Friday, December 12, 2008

The Day Our Earth Stands Still

WARNING: If you are not really in an introspective mood, you might want to stop reading now. I don't want to ruin your Friday by making you think too much :)

There are people you walk next to and talk to everyday that have a devout belief in a god...that through him/her ALL things and ANYTHING is possible. These people have built faith in the unseen and live their lives around that very faith...that with God on their side, nothing is ever as bad as it seems and we can pull through anything. theory, if you believe God to be this ALMIGHTY powerful being that creates life, provides life sustaining resources for the entire world to benefit from, and has the ability and DID create things our minds can barely grasp, the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still shouldn't be too hard to believe, right?

There is one tiny element that people will say "only in the movies is that possible"...and that is the belief of a higher life form than humans. We haughtily walk around as though we are superior to any other living and breathing organism simply because we have the ability to comprehend, reason, and think logically. But what/who did we attain these qualities from? Some believe in the Big Bang Theory...others believe that it is by the grace of God that we are able to be the superior being on Earth....afterall, we were built in his image.

But if you believe in God then the concept that life CAN exist outside of our planet AND universe should be something logically able, right? Even though these same people who have a devout faith in God that they don't need to see "him" to believe, exist among us, some do not think past the fact that there is a possibility that God did not JUST create human beings as the only intelligent walking, talking, life form.

I love to watch movies that present hypothetical scenarios of what would happen to mankind if and when they get too big for their britches. These scenarios are not pulled out of thin air or someones psychotic overactive mind. Bible readers and believers in God can attest to the times that God saw his creation acting a fool and decided to teach them a lesson...the deluge, with only Noah, his family, those animals, and an ark surviving the WHOLE world over...Sodom & Gomorrah being burnt to a crisp because of humans letting their debauchery consume them...and then the age old promise from God that he would NEVER use fire or water to bring about destruction to mankind again...but ALWAYS the promise that if and when we get out of line, we will be dealt with.

That is pretty much the theme of the movie. I won't give any spoilers but I honestly believe that if you can believe wholeheartedly that God was able to drown the entire Earth because of ungrateful and destructive human beings...well, other life forms aren't too far fetched.

Imagine what you could do and know if you used your ENTIRE brain! I imagine other life forms to be on that level...why haven't we as humans reached an evolutionary plateau where we can use more than the given allotment of brain? I think it's quite evident...look around. Look at what we are capable of just using a mere tip of the pinky's worth of brain. I don't believe we are responsible enough to deal with that much OR that kind of power.

We are quite the self-serving creature, rarely giving credit where it is due, and more often willing to destroy what we don't understand, out of fear, versus gaining an understanding of it so that it can benefit us and others. Humans do tend to shoot first, ask questions later. That hasty behavior has landed us exactly where we are a recession. We have essentially meaningless wars that have no regard for human lives...we have trillions of dollars at our expense for these wars but no money to end poverty. We have money to rehabilitate neighborhoods but no money to help all the people that are displaced because of the "new" property value in neighborhoods. We have money to keep EVERYONE in government jobs employed until the day they die, but no money to help everyone outside of that circle.

We as humans are a selfish and VERY destructive race. So it isn't far fetched to think that
humankind's time is dangerously close to an end....

I dissect movies a lot deeper than most because the anatomy of a movie has always been highly intriguing to me but this movie interested me when I was a kid (the original was made in 1951, I believe). So I naturally had an equal interest in this version. Humans are by no means stupid but sometimes I think that in spite of our intelligence we get in our own way and that inevitably leads to clean up time...

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suga said...

Have you seen the new version? McJerkface was super excited about it, due to seeing the older version as a kid, but Jay called me tonight and said he hated it.

How did you feel about it?

AssertiveWit said...

Yea, me and King Peen (he calls himself that now...remind me to not be talking/emailing/texting around his azz no more LOL)went to see it on the IMAX at midnight Thursday. Tell Jay to bugger was good LOL

IT does make you think...really hard though.

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