Monday, December 29, 2008

The Nerve Of Some Folks...

I haven't had any coffee...haven't even turned the pot on. I want some water but there are no bottles of it anywhere in sight in the office. So before I go make the pot of coffee I'll probably only be drinking (because no one else is in today), I decided to share this...

I decided I'm going to come in Mon-Wed this week because I have payroll taxes, W-2's, 1099's, and billings to do that CANNOT wait until January 5th...when every one else will be back in the office. So I'm parking my truck and the parking lot guy who cleans walks up to me and asks me:

"Ma'am, can you please move your truck to another spot? Like over there?" (pointing to the left)

I'm looking around at ALL the other empty parking spots and without even thinking say:

"Ummm, no"

Jackass? No and let me tell you why I am not...when I had my car, it was hit 3 times parking in this lot, on the side he pointed to so when he asks, "Why?", I politely tell him:

"Because my car has been hit three times, WHILE it's been parked there. I'm good where I'm at"

This isn't good enough for him so he says:

"Ma'am, I need to sweep there and get those balloons off the ground. You can't park there?"
(and points to another area...where my truck has suffered a nice denting from someone recklessly driving too close)

"Nope. Because I've been hit there too"

He's frustrated now and taking his job WAYYYYYY too seriously because I look down and there are NO balloons UNDERNEATH my truck...there are balloons near my tires and resting in brooms reach on the sides...I don't need to move my truck for him to do his job. So he huffs, walks away, and then turns around and says:

"Well, parking there ain't gone stop your truck from getting hit"

To which I smiled and said:

"Well, this is the ONLY space where my vehicles HAVEN'T been hit so UNTIL they do get scuffed by someone else driving recklessly, I'll continue to park here. Good day sir"

I think the "good day sir" pissed him off more than me CONTINUOUSLY telling him no. LMAO

Some might think I was being ridiculous but you tell me if you'd appreciate being inconvenienced by someone not paying attention and causing you over $700 worth of damage to the back of your car. Out of the 4 times my vehicles were "assaulted", 1 person left their phone number and name for me to contact them to get the "damages" repaired. Forever grateful for that because it was rather unsightly. The other 3 nicks, I had to take an L because typically, people don't give a shat when they hit an unparked car and the owner is nowhere in sight.

Going to make my coffee now...everyone have a pleasant Monday!

5 points of view:

Satori said...

I could see if you were really hindering his ability to sweep.. but since you werent.. he needs to just keep it moving

Bre said...

I'm going to start saying "Good Day Sir (or Ma'am)" to start pissing people off. LMAO

ChiChi said...

Ditto what Bre said...LOL

Unknown said...

Very assertive! You should have slapped him with your gloves, for good measure!

suga said...

lmao@ slapping him with gloves.

Girl, i feel you. I hit cars ALL the time, and drive away as quickly as possible, after i look left and right and make sure nobody saw me lmao

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