas offered ANY tenants concession on their rent? Nope. We all had to take an L and look at them with their hands up like "whaddya want us to do??"

I've had it with them and I'm two blinks of an eye from going Casino Nicky on them. I fought everything within to not go downstairs, grab the telephone and beat these batches in the head with it.

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Thank god my lease is up in February because I REFUSE to do this for another year. My electricity bill was damn near $250 the first month when I first moved in because for some odd reason the heat would not come on unless I had it all the way on 90 was on AUTO but when I got the bill, I realized it NEVER went off during the day so I started turning it down so it wouldn't come on unless the apartment became a ice box. This damn electric bill hasn't gone under 100 bucks since I moved in and I am livid about it. I'm gonna end up in jail for smacking the shat outta one of them....what in the hell is so hard about getting someone in there to insulate my apartment properly!?

4 points of view:

a black girl who did date said...

A dayum shame

Diamond~Star said...

Okay, let me calm down first **clearing throat**.

Why oh why do I feel the same way about my apartment?

I got my power bill from Mid Carolina Electric and it was $200. I was livid cause I don't usually have a light bill that high. I do attribute it to the fact that my cousin was staying there and have heat on blast. If it was just me...i would turn the entire box off but I haven't done that lately.

People are moving out of my apartment like flies too, not caring whether or not they get their deposit back. My lease ends in February also and I am out there. Besides the rising cost, I really don't care to be over there anymore. I just need a new start.

NaturallyAlise said...

shameful, I hate when us good bill paying folks get stuck with essentially slumlords, I hope your next rental situation is leaps and bounds better... (((e-hugs)))

cdg43 said...

Ok all I can do is laugh at the batches. What in the world do they do all day. I think you should drop an anonymous note to the new tenants. Why should they continue to profit off of other peoples hard earned money.

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