Friday, November 07, 2008

Are You Awake?

As I'm listening to Missy Elliot and Jay-Z rhyme out "Wake Up" and waiting on my coffee to finish brewing, I was deciding in my head whether or not to write about this topic but as long as I keep getting foolish talk texted to me, I might as well speak on it since everyone feels the need to include me in their buffoonery. 

First off, I am not in agreement with any of the following jokes being publicly broadcast like it's funny:


First of all, Barack Obama would NEVER endorse no clown azz shat like this so don't put his name behind this; that's just disrespectful to that man and his dream of and your stupidity as well as vengeful attitude need to go sit down somewhere and think about if McCain won and someone sent out a text that said "FWD: ALL BLACK PEOPLE REPORT BACK TO THE COTTON FIELDS FOR REENTRY INTO THE WORK FIELD! MCCAIN 2008". Yeah, it's a joke when you say it but let someone White crack a joke like this and you'll be writing a letter to the White House about injustice. Stop lending credit to the fear that a lot of people had...that now that there is a Black president, he just might try to "get all the White people back for slavery". You're a clown and I'm really rethinking my level of association with you.


You work for a publicly broadcasted radio station. This behavior is so out of line if I ever see you I will fight with my limbs to not put a foot in your azz. Again, I am POSITIVE Barack Obama would not endorse this kind of behavior, before he was president and I'm sure he wouldn't now so don't include him in your f*ckery. Again, when White people say "All Black people are lazy and don't know how to be on time anywhere", you be the first one to get mad...I bet you are. But you just said it like it's your new life mantra. You're a clown too.

*I'M EATING FRIED CHICKEN AND WATERMELON ALL WEEK; IN HONOR OF OBAMA* aren't even ignorant you're flat out stupid for this comment. This right here is the stupidest of the stupidest behavior. For real? You actually said this out loud? You didn't even deserve to see "the change" as far as I'm concerned. Someone needs to lock you up in a closet and let you out after Armageddon because AGAIN, if someone White said this, YOU'D DEFINITELY be up in arms and ready to call them every racist in the book. But it's okay for you to say some dumb shat like this and say you're doing it because the U.S. now has a Black president? Ok...I'm thinking about my further association with you too.


I'm perfectly fine appreciating the progression that has taken place but I have more important things to think on and take care of then partying like a rockstar every minute I have until I'm exhausted. Now if you have the time, resources, financial well to do, and energy to do some extra celebrating than the tears of joy and smiles of victory you had on November 4th as soon as you heard the news, go for it. I take no one's joy from them because we as a minority race have come EXTREMELY far since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought to get us our civil rights. But we are still in a recession, people are still getting laid off in droves, houses are still being foreclosed, banks are still looking shady, and sorry but it affects me in a different manner than some of the people who are stupid anxious to get crunk in the streets.

I have to see people get laid off in my company that have children, sick mates, elderly parents, and very little family in their vicinity...with no hopes of getting a job within the next 6-12 months. I have to wonder how I am going to restructure my life because there is a large chance I'm going to have to take a pay cut so that no more people will be laid off. I was in the process of getting ready to take advantage of the housing market crashing but's not that good of an idea. So my lease is up in February and I have to decide between today and the 30th where I'll be living because I won't be the fool and think I can stay in my apartment I'm in now with a pay cut. I have to think smart. I have to be diligent.

So that $100 I'd spend hanging out on the weekend in celebration, I have to stash for my rainy day. Is any of this stealing my joy? Of course not; but it does make me act wiser in what I'm doing in the days ahead. And that's all I'm wise about what you are doing and saying because everyone is still watching you.

P.S. - I don't think those things I highlighted are funny so any jokes in reference to them I will not take lightly and I will delete your comments if they are just out of line...regardless of what color your skin is. I just want people to act like they have some damn sense. Bottom line is...if you didn't feel comfortable saying it before we had a Black president, why would you feel comfortable hearing/saying it now? IT was offensive before November 4th, therefore it should STILL be offensive to stick yourself in a box and say that's just how Black people are. 

15 points of view:

jeanette nicole* said...

So right before I read this, my Senior comes over to me and another coworker and whispers (in a conspiratory tone), "Girl lemme share with y'all this text message I got. Hee hee hee." She got out the first few words and I realized that it was the first one you mentioned here. I'd gotten it as well and I, like you, didn't find it funny at all. Of course, I expressed my opinion on the message and she got all offended. *rolls eyes* Whatever, dude. It's straight bufoonery and I'm not able to tee hee about it at all.

ChiChi said...

Forget the rest of them, but I did sniggle at that first one. LOL It ain't that serious.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't know-Brack Obama is really Jesus Barack Obama Christ. Therefore, black people can be just as ridiculous as they want to b/c he became president for our sins and everything is perfect now. LOL I really don't understand a lot of the dbl standards within our community. And you're right, if the shoe was on the other foot with any of these jokes, someone would be calling the NAACP and trying to get whomever fired. People do indeed need to act like they have some sense and they need to practice a little critical thinking.

ChiChi said...

LMAOL! @ Jesus Barack Obama Christ

Here you go, Chanel: "That cracka ass cracka is racist!

Ain't that a dbl fo yo ass.

AssertiveWit said...

@ ChiChi: well I didn't laugh at any of them because we are supposed to be doing better than this...not acting up because we think it's acceptable now.

But one of my friends said it best people who have always been silly like this will continue to be silly; it is the Black people who are still interested in progression and doing everything in their power to have it continue are the ones who are going to make a difference...not these clowns spending time forwarding garbage azz text messages that set us back 400 years.

AssertiveWit said...

@ Chanel: I changed my status on gmail to "Barack Obama is not Jesus Christ. I repeat, Barack Obama is not Jesus Christ". I'm not being salty trying to rain on anyone's parade but seriously...he's one man who has a helluva job in store for him and even he acknowledged that even though he's gonna exert mad effort, his efforts may not accomplish much in a year or even his entire term.

AssertiveWit said...

@ Chanel: I did laugh at that though LOL

AssertiveWit said...

@ jeanette nicole: of course you're going to get met with rolled have some sense, whereas they had none

Brilliance Is A Habit (c) Unknown said...

I would do a slight nervous chuckle when I get one of those. It is offensive and over the top. I think it's time we got a little sense. lol

suga said...

Sorry homie. I'm gonna concede that we're just gonna agree to disagree.

To be honest, I'd say lighten up. Who cares about silly text messages that have no bearing on anyone's quality of life? The difference, in my opinion, between white people sending out these type of messages: white people have actually had the most control in the lives of Black peole since America began. Yeah, nowadays it isnt as bad, but still...if you look at institutional racism, which directly effect how horrible schools are in the inner cities which are primarily populated by Blacks and other minorities (this is just one example)...that kind of stuff was put in to practice by white people, and stays in practice. Black people, on the other hand, can talk all the shit that they want, but they aren't affcting Chad Wykowski's quality of life, nor the future of his kids.

I read that first text and cracked up. It was funny. The other ones, not so much. I got the text about, "They wouldn't give us 40 acres and a mule, so we took 50 states and a white house". I laughed at that one as well. And it's true.

I dont know whats so bad about folks being happy. This change is TREMENDOUS. I highly doubt, that when the Civil Right s Act was passed, MLK was like "ya'll need to stop shouting and stop being happy.". I mean, there is a such thing as partying and continuing to work hard and progress, right?

And to be honest, as one who was laid off in the last few months, I'm still excited to go out and cheaply as I can. lol Again, this is some serious shit. This is not a super bowl win or even someone breaking an Olympic record. This is something that no one even thought about. Folks would laugh in your face if you walked around talking about we would have a Black president. Even older Black leaders tried to encourage Obame NOT to run, and instead put their support behind Hillary. Folks who worked with Dr King told Obama to sit his ass down and wait. And he STILL did it how he wanted to and walked away with the most powerful position in the world.

Maybe its just my love for all things Black that has me seeing this a different way. I dont see why folks would stop celebrating now, especially since hella people didnt get to celebrate during the week since most folks work. This is prime time to celebrate. I say folks should celebrate til the end of 2009. lmao Hell, I doubt the slaves minimized their jubilation when they were set free. This is our equivalent.

I say folks, ALL folks (not just us) should rejoice. Other countries are marking holidays and partying because they even see how big this is. Why can't we?

But everybody is entitled to their opinion.

AssertiveWit said...

you missed my entire point...I NEVER said for people to NOT be happy OR not to rejoice about it...c'mon, be serious.

I DID say the following:

"I'm perfectly fine appreciating the progression that has taken place but I have more important things to think on and take care of then partying like a rockstar every minute I have until I'm exhausted. Now if you have the time, resources, financial well to do, and energy to do some extra celebrating than the tears of joy and smiles of victory you had on November 4th as soon as you heard the news, go for it. I take no one's joy from them because we as a minority race have come EXTREMELY far since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought to get us our civil rights."

So what exactly are YOU agreeing to disagree on? Because I didn't disagree with anything you said...

Acting like idiots is not acceptable simply because we have a Black president; that was my point and it will remain my point. Now if you want to agree to disagree on that, that's cool :)

FYI, if everyone is entitled to their opinions, telling someone to "lighten up" isn't really respecting their opinion :)

suga said...

I said lighten up as a joke, but I'll respect your opinion and stop joking.

We disagree because you believe that these people are acting like idiots. I don't. I think folks are just joking around or giddy with glee and I see nothing wrong with it.

And to be honest, after all of the horrific things that I've heard that white people have been saying in regards to Obama being Black and the people who voted for him being Black, and NOT joking, being dead serious, buying guns like crazy and acting like our nation is seriously going to hell...I see the stuff that Black people are doing and its tiny in comparison.

This blog right here, made me shudder. I think this is the stuff that we should be upset about. But then, we all have different things that make us tick. Thats why i said we should agree to disagree.

AssertiveWit said...

This is the last thing I have to say in regards to your comment; if you want to say something else be my guest but these are my last words....

I didn't take anything you said in your response as a "joke" because it was said in a serious "tone". It did start out as "To be honest, i'd say lighten up". I don't know too many jokes that start out with that but so be it.

I can't let you speak for the people who said those things and say that they were just joking...because they were not, and they said so. Now, if YOU said it, you might have been joking but you are not them.

As for the horrific things you've heard and seen some White people saying, I NEVER downplayed those things. While they are operating out of fear and it is out of line, I feel the EXACT same way about some of the things Black people have been saying. Negative is negative and while Black are saying things in jest, so are White people. My view of people's idiocy does not change because of skin color, sorry.

My point is...regardless of what shoes you are in, no one has a reserved right to act an idiot; whether it is out of fear or the need to display to others that "since I'm Black, I can act a fool and get away with it BECAUSE the President is Black".

Being happy and proud that the new president is a minority is NOT someone acting an idiot.

Lending credit to stereotypes that we as Black people get upset about any other time someone else says them to us, is (still in MY opinion) someone acting an idiot. Going outside shooting guns randomly is someone acting an idiot (it could have been the 4th of July, Christmas, or New Years...still an idiot).

Again, I NEVER said being happy about it was someone being an idiot. Its the "extra" unnecessary behavior I was referring to.

And I'm done :)

suga said...

I know you said you wouldn't respond but its hard for me not to ask this question:

You really think people were serious when they said, in forwarded text messages:




Wow. And these people actually said that they were serious? Do any of them have mental illness of some sort? They cant possibly be productive members of our society, because anybody saying that, through forwarded text msgs, and seriously meaning it, has true issues, and had said issues before Obama was even a blip on anybody's radar. lmao

Secondly, yes you misinterpreted my tone. I wrote all of that with a smile, because honestly, the stuff really is funny to me.

You're right. Idiots are idiots, no matter the color, but I do give more credit to folks who have power. A whole bunch of powerless people sending forwarded text messages that seem silly to me, doesnt quiet compare to folks who actually can affect ones employment, education, housing or living situation, as showcased in the link I gave in my last comment.

a black girl who did date said...

I actually got a few of those text messages and laughed. Then I stated to my boyfriend, "Niggas need to quit."

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