Friday, October 10, 2008

Wanna See An Employee Get Hostile?

I work for a small business and while one of the Owner's has been preaching the imminent doom of our economy for the last 10 months, we can still afford to pay everyone. Although...when you lay off 3 people within 2 months, you scare the rest of the employees into a frenzy and eff up the morale. So....the last thing you want to do, ESPECIALLY after you just had a Staff Meeting telling them that ANOTHER Great Depression is upon us and THIS time, it will inevitably be WORST than the first one, is pay them late.

I'm not talking about they are used to getting paid between 8:30 and 9:30 on payday and you hand them their checks around 10:30/11. I'm talking about wellllllll after lunch time. AND....the Owner who incited this skepticism is NOWHERE to be found ALL day. Yes, he is ALSO the one who signs the checks. So what do I have to do since I write the checks? I have to diffuse all 18 of the ticking time bombs that want to blow up in my face. I ask the Front Desk and HR Manager if they know what time he is coming in...I get blank stares. No one knows IF or WHEN he will arrive. I'm livid because I will now have over 15 employees inquiring as to when they are actually going to get a check in hand.

I send out the following email to all of the staff:

"You will receive your checks today so please don't be alarmed because I haven't passed them out yet :) "

I figure that will tide them over. That is until I get an email from the Owner talking about he won't be in until after 1 pm. Stop it. Just stop it...NOW! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? The bank converts to next business day at 2 pm. Next business day IS NOT Monday...why? Because Monday is Columbus Day and ALL banks are closed. Next business day is Tuesday. SO what that means is for anyone depositing their check, they won't see it in their available balance until Tuesday. Did I mention the bank ALSO closes at 4 pm? Yeah, so what time do you have to ACTUALLY get to the bank now? VERY LITTLE.

I send him the following email:

"The bank is closed on Monday because it is a Holiday and it closes at 4 today"

Cricket....for real? Silence??? These people are about to throw all kinds of cocktails in my office and you want to give me silence? Okay fine. He finally saunters in around 2:21 but still has to sign the checks. When you come in the first thing you do is NOT ask me where the checks are. If WE are waiting on you to sign them, why wouldn't you act like you KNOW they are in your Inbox? Where they have been for the last 40 pay periods I've worked here. I just simply replied, without changing my facial expression, "In your Inbox". He says "Oh ok!" and takes off.

I was handing out checks to angry people around 2:37; letting them know the bank closes at 4 so go now because Monday, its a holiday. A few people were nice enough to appear to understand it wasn't my fault; I got some sarcasm, to which I wanted to take their check and slap them in the face with it; others just looked at me like "Die bitch. Die now". I just want them to understood I'm JUST as frustrated. It isn't like I BEEN had my check and deposited it and was living in the lap of luxury while they wait furiously. I had to wait JUST LIKE THEM.

It's should NOT have to go through this. Makes me want a cup of coffee at 5:15...

4 points of view:

Anonymous said...

Damn the Minions were up in arms friday? AAAAHHH!!!! lol


Naturally Alise said...

I used to work for a small business so I understand, and i too was the "passer-outer" of the checks due to being the office manager/Hr manager/pawn,lol, they will always kill the messenger, sucks, but comes with the territory...

Brilliance Is A Habit (c) Unknown said...

I am so mad that I am just now reading this. lol

Hilarious but he had to pay ya'll, you can sue for late pay checks.

I would have been one of those angry soldiers, who posted a picture of your face on a hidden dart board and commenced to smashing your face in.

LMAO. Glad you got paid.

Anonymous said...

See this is that bullshit right here...the nonprofit that shall remain nameless played with my check so much, I thought I was gonna have a problem every payday. And the nerve of that stupid bitch that was my Supervisor calling me after I got laid off talking about I'm "trying to go over her head..."What head, BITCH! I don't work for yall dumbasses anymore.

*Flashback over*

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