Friday, November 14, 2008

Facebook Resurrects the Dead

I fought with myself for years about creating a Facebook page because I personally didn't see any difference between that website and what has become (at times) the dreaded MySpazzOut (MySpace).

My first knowledge of Facebook was when you pretty much had to be a student with an email address to your school; and it appeared to be more of a networking site for college students. has become a place for ALL to gather and pretty much do the same shat they were doing on MySpizzle (MySpace).

Although, a lot more people of notable mention (in my mind) have found me on Facebook than on MySpace. A lot of people from high school contacted me on MySpace initially but Facebook...seriously, I got people sending me messages and friend requests that I haven't seen in darn near 20 years. Makes me sound old as the Dickens but it made me have to check their ages and yes, it has been 20 years or VERY close to it.

It is really like these people have come back from the dead and I'm being allowed a first class seat into their life. All perceived notions about who they were at 15/16/17...GONE. These people are now 34/35/36...have husbands, children, and extraordinary lives. It's funny when the last thing I can remember about them was their teen spirit and now some of them have their own teens spirit to deal with. And while they aren't THAT much older than me, I look at my life and wonder..."What crosses their mind when all they can remember was when I was 8/9/10 years old?"

Let me tell you...I'm SO far removed from who I was at that age that you'd even be shocked if I held up who I was then versus who I am now. Some might read that and say, "Well, no one is who they were at 8/9/10" and you'd be right in that statement but you can pretty much look at who people were as kids and assume who they might become as adults...not unless their lives took some drastic turn...for the better or worst.

Now...the flip side to Facebook being more like MySpace than I care to acknowledge at this point is that, naturally, some people from MySpace have migrated over to Facebook, much like myself. Facebook is a little more REAL, in my opinion, so there are some things you get to see about people that they will not willingly reveal on MySpace. For get to see REAL NAMES; not monikers or alter egos of people. I don't have my real name as my handle on MySpace...simply because I write a lot over there and if by chance someone at work wants to snoop into my life over there, I don't care to have to explain my uncensored musings to them.

It was my intention to not add anyone on Facebook who did not use their real name. Unfortunately I've let a few people slip through the cracks because I actually like them LOL but that is my filtering system, as of right now. I prefer to keep the crazies at bay and this is my way of doing so.

Facebook is becoming a nice little social experience that I will put to use far more once I start traveling again. All these people I haven't seen in will be fun getting reacquainted with them now that we are both adults and have more in common with life.

As for everyone else...I'm still trying to decide if they are worth the social experience of Facebook (insert laugh here because that was a joke). I am now going to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my work day as I finish my StarCrack (Starbucks).

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Diamond~Star said...

I got a Facebook account after my best friend bugged me about it. She said it was easier to use...well I guess. Most of my friends on Facebook are my family and friends from school but that's it. I am mostly on Myspace because of the huge networking circle of bikers and social clubs. I am in a motorcycle club so besides the people who think I'm some type of music producer or work in the industry (because I have some local dee jays as friends on my page), the majority of my friends are from motorcycle clubs. Many of them I have met at some networking events.

I check my Facebook page about twice a week. And you are so right about people that hit you up after YEARS of not saying anything to them. I had a request from this young lady, who if you would have seen us way back when, you would have thought she hated my guts because of this guy in high school. Moving on dayum near 15 years later, I get a friend request from her. She's married to the guy now which is cool cause that was high school. Had me cautious for a minute but I said I'll accept the request. Not like I was going to conversate much anyway (if I ever to anyone out there). I guess if I am at home more then I can get more of a feel for the Facebook thing. Right now the only thing I got any access to is blogger and I am happy for that.

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