Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What I AM Grateful For At 29...

So while I been busy feeling sorry for myself because there are things I would have liked to accomplish by now that I just haven't and doesn't look like I am going to accomplish any time soon, I made the mistake of not being grateful for the one thing that time blesses you with...good friends.

I've never been one to be moved by what others thought or think of me but I can't help but to feel some kind of way when I am CONSTANTLY hearing things like "you getting old there ain't yah? when you gonna start having kids"...which in turn makes me want to lash back with, "you are old. when are you gonna die". Some might think that's me being harsh but I don't need a daily reminder that I'm no longer a teeny bopper filled with immaturity and glee; and even though physically, I still look youthful, when I am REMINDED that I am older, it makes me FEEL old. The other classically irritating question that is asked is "when are you gonna get married"...to which I want to respond, "when are you gonna get a divorce". Yeah it's rude but then again so are you for feeling compelled to ask every woman who is over 25 these inane questions like her life aint shit if she aint got kids and is married.

The truth is, with all of the modern technology and medicine today and that will be improved upon within the years to come, I can have a healthy baby at 40...IF, I wanted to. No, I don't have to be Halle, Salma, Madonna, or Julia Roberts for this to be possible. My prior boss was 38 years old when she gave birth to her son. He was PERFECT in every way imaginable and she suffered NO difficulties getting pregnant, staying pregnant, or giving birth. Not saying that I WANT to be 38 popping one out but if I am, I'll be happier than a fat kid with cake.

As for being married, hey, if Liz Taylor can get married at various decades in her life, why can't I? I think I'm far more appealing than she is right now and will ever be from this point forward. I guess you could say, time is kind of on my side. I might be overreacting a bit but so what. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

But back to what I'm grateful for. In that picture above are three ladies that I have had the privilege of knowing for 5-8 years. They are more like sisters/family than anything. The one on the far left, boy have we been through a little of EVERYTHING together and I had the privilege of being in her wedding 6 months ago. We've experienced pretty much everything possible in our 20's...together. She is now married and has a BEAUTIFUL baby boy so when I do reach that threshold in my life, I can consult her on all the things that will concern me as I take that plunge in life. The friend directly to my right...we have grown together as well but in a different aspect. Her family became my family when I first moved to Georgia because I have no family here. The funny thing is, I was closer to her cousin when I first moved here but he got preoccupied with life and we just naturally transitioned into hanging out with one another. I have also experienced a lot of my 20's with her as well. And to the far right....she is probably one of my more unique friendships because of how we met. It was the most random of all meetings but we've pretty much been inseparable since that first time we decided to hang out. I knew what it was like moving to a new city with not that many friends, if any, to speak of so I jumped out on a limb and decided it wouldn't be so bad to pay it forward. Turns out, she became one of my better friends I've acquired over the years.

I have more friends that I am eternally grateful for but I mentioned these three because I've been feeling down and out about this age thing but when I looked at this picture today I realized, if not for anything else, I can be grateful I get to grow old with these wonderful ladies!!!

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weick said...

Sniffle sniffle- that was a tear jerker! But you didn't mention I scaled a wall to try and save you from the two ugly fat bitches at Dudley's- and then was choked by the police for my efforts!! Damn, that's love!

Love ya!

Diamond~Star said...

It's crazy how people think by the time you turn 30 you should have already had a couple of kids, married, house the whole 9. It's like wait a minute...you talk hella crap when there is an 18 year old walking around with 2 or three kids but by the time you get to tipping the 30 year old mark you are labeled "old"??? I have to say in these days, being 30 (or close to it) is like a new youth explosion. I am loving every minute of being 33 and you are only old if you feel old and if you are walking around here like you are on your last leg.

It's good to see that you do see your blessings, and keep blocking those who are negative. Live your life!

a black girl who did date said...

You are making my ass feel old and I ain't claiming that!!!! I am fitna blow 35 out of the water and be so fly...50 GET AT ME!!!!! Anyway I am glad that you are appreciating the good stuff!!!! You better get like me a celebrate EVERY year!!!!

suga said...

Good girlfriends are the best!!

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious, and touching. Good friends are great, and sometimes, I have to remind myself to be grateful, even when my closest friends aren't nearby. Thanks. :)


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