Friday, December 19, 2008

7 lbs.

If you don't know why the movie is called Seven Pounds by the end, email me ( and I'll tell you. It was more than obvious to me by the end. But maybe that was JUST because I've written a full feature screenplay and I understand that sometimes stating the obvious...well, there is really no need for it when you are trying to get people to....FEEL.

In all my 29 years of living, I've NEVER cried during, after, or BECAUSE of a movie...Will Smith brought ACTUAL tears, not just puddles of water threatening to drop, down my cheeks as I sat through this movie piecing together what the hell was wrong with Ben Thomas. This movie was the EXACT personification of what paying it forward is in my mind....but more so in an atonement kind of way.

I don't want to tell too much of the movie but I read a review of it in the Creative Loafing that left me angry as hell at Curt Holman. I guess you have to allow yourself to reach a depth that is beyond the pitiful levels of humanity we experience on a daily basis. Maybe we all need to experience some form of catastrophe to TRULY appreciate life and the lives of others...or maybe we need to work on how much we value those closest to us.

I thought I Am Legend showcased the range of acting skills Will Smith possessed but this movie took his acting skills and placed them in the zone of Oscar....I promise you it did. Go see it and when you do, allow yourself to do nothing but sit there and FEEL....FEEL every emotion you can muster. Think about the love you have for those closest to you...your siblings...your significant other...your best friend...yourself. Just feel is all I can tell you to do when you watch this and then....after you just FEEL, tell me this movie was horrible. Then tell me it was a cinematic disaster with too many loose ends that got tied up too late...and I'll call you a liar.

This movie is simply for those who want to feel...if you just want to be entertained and this doesn't do it for you, go watch Four Christmases.

I FEEL there needs to be more movies like this that evoke true feeling...everything in life is not bells and whistles...sometimes there are thorns of reality that jab us here and there and that's what this movie was. I won't lie and say it was full of unicorns, happy thoughts, and fairies...on the was quite sad but it served its purpose well. It was the side of life no one looks at because it's so ugly...imagine the movie CRASH focusing on the life of one person and how they managed to deal with one event that drastically affected them and that's what Seven Pounds is.

Curt Holman said that Will Smith "was acting his heart out in practically nothing in particular"...for real Curt? This movie was nothing? Right. I'd like to see you write a better made me look at all the movies he reviewed in Creative Loafing and this clearly aloof individual doesn't give anything higher than 3 stars, which by the way is worth seeing, 2 stars being a don't bother...which is what he gave Seven Pounds. He also said key information was withheld from the movie...well, if we knew what the deal was from the beginning, it would be the equivalent of reading the end of a novel before you read any other part of the book.

He probably ABHORS Usual Suspects, I'm sure of it. Memento he'd probably give 5 stars to, which is the rating for must see.

I think the emotions that the director, writer, and actor wanted the audience to feel are placed the end. No one in the theater got up as soon as it was obvious the movie was over...we all sat a little longer than awe.

And if you are a FEELING person, you will too...

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oNe mAn gAng said...

I've only read your opinion on it and I'm teary eyed already...SMH

AssertiveWit said...

it's an extraordinary film...

Kofi Bofah said...

I just peeped your title.

Scared to read this.

I don't know if you have any spoilers in here.

AssertiveWit said...

no spoilers at all!! read away :)

Focused said...

I'm going to watch it based on this review. I'm a "feeler," too. Thanks, Assertive.

jeanette nicole* said...

Someone "spolied" it for me, but I watched it anyway. I bawled like a big baby after watching this movie.

Jacinta J said...

I don't know, I really liked the movie, but something in it didn't cut it for me. The acting was impeccable, I can not attest to that. However, I was a bit confused, I spent three quarters of the movie trying to interpret his "secret". I loved it, I think it was a good story, but something just wasn't right, and I'm sorry I can't put my finger on it.

Christina said...

When I say I cried...hmph....I CRIED!

No movie has impacted me like that before....

If it doesn't win an Oscar..I will be darned upset. I have always loved Will Smith, but this movie just made me adore this man and his fine swexcy self...Jada better watch out!

Anonymous said...

watched it today-I loved this movie but I can see how people could dislike it. I read reviews when I got home to see if people loved it as much as me and most of them trashed the movie and I laughed at a lot of them-not in a condescending way, I really thought they were funny. I can't front on the fact that a lot of what was going on in the movie was a little far fetched. I don't know, I figured the ending out early on but the movie took me somewhere else emotionally so I really didn't care, and that's what did it for me-it wasn't so much the plot, the storyline, it was the truth in the emotions, in what the characters were going through. I cried through about 2/3rds of it...and I mean boo hoo'd. But I know it's because I related to so much of what will's and rosario's characters were feeling-it brought up all kinds of SHAT! (heeheehee) It's definitely all about atonement and like you said, if you want to FEEL you'll probably love it. If you're looking for 'entertainment'....not so much.

Ms. Independent said...

Yes it was a good movie. I just saw it today and I was amazed. Definitely not what I expected but still great. I too cried at the movie.

I think I've made the connection but I'm still not quite sure I know exactly why it was called Seven Pounds. But it was still wonderful. Definitely Oscar worthy.

Jay_fever said...

you had me...till I'm pretty sure u dissed Memento which I loved...smh.

AssertiveWit said...

@ Jay_fever: I didn't diss Memento LOL I actually own that movie and I like it but it isn't as good as Seven Pounds...which was my point ;)

Granted, it's two different genres of film but I mentioned it because you know what happens at the end of the the beginning. The review I read kind of alluded to that being one of the problems with Seven Pounds that it had too many loose ends that didn't get tied up until the end. I guess if you like predictability in all of your films that's cool.

I've read random people's "reviews" on this movie and based on how that person thinks on a day to day basis, it effects how they viewed Seven Pounds as a whole. It was quiet interesting what I observed...

suga said...

I told myself that I would come back to read your blog AFTER I saw the movie. Was scared there would be a spoiler or something.

So, I must say, I'm not a very emotional person when it comes to movies, even though I did cry while watching "The Secret Life of Bees" and "Titanic". I was expecting to cry while watching 7 lbs. I didnt come close. It was sad and it touched my heart a little bit, but... *shrug* I dont know.

I'm guessing that my reaction to the movie had a lot to do with me figuring out the ending 15 minutes in, which kinda ruined it for me. And because the movie was surrounded by such mystery, it was hard for me not to try to figure out what was going to happen. I turned to TLOML and said, "This is whats going to happen: ________________". He fell asleep during the movie but when he woke up, he asked me if I was right, and I surely was in EVERY aspect.

But I'm sure that if I had been taken by surprise, I may have felt a little more. Like "simply me" said, it was good, but something about it didnt cut it for me.

The acting was cool but that look on Will's face during the ENTIRE movie started irritating me. lol Maybe I needed to be in a different mood to receive the movie like you did.

Question: You didnt like Memento? I'm asking because TLOML forced me to rent it, exclaiming its one of his favorites. It's been sitting next to my tv for a week because I just dont feel like giving it the time of day.

AssertiveWit said...

@suga:It's funny how people interpret how I write things LOL

I actually own Memento and I do like it but for people who want to know what happened at the end of the movie, at the beginning of the movie, well, that is what Memento gives you.

You already know I'm not hella emo at all but deep emotions I connect with because that is where all my emotions are...very deep inside where you pretty much have to dig them out.

Even though the movie could be figured out if someone took their focus off just simply watching it, yeah, it could be easily figured out but I didn't watch the movie with that in mind. Yes, I too knew what was going on from the VERY beginning but I was still interested in watching it unfold. I guess that's the screenwriter in me. You can tell an actor what you want them to convey but the task of them actually doing and it being believable to the viewer is a totally different thing...Will nailed it.

That sourpuss expression he kept on his face THE ENTIRE movie was no different to me than the same emotion he was trying to convey on I AM LEGEND...he was experiencing something that he didn't feel anyone else could relate to and he was determined to alleviate the pain he had caused himself as best he could. The minute he felt someone understood him, it incited a different emotion in him....just like in I AM LEGEND. He was terribly effected and that was all he wanted you to know.

There were things in the movie that were obvious to me but others didn't catch but I think it was simply due to them just not paying attention. For instance, this lady wrote a blog about the movie and all the things she didn't understand were pretty much shown in the movie but she was so insistent on it being a "mediocre" film, she didn't even acknowledge them. She said what in the hell did the jellyfish have to do with anything....ummm, there was a scene where his father had taken him and his brother to the museum and that was the first time he saw the jellyfish, one of the deadliest creatures (he even said it out loud)...she made no connection.

She even questioned where he got all his money from if he wasn't really an IRS agent and even if he was an IRS agent, they didn't make that kind of money. I don't know how she missed the flashback to his wife texting him while he was in a meeting AT WORK, AT AN AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER COMPANY. Last I checked rocket scientists (and any other jobs associated with aeronautics) made stupid loot. He also told Rosario a story about a little boy and his brother becoming what he actually was doing when his wife texted him...but she missed that part I guess.

Point is, the movie wasn't for everyone. I liked it, it was amazing writing, directing, and production...and I've NEVER been an emo person when it came to ANY movie, until this one.

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