Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just Being Grateful For the Kind People Who STILL Exist

A while back I wrote a blog and mentioned that I had gone to get breakfast at WhackDonald's. The cashier gave me my breakfast for free and I had EVERY intention of giving her that $4 back the next day but unfortunately....she wasn't there the next morning.

I don't eat WhackDonald's breakfast (or food) everyday like that so I was disappointed that when I did sporadically go in the morning, she wasn't there. I figured, maybe she had a change in shift so I asked The Bestest to keep an eye out for a middle aged Black lady with a gold tooth and let me know what time he sees her working so I can go give her the $4. No such luck there either...

It kind of saddened me because for a quick second the thought crossed my mind "Did she get fired for giving me my breakfast for free"? I know that's a bit far fetched but I would NEVER rule it out...she don't own WhackDonald's and I'm sure her Manager would have frowned at her giving me free breakfast. Then I thought about the hourly wage they make in fast food me my breakfast and having to take $4 out her pocket to make her register balance isn't something she can afford to do all the time.

So I made it my resolve that no matter WHERE I saw this woman, I was going to give her back that $4...if not for anything else BUT to show her I REALLY appreciated her unnecessary kindness.

I wanted coffee this morning and WhackDonalds gives out free small coffees between 5 am and 8 I thought I'd get me some hash browns too. The cashier rings up my food on that electronic board and I see that she charges me for the coffee AND hash browns. I politely ask her if the coffee is still free between 5 and 8...she says yes but the register still reads $2. It's far too early in the morning for me to be getting sicwitit (sick with it = being "direct", but for a reason) so I just make up in mind to let it go and maybe it'll be fixed when I get up there to pay.

Well low and behold!!! Guess who the cashier is??? None other than the Breakfast Angel!!!! She doesn't recognize me but still smiles that warm, motherly, gold toothed smile. So my total comes out to $1.08 but I left all my change in my other coat pocket...maybe that was God wanting me to give her more than what my breakfast initially cost cause I only had $5 bills left. I handed her $6 and she looked down all confused and said:

"Ma'am, it's just $1.08"

I said:

"I know but one day I got some breakfast and you paid for keep the change"

She still looked confused and said:

"But I don't remember" (I interrupted her)

"You closed your register by accident" (she interrupts me)

"I remember you now. Bless your heart! You remembered me?"

I think I saw a tear well up in her eye and she smiled and didn't try to give me back that $5 anymore. Now, lord knows I don't need to be giving away no money since I have to move next month (February) but I felt compelled to make good on my word. Her smile and almost tear made my day!!!!!

Now, to finish this tasty WhackyD's coffee...

8 points of view:

Naturally Alise said...

That was a sweet story :)

Diamond~Star said...

That was really sweet (I'm tearing up now).

What a way to end the year...on a blessing!

oNe mAn gAng said...

lol @ "almost tear"...but this is why I effs with you Syn...stubborn to the last day. LOL

Nice story!

Tha Management said...

What a great story!!! McDonald's breakfast (well some of the items) are actually the only thing vaguely healthy on the menu :) I'm glad she remembered you!

CraigJC said...

McD's is so so unhealthy, but OMG good. Why is that?

Unknown said...

Nice story. You are a good person. Every so often, someone is kind to me and I am always completely shocked. In this dog-eat-dog world, you're lucky to get politeness! Kindness is just a crazy pipe dream!

Christina said...

I feel like I haven't been on your page in ages =(

Sweet's amazing the little things you can do to make someone's day =)

Jay_fever said...

Nice story...if you hadn't said you ran into her later I would've thought that maybe she was about to quit and was like "F it"

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