Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Day Needs To Come To An End Already...

I woke up this morning WANTING desperately to return back to sleep and catch the missed hours I never make up during the course of the night. As I type, I STILL feel like my REM is trying to take over and lull me back to sleep. I don't know where this lethargy has come from but it needs to cease and desist...I got work to do.

So on top of being sleepy as hell, I get the quick realization that I'm not being dropped off at work this morning. I really woke up thinking I was going to catch some Z's on the way to work...wrong, I was. I'm doing the drop off this morning. Blast! And since my job is further down the street, I get the burdening task of putting gas in the ride. I get to the pump and use the wrong and double hiss. Why can't this day be over already?

And then I finally wake up...why all of a sudden at the gas pump? Is it the fabulous sign that reads 2.39 for regular and 2.69 for premium (which I have to feed this gas tank that thinks she's entitled to the best petrol there is)? No. Is it the sweet, intoxicating vapors of gasoline I'm inhaling double time so I can pass out and get those missed hours? No.

It is this guy with a gas can telling folks his van has run out of gas and he needs some gas to get to his final destination. It semi-woke me up when he was asking folks mainly because he was loud as hell and he didn't hold the appearance of a bum at all. I was full alert when he made eye contact (dammit!!) with me to ask me for some gas. I smiled politely and shook my head "No". I'm barely putting this $21 I have left, in the gas tank. I most certainly AM NOT giving you $3 of it. Sorry.

This is when he shakes his head and YELLS at me, "Why are you so mean? I'm stranded and I need to get to where I'm going! You can't help me out??"...he looks at me then looks at the car I'm driving and YELLS AGAIN, "Really? You can't help me out?" I YELL back, "NO!", get in the car, and speed off. As I'm driving off, he's shaking his head, does the sign of the cross on his chest and mouths to me "For you". Well thank you because I REALLY need a prayer right now...

Not to downplay his lack of gas but I BARELY got some myself this morning. I was told yesterday that I need repairs on my truck done that are going to cost over $ I have $3 to give you? Hell and no, I aint got $3 to give myself at this point. The credit card I ATTEMPTED to use this morning...yeah, forgot I cut that sucker off so no money there. And back to my truck, the dealership says that I shouldn't drive it if possible so my dearest best friend is letting me use his car, when I need it. Unfortunately, his car REEKS of luxury so EVERYONE assumes I have money when I'm in it.

WRONG LITTLE MAN NEEDING GAS! JUST BECAUSE I'M IN A MERCEDES DOESN'T MEAN IT'S MINE OR THAT I HAVE MONEY...azzhole. I wanted to walk over to him and tell him that I am -2,200.00 in the hole BECAUSE while his van is SIMPLY out of gas, my truck is about to be inoperable if I keep driving it AND the only money I have in my bank account is to pay my rent so NO, I CANNOT HELP YOU BECAUSE I NEED TO HELP MYSELF SO KEEP PRAYING...bastid.

The nerve of some people! My coffee tastes like watered shat (wouldn't that be the equivalent of diarrhea??) and I'm back to wanting to go to better be phenomenal or I'm feigning illness and going home.

6 points of view:

Bre said...

::Putting a Starbucks card in the mail for Syn::

ChiChi said...

I'm a fucking slacker. I say go home ASAP! LOL

Brittni said...

My head is pounding and my nose is full of mucus so thick it feels like cotton balls have been stuffed up my nostrils. If you go back to sleep, I'm goin' too. Today = not a good day.

Brilliance Is A Habit (c) Unknown said...

Eww @ watered shit. lol

I hate when people ask for stuff and get mad when you say no. Just because you ask doesn't mean I have to give it to you sheesh!

suga said...

Um, why the hell does your NEW car need repairs?

AssertiveWit said...

my vehicle is NEW to aint BRAND NEW hahahahahaha

when you buy used vehicles, sometimes it be like that; I take comfort in the fact that I'm not the only one this happens to...the repairs cost so much because my vehicle is considered a "luxury" vehicle...damn titles and shat...charging me luxury prices, using American parts...should be illegal

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