Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Friday!

My last post was kind of serious for a Friday so I decided to write something more's Friday!!!!

In light of everyone having an alter ego, I felt I should go ahead and release mine on the world. Everyone else has one so why not? I normally don't join the crowd on too much of anything but I like the idea of being able to do and say things under the guise of "Hey! It wasn't me!!! Blame (insert alter ego here)"

So from now on when something utterly ridicul comes out of my mouth, I have simply out of control behavior, and/or the goon in me seeks release, feel free to automatically get upset with Stealth can call me Kitty for short. I move in silence and before you know it...BAM! You've been affected...Stealth Kitty. Hey, I thought it was a cool name and if Beyonce can have that bullshattus alter ego Sasha Fierce, I can have Stealth Kitty. At least mine sounds more like a super heroine and less like a drag queen. 

Moving on...

Someone told me I looked "mmmmmm" the other day. While I knew he meant "mmmmm" as in yummy, I did clarify...."did you mean "mmmm" as in yummy or "mmmm" as in interesting?" One must ask if they want to know, right? He acted like I should have known I was yummy looking...hey, I assume nothing! Different people like different things so who am I to assume EVERY man likes what they see when they look at me? I don't know. Therefore I ask...although it was VERY flattering and made me blush a little.

Speaking of yummy, one of my closest friends has a blog called YUMMY, feel free to check it out.

Personally, I think I take it pretty easy during the week so I don't know how I'm looking yummy to anyone. I wear this tired little bun in my hair to work and wear "work clothes". Oddly though that's when most guys be on me tough. I'll never be able to explain it...when I'm looking (in my opinion) my bootsiest dudes come out of the woodwork's trying to get better acquainted, flirting and carrying on but when I'm dressed to kill....flatline. NO ONE...I repeat...NO ONE EVER hollers at me when I'm dressed up and my hair is down. With the exception of this one occasion recently...and only ONE guy engaged me in adult conversation...the others acted like we were in 4th grade...being hella silly and playful. I have on 4 inch heels and a dress that looks like if I sneeze it's gonna pop off me like a rubber band...stop playing fool.

The guy who did strike up a conversation with me was talking into my boobs. Not because they were sitting out talking to him every time I took a breath but because that's how short he was. He came up to my nipps, no lie. You could tell he was nervous talking to me but he let me cut him in line because he thought I was someone famous. Big ups to The Bestest for letting me push the Benzo that night...people think I'm rich when I drive that thing and step out of it; I get all this Grade A Superstar treatment. It's the best, especially when I know I'm one paycheck from poverty hahahhaha

I did ask a guy why when I'm dressed simple more men approach me than when I'm fresh and fly. His answer? "You look normal when you're dressed "down"; when you're all glammed up, you look out of men's league so they'll look but don't wanna get shot down"....we'll I'll be damned! Makeup and a flat iron does that? I had no idea! SO I need to figure some kind of way to get that holleration cracking ALL the time...not just on my OFF days.

Won't be this weekend though...I'll be chillaxing with my laundry, some movies, and my comfy bed! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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suga said...

I tend to get more attention when I'm careless with my look and style. I have no idea why. It boggles the mind.

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