Saturday, November 01, 2008

She's FINALLY Here!

My little cousin just had her baby a few hours ago. I was just joking with her that Gia needs to stay in the womb until Auntie Syn’s birthday....mind you, Gia was already days past due. She was going on being past due 5 days before she gave up this staged revolt about leaving the warmth of the sack. She is here and my BIGGEST fear any time close friends or family have babies is when you finally get that newborn picture..and the deafening silence right before your verdict of “cute” or “lookatchobaby” is issued.

I’ve heard it all before about ALL babies being cute...WRONG. No they are not.
alien baby

I’ve heard it all before about ALL newborns being kin to E.T.... WRONG. No they are not.
nahla berry

Maybe back in the day before all of our food was not pumped full of hormones that have 10 year old girls looking like they need to enroll in college...yeah, back then, ALL babies could be termed just adorable gifts from God. I believe that. But today? Ehhhh, not so much. I’ve seen enough newborns to feel comfortable casting my vote on yay or ney to a babies ugliness or adorableness. Take my nephew for example. I love my sister dearly, I really do but I told her if small fry came out looking like a devil’s reject, I didn’t plan on holding him until he either got cute or she found some attractive apparel to drape him in. This small fart was going to be taking on the Walker family name. There was no way on God’s green earth I was going to be holding something that looked like it was manufactured in a lab somewhere and needs to be put out of its hideous misery before it spreads its ugly. PASS.

Thankfully for my family name, he was a SUPERB addition to the family. He came out with more hair than some women I see walking around Atlanta...big deer like eyes that INSTANTLY made you wanna love him for life...and he was alert like he knew everyone talking to him. I had never seen a newborn pay THAT much attention to other humans, like he REALLY knew us. He smiled far sooner than I’d witness most kids to smile. He was my eyes.

But this is about little Gia.

She is finally here and I got a text from another cousin that she is sending the picture. I almost started sweating a little...not because Gia’s parents are abominations from hell. Not in the least bit. Her mom is one of the cutest people I know...even when she is 55 and wrinkled like a charpei, she’ll still be labeled “cute”. Her dad, as lite bright as he is, he’s “cute” too. They are a “cute” couple to tell you the truth. So I should expect Gia to be “cute” too, right? Well, one would assume so but freak accidents have been known to happen to attractive people. Call it karma if you want but sometimes attractive parents are punished with a smack in the face called All Your Sins Bundled Into This Baby. Yes...all of this ran through my mind as I waited for my Blackberry to retrieve the picture and finally the picture appears....

Out of respect for the family, I will not post a picture of their newborn child; they might NEVER let her anywhere near Aunt Syn for showing her off to random folks they don’t know but here is my verdict...


LAUGHING BABY Pictures, Images and Photos

It’s odd but for some reason when babies come out they favor their fathers more. Or at least that is what I’ve seen. Gia is no exception to my observations. She looks every bit of her father but with her mom’s eyes.

When we were younger we used to joke that Gia’s mom looked like she was half Chinese because her eyes are very much slanted like that. Well Gia resembles her in that manner. I was told she was nursing already too so we know she is greedy like her mom too. LOL Other than that, she is ALL her daddy, even that pale skin. Kidding. LOL

As I looked at the picture I almost got teary eyed because she is the youngest of the circle of friends/family that I was very close to when I was back home (Oakland, CA). She was the first (and only) to get married AND the first (and only) one to give birth to a baby. Granted, we will eventually follow suit but it made me look over our lives, specifically mine and realize, we have all grown up so much.

This is the same woman who we all referred to as Little Lee and now Little Lee has encompassed all the traditional roles of a grown woman. I am proud of her AND she did this with no pain killers. She’s good because I’m punking out on that one. Epidural and slit of the stomach. I’m not trying to damage the vag in the least bit (I have a big head so it would stand to reason my kid would have one too; therefore I’ll pass on any possible rippage) and I don’t want to feel my offspring breaking it’s way into the world. PASS on that too. But back to her...she’s no longer the little cousin. She’s a wife, mother, and someone I can call when I decide to have my hellions and I need to get tried and true beat down tips to whip them into submission.

So, this is a welcome to Gia. Welcome to this crazy world! She has two parents who love her VERY much and maybe one day they’ll read this to her when she can understand English a little better.

Can’t wait to meet the adorable cream puff!

3 points of view:

ChiChi said...

Awww babies are so cute...ESPECIALLY when they don't belong to me and they get to go home with their parents. LOL

Brilliance Is A Habit (c) Unknown said...

LMAO @ ChiChi

and LMAO @ Freak accidents lol

I am glad the baby is cute, I was a afraid that the little one would have been ripped to shreds if you didn't approve. Lawd knows, the baby shouldn't be clowned from day one.

AssertiveWit said...

I would have NEVER done that!!!! What do you take me for? Some monster? Had she been uncute, I would have just kept it to myself...forever. I do happen to love this family LOL

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