Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dumbing Down & Having to Explain

Precursor: This blog will be filled with sarcasm; if you are not in the frame of mind to deal with that today, stop reading now. If you have no problem reading something that will make you smirk and snicker, have at it...

There are two guys that I am very entertained by...with their writing (get your head out the gutter). They have a way with words that can only be appreciated most by those who love words and wit just as much as them. Metaphorically, I feel they far surpass my skills at conveying the unsaid to those who need to hear it the most without saying "(insert name), I'm talking to you dumb azz". They are two of few who forced my eyeballs to register on poetry when my mind normally develops ADD at the sight of poems in a blog. Like I said...they entertain me. 

There was something that I noticed though...from time to time, they'd insert a few words to let the audience know, yes, I'm being sarcastic, yes, I am joking, or in case that flew over your head this is what it means. I'd read their writing and sometimes wonder to myself..."are their more witty readers wondering why they are explaining these things or why people just don't ask if they don't understand"...but I had an epiphany last night...and it was this:

If you read and self-apply, you might VERY WELL miss the point. Everything that someone writes IS NOT (contrary to how much you feel IT speaks to you) directed to you, about you, or for you to attach some personal meaning to. Sometimes people are just writing about what's in their head, NOT YOURS. Life sometimes causes others to have similar experiences but unless it is clearly outlined that they had the same experience as you, never assume that they did.

But this is why some writers dumb it down and/or remove a tad of their sarcasm to tell the audience, yes, I was joking and/or being sarcastic.

I formed a readership based on HOW I write and MOST people, if not all writers, do. Everyone is not going to like what I write about or how I view things. That is 100% still urks me a tad when there is obvious sarcasm inserted and someone takes it and turns it into "Oh, I'm sorry you're feeling sad and I hope things brighten up for you". I was being sarcastic; stop being dramatical. (that was sarcasm BUT truth there) See how that just takes away the flow of things?

But alas...I notice there is a need for it. So sue me if I want to have a humorous blog at my own expense...please don't come in being the gleaming light of truth you THINK I need. I don't need it; otherwise I would have asked. If I'm writing a serious blog, I expect the tone to be respected so jokes that take away from the point of my blog....jump in a river and drown before you do that, please and thank you. Realize when questions are rhetorical; they usually have a tinge of sarcasm to them. Rhetorical questions are not there for you to answer and give some philosophical answer to. They are there to serve a purpose...most of the time, just to make you think and/or laugh. Seriously, read a blog and if you see this: "Are you serious?" ask yourself, should I be answering that. More than likely don't, k?

Get it? Got it? Good.

Point is, I wish I didn't have to but I see there is a need for it so I will join the ranks of those who do explaining of their blogatry. Joking, but not really.

If you'd care to be entertained by the two gentlemen who pretzel their words creatively so, have a look see at their blogs; I started reading them on MySpace so their material on blogspot isn't necessarily the same but their writing is:

P.S. - This was not intended to spark someones thinking to write the comment that "well, if you don't want people to say anything you shouldn't write or post". How bout you shut the hell up and realize that you don't have to comment on EVERYTHING you read, ESPECIALLY if you don't agree with it. If all you do is live for the moment to cleverly disagree with someone else and that's ALL you seem to do when you comment, do everyone a favor from time to time...KEEP IT TO YOURSELF...spreader of gloom and "well, you should do this...". NO ONE wants to hear that ALL the time.

Today is a good day, despite the rain...don't destroy it with your misery, please and thank you, whoever you are.

5 points of view:

a black girl who did date said...

is you talking to me??? Huh Redbone??? LOL Don't answer, its rhetorical.....YOU see ME...LOL

Kofi Bofah said...

Cool. Add me to your list. Nobody can see me. Here is a sample:

She is Just Not That Into You

I am gunning for The Crown.

A Genius said...

Yup! I approve of this message. You know, I really hate doing that. But for me it revolves more around wanting everybody to enjoy it or "get it" on the same level. It is pretty insulting to people who already got it...and it probably does take away a bit, but I'd rather take a little enjoyment from smart people than to make it so dumb people don't have any at all.

Not even that they're dumb, but sometimes it's just some shit they might not know about. But yea...I'll be God damned if I'm not stealing your can keep your T-Pain album though. That was DEAD ON and I've honestly never thought about it like that. Appreciate the truthful love that I receive from you.

But yea, thanx for the epiphany, I'll treat it well...

suga said...

Yeah I know I'm hella sarcastic in my blog but some people dont understand sarcasm so I have to throw "lol's" all up and through there so people dont think I'm crazy.

Writing doesnt translate as easily as speaking does...thats where the problems come in.

Anonymous said...


Like Suga said, I do the "LOL" thing sometimes. And like Teef said, it can be kinda insulting, but the few times I didn't "get it", I was glad that they gave me a clue. So, I wouldn't have to ask, but then I'd probably say screw it and keep reading anyway.

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