Tuesday, October 14, 2008

O' Where Art Thou Golden Rule? O' Where Hath It Gone?

I was watching HEROES and saw something that made me grow disappointed in one of my previous favorite characters. Her actions didn't assist in me continuing to like her since she's becoming my least favorite character as the seasons zip along but this weeks episode, Claire felt the need to become more of a "vigilante" than someone who was thinking with all of their mental faculties. She hastily went to defend the world against a"bad guy" on the run...but she had limited information in regards to him. She "shot" first and asked questions later. She had already formed an opinion about the "bad guy" based on information retrieved by others. She was adamant in her convictions and belief without even taking into consideration that this man had a side to HIS story as well. In her opinion, he was wrong and he didn't even deserve to speak, let alone be a free man, even though she was a free woman.

It took him almost threatening her existence before she PAUSED and listened to what he had to say. Then she finds out that her preconceived notions about him were ALL WRONG and she had become one of the very people she despised. She was mistreating someone because of who they were without even getting to know the person. She didn't care at first that he too was a human being just like her because she was THAT intent on seeing things her way.

Even though HEROES is just a television show, I think it reveals human nature at its best and worst sometimes. Far too often some people choose to think their way is best. It might be what is best FOR THEM but that isn't to say it is best for EVERYONE. Claire made a mistake that could have cost her the ability to live freely because she WOULDN'T LISTEN. How many times have you been in a situation where someone just wouldn't listen to anything you had to say? She had been in this situation before and hated how it felt, yet she turned around and did it to someone else. Kinda hypocritical, right? Sure it is....but the more I study human nature, the more I see that it is almost second nature to do things to others you wouldn't necessarily want done to yourself.

Why do people behave like this? Who knows! Scratch that...I have a theory as to why some people behave like Claire. They don't ever want to be in a situation like that themselves again so they seek to have the upper hand. They'd rather lay down the law then have the law laid down on them. I'm a natural leader so I don't really seek to be led anywhere OR to have rules enforced upon me that I can't see the logic in. But as a leader, I do understand that even though I don't SEEK to be led, a good leader KNOWS how to allow themselves to be led. Meaning, a good leader will fall back when necessary. If Claire wanted to be a good leader in assisting with capturing the "bad guys", it would have done her well to remember, she was just in a similar situation herself and HATED how she was being treated so it would have done her well to not do the same thing to someone else.

But then again, in a perfect world, more people would seek to REALLY apply the Golden Rule...and since a lot of people find every way in the world not to, I'll stick to the hope that one day humans will play by the very rules which they expect others to play by. No coffee this time around...just sparkling mineral water.

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