Friday, October 17, 2008

Gas Is Down...But For How Long?

Gas...2.83 in Decatur, GA...2.89 in Gwinnett...I filled up this morning for $60; usually takes me $80 (since the skyrocketing of prices).

You happy, huh? How happy? Tell me on a scale of 1 to 10. 

Now....sorry to be the thorn in your side but this morning on CNN, it was reported that OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) is moving up an EMERGENCY meeting to discuss the drop in the value of oil in an effort to see about cutting production to....(prepare yourself please)...INCREASE VALUE.

HUGE slap in your face as well as mine, ain't it? If you go to OPEC's website,, you cannot even really find anything in depth about this meeting. I had to Google "OPEC moving up emergency meeting" to get this link,, from the International Herald Tribune (N.Y. Times global edition). 

As soon as I heard that news, I made SURE I filled up this morning because I was just going to be naive and think that gas prices were still going to be the same price when I got off work. Granted, there is a huge possibility that prices have not escalated while I've been sitting here working because the emergency meeting is not scheduled to happen until next Friday but I'm not a fool to think that it COULDN'T happen. I mean just a few weeks ago, I left the house and gas was 3.37 only for me to go home and see it be 3.99...ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

And you know why? The regulation on gas is not very clear to the public and apparently you can hike the gas up if someone blinks. 

So my suggestion to you is fill up while you can still afford to because no telling what is going to happen after next Friday. Do your research of all the gas stations within 0-20 miles of your house so you know all your options in the future. Remember, this is America, the land of opportunity, where anyone smart enough can get over on the unsuspecting citizen called YOU.

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Diamond~Star said...

I filled up last night here in Columbia, SC at $2.62 a gallon, which is among the cheapest around here. My mom, who still lives in Hemingway, says gas there is $2.49. Dayum. Well I hope it continues to drop.

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