Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Have You Tried Some White Girl Lately?

Cocaine is a helluva drug.

I'm a believer of this. NEVER in the amount of time I've been aware of the RISE and semi-demise of cocaine use have I EVER thought that it would be making a comeback so tough...but it is. Apparently marijuana is not enough these days...marijuana has retained its spot in the drug world as the greatest gateway drug of all time. That gateway has recently lead straight to cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and X pills. Heroin? Yes, heroin...for novice drug users and non-drug users, that can ALSO be snorted up your tender little nasal passage and ingested to make you feel higher than unicorns galloping across the universe. Magically delicious, so I've heard.

Of the peaks in cocaine use, I can only recall the 70's (from things my parents have told me) and the late 80's (from things that I have seen)...well, white girl has made her comeback for the dawning of our new century. How have I seen the usage? Well, people I know have become BIG users of the stuff and let me tell you, regardless of the fact that they are functioning drug addicts, it isn't a good look. The pallor of their skin, erratic behavior, lack of food consumption....all bad. The sad thing is, they don't even realize it. 

When you are snorting lines in the club and sniffing away to your hearts content like "it's JUST coke, homie", you my friend, have a problem. Someone, anyone, please explain to me what YOU think the difference is between a cokehead and a crackhead....last I checked, they were both HORRIBLY degenerating drugs to wrap your life around and they eventually lead you into situations that 5-10 years previously, you would have NEVER been caught dead in. As far as I can see, the ONLY difference between coke and crack is one is shot up and the other is snorted. OH but wait! You can shoot up coke too! Therefore, if someone calls you a hype, noc, junkie, or crackhead, yes, they are more than likely talking about you, dear cokey.

Have I tried the HIGHLY intoxicating lure of the white girl? Ummm, no. I'll pass on that...I've never seen anyone function for long periods of time (read: months/years) as a normal person while on that stuff. This recent epidemic, I thought only spanned into fields of work that it was "acceptable" to be dabbling in drugs, alcohol, and sex (read: the life of ANY entertainer and/or artist). Since no one pays me to think, I didn't allow my critical mass of a brain to think of the buppies and yuppies filling every "hot" metropolitan area they can get their status on. New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, etc....you have Black AND White individuals within my peer group snorting their lives away.

I look at my life now and realize...I've worked damn hard to get here and I know I have to work EVEN HARDER to surpass my current "location" in life. Why would I want to give it up for some powdery substance that WILL take over my life and make me think I am superwoman at inappropriate times? Like I said before, I'll pass. 

I just felt the need to blurb about cocaine because it has becoming an intriguing drug of many a social circle and while I judge no one, I am appalled that people I once thought were highly intelligent are wasting away to nothing because they just can't seem to get it together and STOP FOLLOWING DEADLY TRENDS. Hell, I would much rather every man to convert to skinny jeans than this foolishness. I've grown to believe the problem is music and television...with a side of cinema. People see these celebrities coked out of their gourds and it looks like the best fun since making mud pies with Janey and Bobby in the backyard. People hear these songs about the fantabulous threesome that turned into an orgy because they were high off that white and think "hey! I wanna be high off that girl too so I can have a girlfriend who has a girlfriend!". People watch Scarface wayyyyy too much and think that they can really pull a blaze of glory stunt out their azz like he did. First off, stop listening and looking at these things as something that could be your reality. Your reality is to rise ABOVE the foolishness, not further perpetuate it.

If you are a normal 9-5er, adopting a coke habit is the quickest way to your fall back in the crab bucket you were so eager to climb out of; except this time the other crabs didn't have to pull you back down; you politely asked for clearance to the bottom. They stepped aside with a smile as they were all too happy to see another Success Story bite the dust; one less person to have to pull down. You did it yourself.

I'm tiring myself talking about cocaine and how it is destroying the lives of my peers. Unfortunately, they are all too high to realize that by this time next year, they will be the group of people everyone looks at and shakes their head like "he/she USED to be hot until they got on that coke diet". Whatever happened to just ingesting caffeine? Coffee works for me so I'm now on my way to get some...

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