Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Is That What I Think It Is?

Can you see what that is sitting on top of my computer? I was a little confused...until I got closer and saw EXACTLY what the hell it was....


Imagine coming home to that...I haven't laughed that loud, by myself, in a VERY long time. Ok, I'm lying, I was guffawing loudly at the season finale of Always Sunny in Philadelphia (I'm sorry but watching Danny Devito talking about "stealing the boy's hole" and he was supposed to be saying "soul" is classically funny...and Charlie wanting to stomp Dee's face inside out...sorry, you have to see it).

But what's even FUNNIER is the little note written on this perverted beanie babies tag. It says, verbatim:

I'm Pepe the pig
I couldn't be cleaner
I only get dirty
When it comes to
my wiener!


Feel free to laugh with me ;)

9 points of view:

jeanette nicole* said...

LMAO! That lil note is too funny!

a black girl who did date said...


Mr Keys said...


When Mac climbed in the bed with Dennis...

Mac: Gimme that leg, boy!

Dennis: Dude, do you have a boner right now?

Mac: Shut up, dude. Don't ruin this for me!

Now, if you'll excuse me...I have to Google Pepe and find out who in my area sells him...

Ms_Slim said...

And in the first pic, I thought it was a teddy bear holding something LMAO!

Christina said...

I'm literally ROtFL-ing

Diamond~Star said...

LMAO...too funny.

A Genius said...


Unknown said...

Hilarious! I needed that!

suga said...

What in the hell...? lmao

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