Monday, November 24, 2008

What Really Grinds My Gears... when people come directly into my office and feel the need to just stand there until I get off the phone. 

First of all, I have a bench in front of my case you are stupid and don't know what it's for, it's for you to sitcho impatient azz on to wait until I get off the phone. I know the employee manual states that we have an "open door policy", that "our doors are always open to any employee who needs to discuss business or personal with us" but I'ma need you to get some manners.

This is why I will close my door through out the day if I am on the phone because some employees take it upon themselves to determine whether your phone call is work related or not (read: be eavesdropping like a muthastanka). When my door is closed it is OBVIOUS I want they tardo azz to knock or wait until I look up and make eye contact, then give them the gracious head nod they so eagerly are anticipating.

When they take it upon themselves to just enter my office and just stand there like they are counting the flakes of dust flying through the air, I have to put my caller on hold to tell they ignant azz, "I'm going to be a minute"...why? BECAUSE THEY JUST DON'T GET IT. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE UNTIL I HANG UP! So, I use my peripheral vision to see if said employee has exited my, this clown is standing in the doorway, like that will rush me to get off the phone sooner. 

It really grinds my gears that I have to give someone the eye shoo because they can't get it through their thick skulls that I am busy. Still using my peripheral vision I can see this employee pacing the front of my you're irritating me and I'm PURPOSELY gonna find something to do that will keep me from helping you. SITCHO AZZ DOWN ON THAT LITTLE BENCH ONE TIME! SHEESH.

Usually these kinds of employees will walk off like they have something better to do with their time...I'm grateful for when that happens but when I see them walk back to my door and I'm STILL on the phone, all my anger from the initial gear grinding comes flooding back. Why? YOU SENT ME AN EMAIL AND I DIDN'T RESPOND SO YOU'RE GONNA COME DOWNSTAIRS AND IRRITATE ME WITH YOUR PRESENCE UNTIL I TALK TO YOU ABOUT SOMETHING THAT YOU JUST WANNA UPDATE ME ON? Seriously...what you want can wait so beat it up outta here!

I know you're probably wondering what could possibly be taking me so long on the phone...well, since the powers that be made the "smart" decision to layoff the HR Manager, guess who gets her job? Yes, me. Therefore, when it is time to remove all laid off employees from the life insurance policies and health benefits, tag, I'm it. So I spent 1/2 an hour on the phone removing people, fixing the spelling of people's names, and changing all contact information over into my name.

Do you know this employee comes back????? DOING...THE...MOST!!!!
I can't and I won't do this with him today so I stopped the press on his request and said, "I am actually in the middle of something that I need to take care of right now so I'll let you know when I can help you, ok?" which he replies, "Oh ok, well just call me when you get a second".

MY time is NOT YOUR time so you can either call before you walk downstairs OR you can email me and see if I am available to assist you but this open door policy that employees take literal at ALL times, well it's all bad. It interrupts my work, more often than not and I feel like long-winded employees need to schedule an appointment so I can prepare myself for their incessant babbling. 

But yeah...that's what was grinding my gears today.

2 points of view:

Brittni said...

I'm watching Family Guy right now, I couldn't have chuckled harder at the title.

brwn_eyes_brwngirl said...

lol...yeah I'm so glad I've scared my co-workers into avoiding me at all cost...they think I'm my department's nazi....and for the ones that don't go away so easy I ignore them but repeat after every question they asked to just EMAIL ME....funny it never seems to be that important enough to be emailed so they quit asking me and they don't want to email...who's loss is it?

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