Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Does Michael Vick and Brett Favre Have In Common?

What do Michael Vick and Brett Favre have in common? NFL you say? Sure they do but keep guessing...they are both quarterbacks? Sure they are but keep guessing...give up yet? Thought you I'll tell you. On second thought, I'll let you tell me if this can be considered having something in common.

Michael Vick was tried and convicted of dog fighting. Animal cruelty, right? Yes. And Mike, if this isn't some part of a conspiracy to keep certain people out of particular tax brackets and you REALLY are guilty of killing some dogs in sport, then shame on you. You deserve EVERY bit of that punishment you are sitting out. You deserve the jail time...all your endorsements being yanked...and being indefinitely suspended from the NFL. Shame, I say!

Brett funster! You slaughtered/gutted a wild turkey THEN stuffed the dead animal in your teammates locker. Cricket? Ummmm...I know wild turkeys aren't cute and cuddly and would sooner peck your eyes out then let you pet them but ummm...isn't this animal cruelty too? I mean...I know you are the court jester when it comes to practical jokes and all...America loves the hell out of you (Black America loved Vick the SAME way) play a mean game of football (so did Vick)...but when did it become okay to kill animals to get a laugh out of people?

Good people, please view the attached link for the article so you don't think I'm just being a menace to Brett Favre's existence:

Make sure you read the comments too so you can see how people think PETA is just giving Favre a hard time when he was just trying to have some fun. Really? It's funny that Brett kills animals but you another man's life is RUINED over some dead dogs? I don't see anything funny about either situation.

I can tell you what Brett and Mike don't have in common. The Eels said it best, "The world is White and I am Black". Hey, I don't make the rules but you bet your azz my Black azz won't be killin any animals because no telling WHERE I'll end up....Brett your shenanigans are out of line and you better pray America loves you enough to not make you an outcast like they did lil buddy Vick. On second thought, you've always wanted to's your chance; get a Vick is taking right now.

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Brilliance Is A Habit (c) Unknown said...

Funny how race plays out in all things. I hate when people have a double standard when it comes to race in this society.

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