Friday, December 05, 2008

Randomness On Friday

As I was going through my subscriptions on blogger to see what I could read real quick in between work, I started having this conversation with my best friend on my Blackberry:

Best Friend: Why did someone name this girl in Publix, Yeisha…ewwww

Me: What in THE holy hell?

Best Friend: Hahahahhaa I looked at her name tag and was like (insert barf face here)

Me: Hahahhahahaha…did you tell her “you lose. at life”? hahahhaha her name might as well been Barfaloney…cause that’s what I translated it to be

Best Friend: Ummm no….she’s a cashier…don’t you think she knows the deal? hahhahaha that was so wrong

Me: That was wrong…she has a job when most of the economy wishes their name was Yeisha right about now…I take back what I said…Yeisha’s a winner…name and all

Best Friend: Yup! I do too! Yaaay 4 Yeisha!

Me: Speaking of having a job, I just started reading this *blog…it’s a conversation about employment and anyone having a job right now is pretty much the (wo)man…go back in that Publix and high 5 Yeish…tell her that when the economy changes though…get a name change…kidding…but not really bwahhahahaha

Best Friend: I will!

Me: Good deal

Best Friend: LOL

This is one of the reasons he’s my best friend…he encourages the ignoramus in me. The truth is YEISHA is not THAT bad of a name…I’ve CERTAINLY heard worse; hell, I went to school with 2 Eisha’s, a Shellvita, Tifphany, and Keeyawna. All nice girls…just horrible spellings/names….smack their mothers in the face with a dustpan, not them.

Now excuse me while I try to resist from laughing at OJ on this radio broadcast talking about he didn’t mean to steal nothing. But you did though…and that’s why you’re gonna die in jail…stupid old man. If I was him, I’d just kill myself now…he’s damn near 70 and 18 years in the slammer…man, just take yo life NOW. But that’s another blog…

P.S. to see the *blog I was talking about, go here:

6 points of view:

Naturally Alise said...

Do I get a high five too? I have 2, count em 2 jobs in the recession, whaaaa whaaaa (and I have a tragic spelling of my middle name too, is that a bonus high 2.5?)

AssertiveWit said...

you can only have the .5 if you tell me what your middle name is; you tell me and I'll tell you what my genius mother named me...people say it sounds pretty; I think she was just trying to be "creative"...SMCH @ my momma

oNe mAn gAng said...

LOL @ Syn...but yeah, Alise you get a "No Homo High-Ten" for having two jobs in this shit ass economy...pop bottles of No-Doz!

SMH @ Shellvita...she sounds like a cheese you buy from the gas station.

Ms. Independent said...

LMAO...@Tifphany and Shellvita, just wow.

Unknown said...

Real friends are people you can laugh with about things that aren't even funny! Real friends just put you in a laughing frame of mind and then anything can set you off! That's one of the best things about friendship.

ChiChi said...

How about the name...*Drum roll, please....*



Let the niggerificness of it marinate.

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