Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What (ELSE) Really Grinds My Gears...


That REALLY gets my goat more often than not because you can never have a quick conversation with them. It is damn near impossible. NOW...I am a VERY detail oriented person so from time to time I might over analyze something someone is asking me and I become guilty of this. my own defense, I DO NOT do this ALL the time. More often than not, you can get a simple "Yes" or "No" out of me, UNLESS I feel you have a hidden agenda to the question being asked and/or I know you're trying to trick me...then I will antagonize you with my questioning back. LOL

Anyway, we're getting off what irritates me....there are some people I will sit and devise a specific question for SO I will get a SPECIFIC answer. It works and I feel victorious over getting the simple kind of answer I was looking for.  Then there are times I forget who I was talking to and it turns into a day long exchange of emails that I end up shaking my head at like, "All I asked was aint that chedda betta *sigh* I didn't think I was going to have to listen to why Wisconsin cheddar is not exactly cheddar and white cheddar, although it tastes like yellow cheddar is from a hybrid family of cheeses that are only manufactured in the Swiss Alps"...I was simply excited about my cheese on my sandwich and you killed that joy getting technical about what kind of chedda is betta.

But Usher's "Seduction" just came on and I'm having flashbacks about what TURNS my gears so I'll be back...

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ChiChi said...

Girl, what grates my nerves is people taking your words and interpreting them into something totally if you didn't mean exactly what you said when you said. I had a 4.5 hour conversation with a friend yesterday and everything I said, she interpreted to be a judgement or me being insensitive to her feelings and taking someone elses side over hers. I should have just dropped the whole conversation, but I was honestly trying to see how I was saying one thing and she was getting another. All I ended up with was a headache. SMH

*Thanks for the ramblage. LOL*

Number Five said...


A Genius said...

LOL...I hate when people do this, but I do it on purpose. I hate seeing a nigga too happy. Whatever I know is going to take that stupid grin off your face, I'll say.

Unknown said...

If I was just being an Alpha Hotel (A-Hole) I would do this often just cause I know! IT will Piss you the eff off! Dig?
Mista Jaycee

AssertiveWit said...

@ A Genius and Mista Jaycee:

*making mental note to ignore them to the fullest in the event they attempt to try to grind my gears on purpose*

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