Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't Fire Your Fiancee's Housekeeper Because She's Prettier Than You

So I changed my station at work to V103 because my regular station I listen to...the DJ's are acting like some idiots and have been for the last few weeks. Some days they are okay, other days like today, they are too much. For instance, if you think that Obama shouldn't be the president because his name is Barack Hussein Obama, you're an idiot. He didn't ask his mom to name him that, just like I didn't ask my mother to name me Synitta Ranice. Most people can't even remember how to say it, let alone spell my name but I KEPT my name out of respect. When I was about 16, I did ask if it would offend her if I changed it and she said no because she would still call me what was on my birth certificate. As far as she was concerned, I could change my name to Monkey Doodle Fool Walker and she would love me no less...she would still call me Synitta Ranice. So, since they wanted to act like juveniles this morning, I turned the station.

And what do I have to hear on V103? MORE FOOLISHNESS.

Someone has written into the station with this "issue"...a young lady just moved into her fiancees house; before she moved in she knew he paid someone to clean his house because he has a pretty busy schedule. Well, one day, she has to return to the house to get something and comes to find out the housekeeper is a BEAUTIFUL Brazilian named Maria. She INSTANTLY flares up and feels her fiancee needs to fire the housekeeper. (NOTE: he works from home frequently)

Frank Ski says the young lady needs to work on her self-esteem and not get this girl fired SIMPLY because she is BEAUTIFUL. Wanda says Brazilian baby needs to kick rocks.

What do I say? I laughed...out loud.

First off, if you BEEN KNEW your fiancee was getting his house cleaned FOREVER before this day you walked in and saw Eva Mendez (I know she ain't Brazilian, shut up) dusting his panels, you DO have self-esteem issues. BUT...if this is your fiancee I am sure he already knows of your insecurities and has had to deal with them in some fashion previously. This should be nothing new to him. Granted, you're going to irritate the hell out of him making demands about getting a new housekeeper but as it stands, this behavior is not new and he should have seen it coming. Sure, you can "claim" you felt some kind of way about her when you saw her but if she was some fat, old, Mexican lady with pancake butt, would you be seeking to get her fired? I SERIOUSLY doubt it. You wouldn't care.

Second, they are supposed to be getting married so you AUTOMATICALLY become "one" and operate (or at least should) as "one". Therefore, it is no longer HIS's hers and his. So, if it IS a big deal and she's causing this man to lose sleep because she is intimidated by Brazilian babys beauty, as unfair as it might seem, Latin baby has to go. Period. Relationships involve compromise and adjustments from beginning to end. This is an adjustment he is going to have to make to keep peace in his house. Would I make my fiancee drop Eva Mendez? No. Frankly, if she keeping the house clean and he didn't get the bright idea to make my azz do it, we good. Eva, you missed a spot of dust.

NOW...if me and my boo happen to be home while Eva come prancing up in there to clean and I see her give him far more attention than is necessary for a housekeeper, I will call la migra on that azz (if her papers ain't straight). I'm kidding but I WOULD mention her slick azz to the fiancee and since I KNOW HIM, his response would dictate if I need to say anything more about this Brazilian beauty or if I was just being a little too suspicious.

Apparently, you have to be ugly or LESS attractive than them to keep a job around other women. I've actually lost a job because I looked better than most of the women on staff (the exception of one, who was my friend and told me the other chicks were trying to get me fired; skanks). So I know how it would feel if I was the housekeeper and all of a sudden I'm getting a severance package because some fiancee can't deal with the fact that I'm not a boogawolf. GET OVER IT AND LET THAT WOMAN CLEAN THE DAMN HOUSE.

Yes, there are movies and books that capitalize on situations like this. Stop applying that shat to your relationships and deal with your man on your own basis, not some fiction that has put doubt in your mind about ALL men. AS it stands, IF YOU ARE THE FIANCEE, YOU ARE THE FIANCEE FOR A REASON. EMBRACE THAT! The truth is, if your fiancee has a nice looking housekeeper you THINK he's banging, IF HE IS/WAS, he BEEN banging her AND will CONTINUE to bang her EVEN if you tell her to kick rocks. NEWSFLASH: her house ain't in that truck she drove to the house that holds her cleaning supplies. He can go to her house if he REALLY wanted to get some Brazilian butt. AND...if your fiancee is a cheater, the housekeeper ain't the only woman you need to be worried about. I'm just saying...

By the way, my coffee was great this morning...

5 points of view:

Diamond~Star said...

I was just in Atlanta this morning dropping a friend off at the airport. She is going to Barbados for her final art showing in this traveling exhibit and the group opted to fly out of Atlanta. So imagine me, my friend who is going to the airport, and my friend who helped me drive, rolling up in ATL at 4:30am to drop homegirl off and turn right back around to hit it back to Columbia. *SIGH*

Anyway, I was listening to Frank Ski this morning. I missed the housekeeper segment because we were back in South Carolina by that time *dayum*. They were already clowning about Frank being stopped by the po-po and why he was late for work. I don't know if he was really late for work.

But the housekeeper thing...ummm bruh man evidently don't know how to clean house and then hired some Brazilian that he probably been playing house with for a minute. Chica might have to find her another maintence man. Her fiance will figure it out when the Brazilian lady (who hopefully is in the U.S. legal but let's say she's not) pops up preggo. Now he's really stuck in a rut.

Ms_Slim said...

I agree.
I think that some less attractive women are so intimidated by women that look better than them that it is outright ridiculous.

Short story about the issue, not the relationship aspect though lol:

I worked at a department store just before I graduated in Quincy last year and the heffas HATED me. I thought it was kinda funny. They were all like seniors in high school so I really didnt pay them any mind.

It wasnt until one of the workers I was friends with came to me on some, "they told Tom that you arent working and socialize with the customers" shyt that I confronted. I walked up to the Head of the Pack and said, "if you have a problem with me, come to ME; Im too old for this rumor starting talking behind the back bull. I'm here just about every day. Got a problem? I'm here. If I hear you talking mad trash again, I'll be back here talking to you again." And walked off. I dont do drama. I set her straight. Needless to say, it stopped.

I seriously think it was a racial thing though more than anything else. I was the only Black worker and I was being trained EVERYWHERE. Those children had been there for a year and were stuck in one place? Me? Trained in 4 major areas in 5 weeks. Haters.

That's my rant. Nothing to do with nothing. Just that folk need to step their self esteem game way up. That's all... :-)

Big_Mama_43 said...

OMG!.....I'M LMAO.
I love your rant and rave about the name change and the Brazilian housekeeper. My feelings is that if a woman is secure in herself she is secure about anything. I agree with your point that if he wants to bang his housekeeper he won't just have to wait for her to come over if the fool makes him fire her. I am so sick of women and the issues of worrying about if the man is cheating. I'm not agreeing with it but let's face it if he really wants to do it he will. WAKE UP LADIES!!!! Everyman has cheated. I asked some close friends that are married "as to why they cheat if the loving is good at home" and the replies were they just love s*$.....ok it's not right and really in this day and age they really need to be more careful. No matter what a woman does if a man wants to step out; He will.

lol......did I just go on and on?

NaturallyAlise said...

I do find that unattractive women (a lot of times only unattractive in their own mind) do have a problem with pretty women, so they make a totally false assumption that pretty women are on the prowl for all men and are whores.

So regarding the housekeeper issue, why would she assume that the Brazillian beauty would even be checking for her fiance to begin with. She got bills and sh*t....

Chanel said...

OKAY! Here, here. I 108% agree. Hell, if I walked into my signifiant others house and Eva was cleaning like a pro I would bust my ass tryin to get her some more clients just so I know she'll be well taken care of and can never be so broke that she has to quit her cleaning services due to heavy overhead expenses or some ish like that. Instead of being so insecure, why didn't Fiance attempt to strike up a friendship with Latin Bombshell? That would make the most sense to me. If you really think someone's the enemy, biitch keep her closer to you than that push up bra you're wearin! Don't get her fired so then she'll have even more free time to bone your man AND he'll have a reason to let her cry on his shoulder. DUH. I swear, some people don't think.

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